Feb 24, 2014

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Who Wins The Bachelor 2014: Who Is The Next Bachelorette?

We’re just a few weeks away from watching the final rose ceremony for Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor and there are two questions that everyone wants answered: Who Wins The Bachelor 2014 and Who Is The Next Bachelorette? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be happy to hear you’ve come to the right place. We can answer both of those questions for you right here, right now.

If you don’t want to know who wins – or who’s going to be the next Bachelorette, stop reading now. We’re about to reveal some major spoilers for this season and some exclusive details about next season!

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Who Wins The Bachelor 2014? As we’ve been telling you all season the winner this year is Nikki Ferrell. Tonight, Renee will go home (after hometown dates) and Andi decides to leave on her own next week after the fantasy date nights. That leaves Clare and Nikki as the final two and Juan Pablo gives the final rose to Nikki in the end.

I know what many of you are thinking, please God don’t let that mean that Clare is going to be the next Bachelorette. I am happy to report, that’s not the case. Clare will not be the lead next season.

Who Is The Next Bachelorette?

As most fans know, the lead for next season is already chosen by this time. Some seasons they announce it at the Women Tell All and sometimes they wait until the After the final Rose Ceremony. This year, they’ll most likely announce it at the ATFRC but we can confirm that Andi Dorfman will be the next Bachelorette. According to Reality Steve, she’s already started filming some of her promos this week.

Are you happy to learn that Nikki wins and Andi is the next Bachelorette? Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. B Laflamme says:

    I would like andi as the next bachelorette however, I think that Renee or chelsey would be good maybe even better

    • I was so angry at JP when he sent Renee home, she was the kindest most loving of all and so sweet and smart. Why do these num nut guys never see the good ones. Then after reading about JP, I think now she was lucky he sent her home, he sounds like a num nut. I hope they have her be the nex B. She deserves it and not Andi, she is not even ready to have a marriage. Renee needs a kind loving man to take care of her and her child and she should be the next B. It would be wonderful to see her have the choices she needs, only please pick nice guys for her that love kids, don’t give her num nuts. She is so beautiful in heart and soul and looks she has to be the next B.

    • I would love to see Renee. She is a great woman. I am so sorry she had to leave.

    • Renee was the best true heart she was real so mad his lost

    • I was happy when JP sent Renee home! JP has such low intelligence… he did Renee a huge favor! I think Andi stayed in this as long as she did because she wanted to be the next Bachelorette. Andi is a smart girl and she had to know early on that JP was as dumb as a doornail!

    • I am so happy Andi left JP. He is so shallow and she is way too good for him. He is totally in love with only 1 person and that is himself. I have never heard him say anything of substance on even 1 episode. Good luck to Andi next season. She is beautiful and has a lot to offer someone!

    • I am sad that that Andi is the next bachelorette. She was only on the show for the publicity! I find it hard to believe that she was sitting with him the last night talking about her bing a mom and the next morning she woke and was repulsed by him. Give me a break! She is the one that is shallow and self centered! She came on to this show for one reason and that was to be the next bachelorette. Camellia is lucky not to have her as a step mom, she is definitely not mature enough. It is all about her. Renee or Chelsea should have been the next bacholette as they were truly open to falling in love and not just looking to become a TV personality! I won’t watch next season. She is too fake for my taste!

    • I seriously cried when Renee left the show! The biggest mistake JP made! I think Renee should be the next B not Andi! I will not be watching next season, Andi is a cry baby if she does not hear what she wants. I am not saying JP was my favorite bachelor but I do not think Andi shouldn’t have talked to JP the way she did. Bring Renee back on, we miss her!

  2. I knew he would choose Nikki. They always choose the one they kiss the most on these shows. I like Andi as the next Bachelorette.

  3. I like Andi

  4. I think that Renee was the BEST pick. Very genuine & true natural beauty. :-)

    • Randompuppy says:

      I strongly agree.
      I was pretty upset when I learned that she wasn’t picked. It’s a shame because the guy lost the greatest woman he could have picked out of the contestants.

    • Marie Castle says:

      I so agree! So upset tonight he let Renee go home. He lost the best girl ever. The peace maker, the counselor to nearly every girl on the show. What a kind person she was. She would have made a wonderful mother. She was the most mature and ready for a wonderful relationship that I’m sure would have stood the test of time. What a shame! Not even sure I want to watch anymore. I’m so dissapointed.

    • SouthernCookie says:

      Renee was beautiful inside and out! Beautiful, mature, loving, gracious, smart! I think, like most men, his heart is in his pants! Got news for ya Juan! One day that’s not gonna be “all that”, and the REAL love might just be gone, gone, gone!

