Mar 13, 2012

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Who Won The Bachelor 2012 – Who Did Ben Pick (SPOILER)!

Reality Steve was right, everyone! Those of us watching The Bachelor 2012 finale on the East Coast can officially confirm who won this season and who received the much-anticipated proposal from Ben Flajnik. So who was it: Courtney Robertson or Lindzi Cox?

Spoiler Warning: If you don’t want to know what happens tonight, do not read any further – huge spoilers ahead.

Those of you watching on the West Coast haven’t seen it live for yourselves but I can exclusively confirm that, despite all of our best efforts to believe otherwise, Ben Flajnik did, in fact, pick Courtney Robertson on the Bachelor 2012 finale. Adding insult to injury, he also proposed to her. And, of course, she accepted (like Courtney Robertson would turn down a diamond engagement ring – please!).

The Final Rose Ceremony just aired and we’re getting ready to watch the After the Final Rose Ceremony. According to the spoilers, nothing too interesting will happen here. Ben and Courtney are still together – and engaged – and they will most likely talk about how hard it’s been not to be together this whole time.

I’m sure Ben will have to answer some awkward questions about how much everyone hates Courtney but he’ll most likely shrug off all the negative comments by saying he knows the true Courtney and loves her for who she is…blah, blah, blah. He’ll most likely defend her by saying people don’t get her humor (much like Michelle Money last year) but, at the end of the day, we all see Courtney for who she really is.

It’s just a matter of time before Ben does too.

Anyone want to place bets on how long these two stay together? I give it 2 months, tops!

Update: The ATFRC was actually more dramatic than we originally thought. Yes, Ben and Courtney are technically engaged but they DID break up after the show stopped filming and they don’t seem very certain about where their relationship is headed.

After watching the After the Final Rose, I definitely still think 2 months tops! Any other bets?

  1. anna lili says:

    This is crap, and by this I mean your judgment!!

  2. Tabby-Catt says:

    well I was undoubtedly PISSED last night. only reason he chose Courtney, is because she’s EASY. I doubt I need to clarify what I mean by that. Just like many men, Ben thought with his penis, and not his heart or mind. I agree they’ll probably only last another 2 months, MAYBE 3 months at the very most, but I say that’s a very big maybe. I just can’t decide who’s worse; Courtney, or Vienna from last season!

  3. How do u not know who she is. They r the new lake and Vienna. I bet they will break up publicly. Ass holes

  4. Ben is a itoit

  5. Why r u guys so hard on Courtney. She is awesome. And Ben lover her. He totally thought with his head and heart! I love Courtney. U r all just jealous!

    • Annabelle says:

      I personally, don’t know courtney. However, from what I watch from this show, I do believe that sometimes she has her moments where she is very arrogant. Especially when she told Emily that she’s “Winning.” I thought that it was funny, however, some people thought it was offensive. But as long as those two are happy, Who’s to say that they don’t belong together? I kinda wanted Kacie B to win though. . .

  6. courtney says:


    • Yep, your what makes america these days, fool, hate , for no reason, your wierd, I hate what you make america to be, while my brothers, and sisters fight for your ass to be safe, so you can hate for no reason, Courtney is a beautiful person, sad for you, take a leason on a real women, clueless, yep, thats you, hater

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