Jul 15, 2013

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Who Wins The Bachelorette 2013? Winner Spoiler Update!

There are just a few short weeks left of Desiree’s journey towards love on The Bachelorette and we have the answer to the question on everyone’s mind this week: Who Wins The Bachelorette 2013?

As always, if you don’t want to know what happens in the next few weeks (and at the final rose ceremony), stop reading now. We’re about to reveal the winner of the 2013 season!

Let’s get to it!

As most of you already know, Reality Steve has been dead on with his spoilers from the beginning of the season. He made a small update last week, which we’ll get to in a few minutes, but there’s no reason to believe this isn’t exactly how the rest of the season plays out.

This week is hometown dates. At the end of tonight, Zak will be eliminated. That leaves Drew, Chris and Brooks heading into the final three and embarking on the intimate fantasy dates. After the fantasy dates, Drew will no longer be on the show (I say it that way because I’m not sure whether Desiree eliminates him or if he voluntarily leaves the show).

Brooks and Chris will both show up to the Final Rose Ceremony. The ending is a traditional Bachelorette ending in that Brooks and Chris both show up to the Final Rose Ceremony and one of them is eliminated. The man eliminated is Chris and Brooks is the one chosen.

Brooks proposes to Desiree and the two get engaged. According to reports, the two are still happily engaged.

Do you think Brooks was the best choice for Desiree this season?

  1. brooks was my pick from day one!

  2. Tamara wise says:

    most def……he’s hot plus.a gentleman and very fun loving, go Brooks and Des Congrata

  3. Stephanie says:

    Bleh! I’m so over Brooks!! Should have picked Chris. It won’t last, sadly.

  4. I wonder what Desiree’s brother thinks… I feel bad for Chris, but I am sure he will find a wonderful woman. He is so down to earth and loving and cute and athletic and poetic and nice and I could go on and on and on. :-)

  5. You are all wrong, sorry! She did pick Brooks, but right after she gives him the final rose, James shows back up and throws Brooks over the cliff and picks Des up and carries here off. They have not been heard from since. I heard that Zach gave up his job and is spending all his time looking for them. This is what I read on the internet. And you know they cannot put anything on the internet that is not true.

  6. I thought Zak was great. He should be next bachelor.

  7. Oh I think Des is so adorable and I so wish she had picked Chris !
    Brooks is odd and dresses funny ! He just didn’t seem as sincere!
    I think Chris or Zak would make a better husband ! Hope Des is happy !

  8. Loved Brooks in the beginning but he has become boring and is so unsure of his feelings. Des seems to be putting more into that relationship than he is. Our favorites are Drew and Zac! Both would keep Des on a pedistol and treat her like a queen. Life with Zac would always be fun! Zac should be the next Bachelor. He deserves a great gal!!

  9. freshygirl65 says:

    Zac should have stayed. Drew should have gone. It should have come down to Zac and Chris. Both are mature, sincere,and would make great husbands. Maybe one of them will be the next bachelor. Des’ brother is trouble & who cares what he thinks.

  10. Yes Zak for the next bachelor!! He deserves to find love and have that chance through the show. Des picks Brooks the one that I don’t think loves her he’s so flaky. She followed her heart but you should always be with the one that you know without a doubt loves you unconditionally.

  11. I think she is making a mistake but she knows them better than we do, so lots of luck to her.

  12. Brooks was not my pick – I loved Zac from the time he got out of the limo. He is so fun-loving and “what a bod”. I wish she had not eliminated him last night. His family just embraced her with such love!!!

  13. I think Des made a major mistake by sending Zach home. He was a true genteman in every aspect. He would have treated her like gold and their life would have been filled with joy, smiles and sincerity. He definitely SHOULD be the next bachelor – he so deserves to find true love.