  5. Yesss! My favorite is Andi and even though she doesn’t win, I’m happy to see more of her!

    • lisa springborn says:

      I want to see renee as the next bachelorette. she is so caring. she deserves love

    • Niki and Juan are perfect for each other because they are both superficial and made for one another but it wouldnt last bc Niki thinks se won a prize and he dosent want any of the woman to be his wife he’s been playing games since day one. Why cant these women see through him. He is so arrogant and self absorb none of these women looked beyond his looks until they actually heard how he felt off camera. The guy wants fame and fortune as an actor. I think he wants to be another famous soccor player. He also picks Niki bc she comes from wealth. I think Clare deserves to be the next bachelorett bc she really put time into this jerk if not then Reneen.

  6. My vote for Bachelorette Renee ! Go away Claire !

    • renee! renee! renee! renee! she deserves it the most.

    • Renee was in a league of her own! She outshined all the other girls consistently! I think she would have been the best choice for J.P. but barring that, choosing her to be the next bachelorette would be xxx

    • Renee was in a league of her own! She outshined all the other girls consistently! I think she would have been the best choice for J.P. but barring that, choosing her to be the next bachelorette would be xxx

    • Renee was in a league of her own! She outshined all the other girls consistently! I think she would have been the best choice for J.P. but barring that, choosing her to be the next bachelorette would be xxx

  7. My favourite was Renee. She was absolutely and utterly perfect for him!! They would have lasted forever, not Nikki and him. And I’m super happy that Andi is the Bachelorette! She is hilarious and gorgeous!!

    • Marie Castle says:

      Yes, Renee. He would have had a quality relationship with her.

    • SouthernCookie says:

      I meant UGH for Clair!! I LOVED Renee. She had substance, and class, and compassion and empathy. What a great Mom little “Ben” has!!

  8. I think Renee should be it.

  9. Claire Claire, Claire would have been the BEST bachelorette

    • Clare is AWFUL. She was always hogging NO! I loveee Andi! So happy she is the next Bachelorette!! And no, I do not like Nikki and do not think she should’ve been picked. But if it was between Clare and Nikki I would obvi pick Nikki.

  10. I think Renee should be the next bachelorette

  11. I wish the next bachelorette would be Clare. I think she’s very genuine.

    • Marie Castle says:

      …but immature and ‘all about her’ although she may grow into a very nice person shes young

    • Actually shse isnt too young. She is the oldest this season.. Nikki and Chelsea were the more immature lil bitches. Claire just is insecure and needs someone to show her that she wont always lose those she cares most about.

  12. Seeing that Andi is an attorney, hopefully she won’t get stuck on any of the meat-head body builders ABC throws at her. She may be a good pick.

  13. Renee should be the next bachelorette!!!!!

  14. Renee is so genuine and beautiful inside and out. I like Andi too, but Renee was always my favorite.

  15. Renee for next Bachelorette. Not Andi. Renee was who I liked. sweet kind a real beauty inside and outside. juan Pablo made a very big mistake with Nikki. And I live in Kansas City.

  16. I think Renee should be the next, so sorry he didn’t pick her!

    • Marie Castle says:

      I agree!

    • All you guys that liked Renee so much should be very happy he didn’t pick her. She is waaaaaaayy too good for him. I actually feel sorry for whoever he chooses. That guy came on the show for one reason….and it certainly wasn’t to find a wife or mother for his kid. He had to have been one of the worst Bachelor’s ever!!

  17. Seriously Juan Pablo, bad choice. Renee is absolute gold and he should be kicking himself for jetting her go. RENEE as the next bachelorette, why? Because she deserves a happy ending more than anyone on this show.

    • Marie Castle says:

      So true! Come on Bachelorette…come one someone…let the good people have something once and awhile! This girl was a step above them all!

  18. Is it me or was the show shorter this year. It just seemed to go by so fast and boom we were at the end. Also, this year seemed very boring. Not that I’m into drama but just kind of a blah season.

  19. Funny how Andi’s dad was giving Juan crap about the whole dating twelve people at once, but yet she is off to have her own show? I don’t want to sound like a sore loser, however I feel that Renee would have been the best candidate. She was very real, natural beauty, a great mom, etc.

    • Marie Castle says:

      Yep, Renee was a great girl! I’m so sorry Juan didn’t choose her!

    • Francksgirl says:

      I love Renee!!! Smart, lovable, and beautiful!! But, JP would have had to share with his daughter a mom that already had a son. I think that is why he did not choose her. JP wants his daughter to have 100% attention…..not for her to share with another child. He’s an idiot…..he might be an awesome daddy but when he was asked by one of the moms, “why did you choose my daughter?” JP said, “because she’s beautiful!” Really……that’s it!
      Renee is too intelligent for JP!!! She will find someone much better!

    • Totally agreed Tatiana, well said.

