Jul 2, 2013

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Who Wins The Bachelorette 2013: Desiree’s Winner Spoiler!

Drew, Chris, Brooks, Zak…there are so many great guys left for Desiree Hartsock to choose from on this season of The Bachelorette but which lucky one gets the final rose in the end?

After tonight, there will be only 5 men left vying for Desiree’s heart. Then, the final four will take Desiree home to visit their families and from there, she will pick the person she wants to be with (and the person she’s engaged to today).

So, who is it? Who wins the Bachelorette 2013? If you want to know who gets the final rose, keep reading. If you don’t, stop reading now.

Here’s how the rest of the season plays out:

Tonight, Kasey and James will be eliminated (depending on when you read this, you may already know that). Next week, Michael will be eliminated. This brings us to the final four.

The final four are Drew, Zak, Chris and Brooks  – and that’s the order of their eliminations following hometown dates.

In the end, Desiree picks Brooks, he proposes and the two are currently engaged.

Now that you know how the rest of the season plays out, tell us – do you think Des made the right choice this season?

  1. I think des & zak are amazing!

    • you are so right about Zak. Confident good looking, and lots of testostorone. Yup, the right package except the hair. I think James should have stayed. All the woosies in the house should find something else to do.

  2. I don’t think Brooks is the one. She picked wrong one.

    • It can’t possibly be Brooks because HE broke up with Desiree and left the show. Leaving the choice of Chris, Drew or neither. But I think Des doesn’t pick any of them because the only one she really loved was Brooks

  3. Christine says:

    I saw something in Brooks in the very beginning, they showed his playfulness and confidence and just being such a for real fun guy with a romantic side…but it was so brief…and they focused on some of the other ones much more in front of the cameras and I kept wishing they would show more of Brooks so we could all fall for him along with her and root for him….Ithing is it takes certain types for certain people…some may not want the playful as much as the more testosterone prone….Zack would be my second choice but Brooks had me from the beginning, so I am just guessing that Des personality and mine are along the same lines….I am very happy to find out this ending because the previews for next week is the only reason I even looked up a spoiler, because it looked as if the one guy said he didn’t love her so she wanted to quit…ugh!

    • Stephani says:

      *Possible spoilers??*

      No one has paid any attention to the fact that when asked what pace he was at in his relationship with des, brooks said he was skipping and des said she was jogging. This clearly means he isn’t really in love with her yet: HE HASN’T TOLD HER HE LOVES HERR
      The hoometown date has passed and he hasnt said anything..
      Why can’t you see this, guys??

    • It can’t possibly be Brooks because HE broke up with Desiree and left the show. Leaving the choice of Chris, Drew or neither. But I think Des doesn’t pick any of them because the only one she really loved was Brooks

  4. Des and Brooks obviously have a great connection from the beginning but Zak was my favorite although Des and him don’t seem to connect that much. More for us..of Zak that is. Hope he’s the next Bachelor.

  5. I wanted her to pick Chris, he is perfect for her.

  6. I think she made the right choice, I’ve always liked Brooks but if he didn’t win I liked Chris as well. Brooks was more fun and easy going but would make an amazing husband. Chris was serious, sweet, and romantic!

  7. Awe, I wanted it to be Drew. How could he possibly still be single, he’s perfect! I hope he’s the next bachelor. If so, sign me up!!!

  8. I was glad when Ben was asked to leave……..what a jerk. I like Chris – there has always been something not quite right about Brooks (and she needs to help him dress)and Drew is sweet but not the one for her.

    Give me Zac!!!

  9. i think des made the wrong choice because,on the one on one date with Chris they had a very good connection. But if i picture her and Brooks together, well, actually i cant picture it soo, i wish she would pick Chris ’cause he wrote her a poem and did message in a bottle on their date.If someone wrote me a poem and had a picnic for me i would definatly choose that guy.

  10. eileeenie says:

    i loved brooks from the first episode. he is more of reserved, laid back, funny guy. I could tell the chemistry they have. its amazing, and i get the smiles everytime i watch their part together. you know if you really paid attention to all the episodes they didnt show Brooks as much as they did with the others. There was definitely more moments with them off camera. Yes i think she made the right choice.


  12. I think Dez is very wrong in the selection. She is just stringing Chris and Drew along when she knows she is in love with Brooks. The show should have ended before they are heartbroken. Why go to the fantasy suite with them anyways when she doesn’t like them.!!!!

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