  14. Let Chris be the next Bachelor. What a great guy!

  15. Go brooks!!!!

  16. Love Chris. Drew is too feminine for my taste (Des needs someone that can win in bar fight.) I like Zak until he threw the ring on the street it would have been better to either let her keep it or pull over, and give it to some poor deserving person (you can really tell a lot about a persons character when things aren’t all happy, and rosy (pun on rosy.) Don’t dislike Brooks, but not for them to be together, it doesn’t fit, but she must like that type. Oh, and I love her brother, he was the best part of the show, he puts the real and reality. If this is a test to see what they would be like after the show, put the brother to it (the test) since he will be apart of the family.

  17. May god bless them with a forever love, trust, and spiritual life. She is so deserving of a true love!! I too would love to see Zak as the next batchlor!!!

  18. I, too was a Huge fan of Zac! So sweet and genuine. I cried when Des sent him home. Zac as the next bachelor??.? Can you say hot!! If I wasn’t older than him, I’d sign up.

  19. Drew looks like a Ken doll

  20. I’ve been cheering for Drew all along. He’s so sincere, caring, and good-looking.

  21. Carrie Boucher says:

    If BROOKS wins Desiree’s. heart and she loves him,YEAH
    I am soooo happy for hem both.I was routing for Brooks since they developed the chemistry together.You could see it in her eyes.When Brooks hurt his finger playing soccer,you could tell that Des was concerned but could not say much.She even told Brooks herself.Everytime they were together you cold see Desiree’s eyes sparkle.When you connect right off the bat,it takes a lot to let go.They grew as the show went on.She knew she had to be careful not to spill the beans by saying too much about Brooks.
    she may love the other two guys,but Brooks and her have that extra click that the other two do not have.
    I really hope they work at it and stay together and eventually get married.They have to work at it to make it last and I hope they do,as they are soooo good for each other.They like the same things and are compatible.Good luck Des And Brooks

  22. Ds deserves what she finds her heart desires.She went through the bachelor with Sean and that broke her heart.She deserves a guy that wins her heart and respects her for who she is- kind,loyal,honest,fun,normal,loving,independent,respectful and just plain kind hearted with everyone she meets.She likes a good laugh and is a lot of fun to be with,weather it be playing baseball or all dressed up for a date.She is amazing and deserves respect from people.Remember folks,what she went through on the bachelor.She sooooo deserves this and yes Drew is HOT,just maybe not mature enough for her.She wants a man that is independent.Doesn’t Chris and Drew still live at home?????
    I really like Drew and it will be hard to see his heart get broken.
    She doe not go home empty handed.She does pick someone.Why would she waste her time going all the way through the show and end up with NO ONE!!!!! Come One….
    You go and follow your HEART DES…..
    I hope Zak or Drew is the next bachelor .They both deserve it.not that guy from the other bachelorette.I knew these two would not work out.She is to old for him and so fussy.She will never find a man.She is a miss priss.I can’t remember their names.

  23. Wrong watch the show

  24. Brooks broke Desares heart and we don’t know who wins because its not Brooks

  25. Brooks left from the show if you ppl didn’t watch it on Monday he obviously doesn’t win

  26. Your so wrong! Brooks left when they were supposed to have the fantasy sweet date as he isn’t in love with Des.

  27. Obviously Brooks decides to come back people…

    • It’s all wrong at the over night dates Brooks tells des that he doesn’t really love love her but he wish he did so then des is crying cause she was probably gonna choose him so brooks actually leaves and it leaves Chris and drew for the end

  28. EWW SHE SHOULD OF PICKED DREEW!!! and this website is lying because zak got eliminated not drew soo LIEERS!! dont believe anything that this website says.

  29. You are all wrong!!!!!! Chris wins!! I get east coast time tv so I already saw it and you guys are wrong!!!!!

  30. jeannelle says:

    Watching the ‘After the final rose’ some how Des does not seem happy, it seems pretentious. Affirmation kisses does not help relationships, boring can only get more boring no matter what you do. You may not be in love with a person today, or tomorrow but when you realize that you are the journey from then onwards takes on a whole new meaning.

  31. Too bad reality Steve was WRONG!!! Brooks didn’t win and I’m glad. She should of picked Drew instead of Chris

  32. FFS i didn’t watch the season of the bachelorette this year from half way in because I had seen the winner online, YOU WERE WRONG fs

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