      Francksgirl: interesting POV. But if that is really how Juan Pablo thinks than the shit hes been saying is a lie. Cuz if he has children with Nikki or anyone else like he says he wants to, Camilla will not be 100% of the attention. And realistically she wont be anyways with a new romance with someone without kids as they will want to do couple activities vs family ones catered to being parents like Renee would. So either way… Juan Pablo made a very big mistake picking the most fake, selfish person over the one with every quality he needs and wants. Renee is a rare one for this show and if it werent for her having a kid and abc probly wanting to take a break from the single parent bachelor/bachelorette, she would be an obvious and easy choice for them like Trista was back in the day.

  20. Nikki? Are you kidding me? Her potty mouth … Bad choice Juan

  21. Clare should have won.

  22. Renee was so sweet and so naturally beautiful. She sd have been picked to be the next bachelorette

  23. I want Renee as the next bachelorette she is such a great person and a great mom. She deserve her happy ending.

  24. Glad he let Renee go because my family and I would love to see her be the next bachelorette. she’s sweet, mature, lovely and fun. all the girls seemed to love her. Great gal. .

  25. Renee next bachelorette!! What kind of man keeps a Mom away from her child for 2-plus months just so he can meet her son than dump her. He should have let her go long ago instead of dragging it out this long! Renee is a real winner! Beautiful, real, loving, devoted, strong and very kind! Bring her back, she deserves to find love more than any of them.

    • Marie Castle says:

      YES, PULEEZE bring her back or perhaps Juan, you can reconsider!! You need someone mature and kind for a mother for your daughter!!!!!!

  26. Renee deserves to be the next bachlorette!!! She was so REAL AND SWEET!!!!! CHANGE IT AND PICK RENEE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RENEE RENEE RENEE

  27. Renee should have been chosen for the next Bachelorette! I’m glad Juan Pablo let her go because she is way too good for him!

  28. Renee should be the next bachelorette! I like Andi, but Renee is at a different point in her life and is ready for marriage. She’s a real person. It’s a shame Juan Pablo didn’t pick her. I was thinking JP, Camila, Renee, and Ben would be some sort of One Fine Day thing.

    • I totally think that Renee should be the next bachelorette. She is the most mature and genuine woman on the show. While everyone was having cat fights and talking crap, Renee just sat back and stayed out of all of it. She is a good listener, appears to be a good mother, and just very sincere. A classy woman all around. I felt so bad for her.

    • Marie Castle says:

      I so agree!

  29. Nikki was so rude, immature and self-absorbed, I guess perfect for Juan Pablo… If andi is the next bachlorette, her fathers concern for the way the show works is ironical! Claire was probably my favorite, but hope she isn’t picked, she can do much better!

  30. If Clare is not chosen, I really want to see her be the next Bachelette. Clare is beautiful, sexy, and isn’t afraid to wake up a man at 4:00 am to go swimming together. It would make for great TV. She comes from a very nice family too. Good luck to all if the beautiful ladies!!

  31. I hope the people at ABC pay attention to all of the comments for Renee to be the next bachlorette, truly genuine!!!!

  32. Marie Castle says:

    JuAN, one word RENEE….. It’s not too late …it really isn’t

    For your daughter you need maturity and kindness. That is Renee
    and remember you can get lost in her eyes! Go back and watch the show and you will see what so many of us saw as a gem in Renee. Perfect for you.
    (sorry Niki, but Renee is who he should be with)

  33. Is anybody tired of the recycled participants? I would rather see a new bachelor or bachelorette personality. We need new faces!
    I think Andi will be a boring bachelorette as was Des.

  34. This season was such a bummer. Renee should of been the next bachelorette. She deserves something good to happen to her. She deserves it the most. I don’t even want to watch anymore.

  35. Jennifer Harold says:

    I am glad Andi or Renee didn’t get picked by Juan Pablo. I can’t stand him and both of them can do soooo much better! I wanted Andi to be the next bachelorette. I’m sorry but Renee is too boring to be the next bachelorette.

    • I agree……Renee is a nice girl but definitely boring. I think Andi will add a lot of spice to the show and for sure won’t take any crap from the guys. It will probably give her Dad a heart attack!!! It definitely will be a spicy show this time. Hopefully!

  36. Patty Welker says:

    Big Dummy! Shoulda picked Renee, but then everything happens for a reason. He probably would have cheAtes on her anyway. He couldn’t even keep it in his pants after barely meeting Clare! But Renee should have been the next Bachelorette.

  37. A TRUE LOYAL HERO: This is the first time i have posted on this site, although we have been watching the show from the first season. We are really disappointed to see Renee go. We hope we can see how she and her son are doing soon. We were hoping to see Renee as the next Bachelorette. Some of you might have thought she was a little boring. However, to a more discerning eye, she appears as a true loyal hero. Anyone that would crawl under a washroom stall to help an opponent… need I say more? She was the one, out of everyone, that most offered her own shoulder when the girls were down. Not to leave Andi out, she is our 2nd favorite.

  38. Renee Renee … So relieved he let you go as you deserve far better…there’s just something about JP that creepy. Maybe it’s the way he’s always telling the girls to “look at me” while he’s playing with their hair. I don’t know However, that said, you , Miss Renee, should have won the spot as next bachelorette for your grace, charm, sincerity and for the countless hours you spent playing housemother to all the troubled girls as JP, one by one, mislead and released them. Renee is a true beauty who not only would be a perfect bachelorette, she’s the most deserving of any bachelorette on this and every past season!!! ( except for the cutie who was picked and dumped but went on to find a magnificent guy, dance beautifully on dancing sign the stars, have a baby, and now enjoys career as a special television correspondent! Renee should be on dancing with the stars❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  39. This has been the most painfully boring Bachelor season since it began. Whoever JP picks, it will not last. JP is not an interesting guy. He really doesn’t have much going for him at least it sure didn’t come through from the episodes. Well, wait! Maybe he’s the biggest kisser of all bachelors. However, that only shows how shallow he is. He kisses anyone, anytime, for any reason. There was nothing genuine about him. I didn’t see ANY chemistry with any of the girls. I think he is too stuck on himself to really get involved emotionally. Even Chris Harrison seems to distance himself from JP. His sarcastic comment about throwing the cow poop as “romantic” shows how JP has brought the show down almost to the point of no return. If there is a bachelor like him in the future, it will be its demise. I must say that the pickings of the girls was not very good, or maybe he let the decent one’s go. Whatever, he’s making bad choices for himself and the girls.

  40. I think andi leaves because she was asked to be the next bachelorette. Remember she has already started filming and most of the show is scripted they might of asked her to leave for this reason. JMHO

  41. can’t believe Andi is the next bachelorette………didn’t like her at all.
    Renee should’ve won, and since she didn’t she should be the next bachelorette.
    All season Andi has been hard to watch….ugh

  42. Ever notice that Nikki has a problem with eye contact?
    Don’t trust a person that can’t look you in the eye when you are talking with them……

    • Yes! I noticed it the whole time! There’s something missing in her.. She’s aloof and cold. And completely self centered.

    • Totally I just do not like Nikki, she has hard time handling a situation as well, she just gets up and leaves, what kind of mature person does this?

    • She got up and left because she IS mature and didn’t want to participate in Clare’s catty, rude, and gossipy behavior.

    • Nikki is a fake, catty, immature, manipulative girl. She needs to grow up and stop making nurses look bad. She complained about EVERYTHING unless she got something exactly as she wanted. Shes a waste of fabric, roses, attention and time.

      RENEE FTW. lol

  43. RENE ALL THE WAY!!! No way anyone else even comes close. Rene should most definetly be the next bachelorette. She was the one all the girls came to and got along with and she is the most genuine. Andi doesnt even come close!

  44. I can’t stand Andi. But then again, I can’t stand any prosecutor. I guess I’ll have to miss the next season like I did Ali’s (I didn’t like her either). Renee should have been next but I guess they don’t get as much action with the moms.

  45. I did not like the fact that Renee left, she is absolutely amazing inside out, and she has it all together. Nikki I do not like, she is just this immature blonde very spiky, , not a fan of her but fits perfectly his assholeness :D Andi is amazing as well, but as far as next B i think Renee deserves it the most!

  46. I hope in the end Juan Pablo is dumped by all and ia alone

  47. Leora Cavanagh says:

    Iam from nova scotia dont miss any of the shows .Ashley and JP were made for each other . My favorite couple of all times . I think Renee would have made the best wife .

  48. Renee should have been the next Bachelorette!!! She is such a wonderful & caring person. I can’t believe Andy got it! Come on?! I like her too. But I think Renee deserve’s it more.

  49. I have been watching the show since the franchise began. I am able to call out the winner within the first 3 weeks of the show and have only been wrong once. Renee is AMAZING! If she isnt the next bachelorette I think I will be missing my first season since the show started. Do the producers of the franchise even do research to see who the fans want to see? I have only seen comments about people wanting Renee as the next bachelorette. Whoever makes the decision to have anyone else besides her should be fired. No joke. If its Andi or Claire…I will never watch again. boooo!

  50. So surprised that Andi’s dad would want her to be the next bachelorette!!!! Renee was definitely the kindess person on the show. There wasn’t a lot of drama and it was because of Renee. Hopefully, she finds a fabulous guy for a husband and father to her son.

  51. I have watched and enjoyed each and every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette but have to admit, this season was somewhat boring. I was expecting a lot from Juan Pablo based on what I saw when he was on the Bachelorette, but he was disappointing as the Bachelor. I can only hope that in the end, he and Niki are happy together (at least according to the spoilers and for as long as most couples stay together). I definitely would like to see RENEE as the next Bachelorette only because she was the one and only down to earth, truthful and sincere of all the girls this season and she truly deserves to find happiness. Although filming supposedly has started for Andi and the next season, ABC should reconsider and give the ALL AMERICAN GIRL RENEE a chance

  52. Renee is Blessed she wasn’t chosen! She’s so sincere, sweet, & caring! JP isn’t good enough for she & her son. How dare u go through the entire season, meet her son & then let her go! He deserves Niki, she’s cold, calculated, & selfish…I can’t believe she’s a pediatric nurse as I don’t see her being good with children! Clare is not the nicest either so either if them will be great for that scum who tongues each girl within seconds of the last. This was the worst Bachelor ever!!!

  53. I think Renee should have been the next bachelorette. Don’t like Andi. For sure not watching next bachelorette season. This show is beginning to be so boring. They need to start making it with older persons, that are more mature and have a head on there shoulders. This 20′s & 30′s persons are so immature and there not really there to find love at all. Ali messed it up by lying to America that she was looking for love & family. Liar!! All she was looking was for fame. The only persons that have made the show what it is, are the ones that have truly been honest and have found love and have gotten married. Those are the couples that make the show what it is meant to be.(Trista & Ryan)(Jason & Molly)(Ashley & JP)(Sean & Catherine)Proud of all of you! That is what I want the show to be about.

    • Um Jason and Molly really dont count! He didnt pick her first and acted like a real tool. Im glad they are still together but as far as Im concerned they are way too bizarre to count!

  54. I wish Renee was chosen for the next Bachelorette. However, it seems as though most of these boys are in it for other reasons and Renee (and Ben) don’t deserve the heartache. They deserve a sincere, responsible man who can look beyond his own world and into someone else’s to see how he can contribute something positive and everlasting as a team.

  55. No, no no…Sharlene would be the ideal candidate, don’t you think?

    • She isnt ready for that. She is amazing and loved her but she needs to do some internal work before involving someone else and their feelings.

    • Haha! No one will ever be good enough to Sharlene thats why they could never cast her.

  56. I won’t be watching the Bachelorette if indeed it is Andie. She’s just too dumb. Renee would have been my choice. America is behind HER all the way. Andie isn’t even believable as a “prosecutor” let alone someone to date. She has a lot to learn, not to mention, how to dance!! Yikes – no rhythm whatsoever. No wonder JP didn’t pick her. There’s one more thing they can’t do together when JP loves to dance. That was obvious, however, they didn’t match up from day one for me. Thanks…hope they change their minds to Renee!

    • Please tell me how an Assistant District Attorney is “dumb,” that is just absurd. I’m not entirely sure why you put quotes around prosecutor, as if you believe that isn’t her real job, that is just ridiculous. I agree that I don’t want to see her as the bachelorette but your rationale is highly flawed.

    • Ginger, I noticed a LOT of poor grammar when Andi spoke. See the episode before last. That struck me as very odd because I assume she is educated. But being educated doesnt neccesarily mean intelligent. There are a lot of different types of intelligent. Andi is very insecure, frowns a lot and doesnt exude personality. This, IMO, is the reason she would come across as “dumb” to many. She’s boring to watch on screen, if she is cast I wont be watching for sure.

  57. I am so glad that he did not pick Renee. She is way to good for him. In fact, I do not know what any of the women see in him. He has no intellect. I think that they all just want to nest and anyone who will fetch the twigs will do. Better to stay alone than to wind up with a wrong choice, although he does seem to be a good father to Camilla.

  58. I think Clare should have won. He had the most chemistry with her plus she was gorgeous. Nikki is a frump and nasty person. There is zero chemistry so you know it won’t last. I’d like too see Clare as the next Bachelorette…she’s sexy and pretty. Renee was nice but Renee played the Mom card…a man wants a girlfriend first and Mom second. Plus she always looked the same; no makeup and those spidey eyelashes that looked so cheap! Hate Andi, horrible body and boring. Seriously, why did they pick her?

    • This is a joke, Clare is awful. Every interaction she had with Juan Pablo was fake and calculated, even her voice got more high-pitched and giggly when she spoke to him. Growing up in a house full of sisters clearly influenced her tendency toward rude, catty, gossipy, behavior.

      Also, it is clear that the editors tried to spin Nikki as the bad girl because there just wasn’t one in the house this season. But she handled it well. Its totally unfair to count her age against her. She has a big heart and obvious maturity beyond Clare.

      Finally, your jab at Renee for not wearing makeup is absurd. The fact that she didn’t wear makeup showed her natural beauty and her authenticity. She didn’t need makeup to impress Juan Pablo.

    • Clare is just simply scary. I’m guessing by now JP and Nikki are not even together since he doesn’t propose as my guess he is engaged already to his daughters mother.

    • Brooke Anderson says:

      Claire is def NOT a joke, they obviously had the most chemistry other than any of the other girls! Claire would be the perfect next bachelorette, she’s sexy, fun, good personality, loving, caring, and not to mention how strong she is after what all happen with her dad!! And Andie jus seems fake! Don’t really care for her or Nikki

    • Mary, You don’t even spell their names right, I’m not sure your opinion has weight.

  59. Andi is boring. She’s sweet but she definitely does not have what it takes to be the bachelorette. She has a successful career and she should go back down that path and just wash her hands of reality tv. A girl like that doesn’t need a show like this and I’m not convinced she could fill the shoes. She’s not a showstopper and doesn’t have the “it factor.”

    I would love to see Renee as the next Bachelorette because she’s interesting, down to earth, and real. She never got pulled into the drama and she was every girl’s go-to in the house when they needed a friend. I know it would be 2 seasons in a row of a single parent, but I think Renee certainly has the fan base to carry a season. For me, Andi fades into the background of the other girls.

  60. I’m glad that Renee got sent home because JP is an idiot and she deserves much better. JP is only on the show to boost his fame. I think he is still with his daughters mother (sorry can’t remember name) I think he has been the worse B since the show started. I like Andi but sure wish they would pick some one completely different that is not recycled.

  61. I really don’t like Nikki at all!!!

    Renee is lovely and SO deserved to be the next Bachelorette. I really don’t understand why they would have gone with Andi and not Renee. Change your selection please.

  62. Brooke Anderson says:

    I love Claire!!!!! She was the prettiest out of all of em and she was very sweet, jus cause he had a better connection with her than everyone else DOSENT mean she’s a hog, I wish either Renee would be the next bachelorette or Claire! I don’t like Andy, she’s too whiny and jus don’t seen like a perfect fit for the bachelorette

  63. WHY!?!?!?! Andi is great, but NOT ready for marriage–was written all over her uncertainty. I hope the reports are UNTRUE and that RENEE is the next Bachelorette. ABC, dont be stupid! Cast Renee!! Wish her all the best, she was LOVELY.

  64. Renee should be the next bachelorette! Hands down she is such a sweet heart and deserves a chance for love.

  65. The fans want Renee as the next bachelorette, including me. Sorry ABC, I like Andi but won’t be watching this season unless it is Renee. The vote for her to be next bachelorette is overwhelming. They should listen to the fans.

    • I hope they get it together because the show is going to piss a LOT of people off. Ive been hoping Renee for Bachelorette for a WHILE now. I somehow KNEW JP wouldnt pick her..he likes the crazy ones!

  66. They will not last …two different cultures

    They should mix it up….have two bachelorettes

  67. NO NO NO NO NO Neither my husband or I liked Andi from the very beginning. She is boring and really not as pretty as some of the other girls. I am one that really like Claire. But Renee was the most deserving to the the next Bachlorette. She is pretty, genuine, and always put the other girls before her own needs. Example when Sharleen was considering leaving, she was concerned about her and asked her very good questions to consider. She never once tried to urge Sharleen on to get rid of her. Renee is just a genuinely nice and good person. She really became the “mother” that all the girls went to with problems and this shows that she has strong maternal instincts and would have made a great mom for JP’s daughter.

  68. I like Renee for the next bachelorette. I think Clair is fake and I hate Nikki and Andi they are stuck up, Nikki is rude and bitchy

    • exactly. They are full of themselves. Dear god please dont cast andi for bachelorette, I will NOT watch.

  69. SO gratified to read this array of positive comments about Renee! Hooray! I agree 100 percent.
    Her dear heart, sense of humor, and can-do spirit were right there week after week for all to see. Wrapped up in natural beauty, her soul shining out through her beautiful baby blues, Renee and her dear son Ben definitely deserve all the BEST. Probably not the premise of ABC’s The Bachelor. You go Renee!!!! The BEST is yet to be…

  70. He needs to do all of them a favor and not pick anyone. He has to get past loving himself so much before he can learn to love someone else. He is so full of it with all of them.

  71. Synthea Brown says:

    As we all watch the show, we can see that Don Pablo s not very cultured with the American way. He is enjoying all this time with these women especially when the camera is not watching. I believe he had intimate times with all of the last three women. I also believe that he had intimate relations with Claire when they went swimming in the ocean. I believe that Steve is right, he is in love with Nikki, but I think she is too young for his life style and not ready to be a step mother to Camilla. Whoever gets him, unfortunately ends up with him. Too bad, so sad.

  72. Reneeeeeeee!!!! :(

  73. Colleen Fajack says:

    I dont like and i glad she is going she is a pain in the ads and annoying I heard she the next bachelor I won’t be watching I like Renee or even Clare for the next bachelotte

  74. Ed in Vermont says:

    Renee is easily the best choice. Andi is boring, and Renee is my favorite contestant ever. She is different – and special!

  75. He deserves Clare cuz she’s weird just like him. Nikki you deserve better. You are way to good for him. Andi you are the only smart one. You would be the perfect bachelorette. You deserve a great guy.

    • Nikki is too good? LMAO. She cared more about winning: how many roses she’d had and the fact that she met his daughter etc. At the end of the day she was getting off on making the other girls jealous which I find gross. She may be nice to JP, but how she treats others matters TOO. Her on screen personality made me want to PUKE. I would never associate with a chic like her. I honestly dont get the Nikki fans. You must think its OK to be rude and stuck up. ICK

  76. Whoa!!! First off, I do not like Andi! Her true colors showed when she was confronting Jp. She can be very defensive and bitchy. It’s hard to believe is a DA! She does not sound intelligent enough to prosecute!

    Is it me or Renee looks really old, haggard and ordinary. Those eyelashes does not make her look prettier or younger. It was really painful watching her and Andi

    Nikki is just boring, immature and not ready for marriage life. Not a good choice at all.

    Finally, Clare is pretty and sexy of them all, but at the same time too insecure, stuckup, bitchy and not mother material to anyone’s kid.

    I would like to see Claire as the next bachelorette only for entertainment. I don’t see real love in it. Andi is the worst, possible choice. Omg!!!!

    • Renee is STUNNING. Not old or haggard looking IMO. She could stop tanning so much though, but other that that I thought her face and SOUL were exceptional. Of the 4 left, Clair was the prettiest, although I saw some amazing photos of Nikki (modeling). But Nikki always looked so greasy to me. and friend blond hair ick! Not a nice personality either. Sadly, JP let all the nice girls go..such a shame to have the two craziest girls in the final two.

  77. My thinking is that they could have asked renee and she said no. She has already been away from her son for 2 months i dont think she want to be away from him again for that long. I liked andi.

    • Marie Smith says:

      Renee, Renee, Renee for the next bachelorette!!! She is the most loving, beautiful and gracious woman that I’ve ever seen on the show! Andi would be a horrible choice! She has nothing to bring to the show that anyone wants to see! ABC will lose big on viewers and ratings!

    • This is spot on, but they messed up when they cast JP too, so can we really be surprised? They arent picking QUALITY people for their show and thats why this season (and next with Andi) will most likely suck. That said, my guess is Renee didnt want to lose more time with her son to be on a stupid tv show. Logical choice for a beautiful soul like Renee. I hope she knows, SHE was the fan favorite.

  78. chiquiturri says:

    I think renne should be the next to find love, shes kind,loving person !Andi dosent look pretty enough and she dosent understand how the bachelor works,since jp was right ,he was thinking about the feeling of the others girls. And its OK how he said it, (its OK,) thats just natural on him, Andi cant change people how they talk,thats not right. I dont like her, and it makes me so mad,shes the next bacherlotte mmmmmm not happy at all , i wont be watching the show after this !!!

    • If she’s the next Bachelorette I wont watch either. I usually take a couple years off the show anyway. I watched the last one and this one and found this whole season really really upsetting. Renee should have been the next bachelorette. I would have missed work to watch HER find love. Andi? Her mouth!! I couldnt stand to watch her talk for one minute longer. How could ABC cast someone for next season that has a frown when she speaks? Unattractive and disturbing. Its her boring personality shining through..I mean..a lawyer? Ugh

    • Andi is the next bachelorette

  79. Debra ward says:

    JP truly loved Sharleen. Sharleen will realize that she made a mistake. I hope that they will reconcile. Once JP watches Nikki on tape he won’t like her anymore and she will see that he really preferred Sharleen.

  80. michele murphy says:

    I’m the only one that who likes juan pablo. I’d like to watch all these commentators try to do a show like this in spanish or another language that they’re not familiar with-he did a good job and i felt he genuinely liked all the women heck, he just really likes women-whats wrong with that????? Andie was too much her father’s daughter-she seemed liked she just wanted to win her “case”. Renee was truly a beautiful person but i can’t see her with juan pablo -he was smart enough to see her goodness but also smart enough to realize they wouldn’t make it in a marriage. I feel Nikki and juan pablo are a good match maybe not for the long run but at least the best match of all the women.

  81. Didn’t like Andi. That downward smile got on my nerves. HOWEVER, she is a very smart and intelligent girl. I don’t think she will make a good bachelorette. Renee was the mama of the group.

    • OMG RIGHT??? I couldnt stand her down-turned mouth :( So unattractive, hasnt ANYONE in her family told her to stop frowning all the time? Lord amighty!

  82. I don’t think Renee should be taken from her son any longer. JP was looking at this as a game. He would always say, this is about my life, and how someone would be good for him and his daughter, but never stopped to think about what the women want for their life and him every asking David what they want and he doesn’t have enough substance to even consider a woman’s feelings. It’s like he said he wanted the woman to move for him, and do for him. Like the woman is a prize not a person. Go Andi, and all the girls, you deserve a real man!!! He just thinks it’s about tv or a beauty contest. That’s what I thought of when I saw Clare and Nikki line up for the rose ceremony. Juan Pablo is pathetic. No wonder he and his daughters mother split up.badp choice. Shallow, self-centered, he had no emotions, showed no feeling, like he was winning a piece of furniture for his house. some men are dumb.

    • Most men are dumb. Sorry *good* guys out there! It seems the men on these shows always pic the nut jobs.

  83. Renee by far, was the most mature lady on your show! She was one class act!

    Andi has some major immature emotional issues. I’m afraid any man that ends up with her will always be trying to ‘MAKE’ her happy, rather than her being happy with who she is and the man being the icing on the cake. Andi needs to learn how to communicate by telling men…. this is what I see, this is how I feel, this is what I think and this is what I want. And if the guy doesn’t feel or think the same way, that’s OKAY!!!! It sure doesn’t help telling the man in your life he’s wrong about how he feels. I think something else was really bothering you Andi……

  84. I like Andi and Renee,and gald that Andi left because she’s way too smart for him. He did Renee a favor!! Can you imagine if he picked Clare at the end? I could just see the cat fights between her and his ex? Andi seems to frown a lot and Renee needs a hairdo and more makeup. Whatever happens with JP I don’t think it will work. Nikki will find out the real JP and not marry him. I think she’s smarter than that. Since Nikki is friends with Andi I think she will find out why Andi left and she if he treats her the same.

  85. I couldnt stand watching Andi’s down-turned mouth all season and Im sure as heck not gonna watch her as the Bachelorette. This show messed up BIG TIME if they chose her. Renee was HANDS DOWN the most special person cast this season. Everyone seems to want her as the Bachelorette..so why did the choose Andi? UGH

  86. Renee should be the next Bachelorette!! She was BY FAR the most genuine, caring, loving, beautiful woman on the show !!! I will not be watching the bachelorete next season. So disappointed. And so disappointed in JP.

  87. My favorite’s on this show have been Andi, Nikki Renne Sharleen I don’t like Clare she is to much of a crybaby and she is to attached to Jp I don’t think she is ready to be a mom yet neither is Sharleen Or Andi I think it should of been Renne and nikki I hope and Pray that Jp chooses Nikki because she already met his family and she would Be a great stepmother and she is good with kids I like the bachelorette and the Bachelorette is Andi I wish Jp and Nikki the Best

  88. Andi is a POOR choice. Only in it for fame otherwise she would have left sooner. She didn’t just wake up the morning after the Fantasy Suite and know that it wouldn’t work. Disappointing choice and won’t be watching. She is boring

  89. Jennifer A says:

    I think Andi as the next bachelorette was a bad choice. She was very unsure of herself the entire season, she’s not confident in what she wants and I don’t think she’s ready to be the next bachelorette. I really wanted. Rene to be the next bachelorette, she is so beautiful on the inside and out and she was not treated the way she should have by Juan Pablo, she deserves much better. I don’t think I will be watching the bachelorette this season.

  90. I can’t believe they are not choosing RENEE for the next bachelorette. We are tired of immature girls and superficial men. The show needs more substance, we want to see real love happen. Renee is ready for love.

  91. Best if andi is the bachelorette, better get a bunch of lawyers so she has a challenge because beauty just isn’t gonna do it for her…better yet, she admitted she over thinks things and as a woman I can tell you unless she lightens up, she’ll never find the right man!

  92. Renee – obvious meaningful choice! Come on Bachelor, pick a REAL fan fave. JP is a douche. Renee would add an element of authenticity to a flailing enterprise. RENEE!!!!!

  93. What a joke! I had an argument with my wife about that when Andi left. The show is rigged! I thought maybe she was crazy the way she was getting so aggressive with him but it shows it was a bad acting job. Why can’t the show choose someone after the show is done rather then rigging it during to make it a dramatic effect. I thought it was supposed to be realty TV.

  94. Andi has issues. Instead of being classy and just saying she wasn’t interested she insisted on picking a fight. JP dodged a bullet. No one was witness to the night they spent, so we are taking her word on what happened. I think Niki is immature and not ready for marriage. I know they played Clare as the episode psycho, but I think she would have been a good match for JP. Out of all the girls she seemed the most in love.

  95. I was hoping Andi would be the next Bachelorette and so glad she dumped JP who surely must share a brain with someone – the man can’t have a decent conversation to save his life! Clare should have had sunglasses on at the rose ceremony – what was with all the squinting and pursed lips – so annoying! JP has to be the worst Bachelor since Jake Pavelka and take a look at People.com….JP has more selfies on his blog – he is SO in love with himself.

  96. I thought Andi behaved badly. Why would you be offended knowing you are on the same island with 2 other girls.Its obvious he had a overnight with someone else. So what. And the show has too many women for him to keep track of what he asks. Are you Catholic? Its superficial at best. At least Andi knew it wasn’t going to work out.

  97. Nikki is a good fit for him. Hopefully what they have been saying about him, is not true. No to Andi. She was skeptical about the whole ‘process’. Why would she want to be the star on a show that she is not comfortable with. Makes no sense to me. She said herself that her standards are probably too high. Not sure what makes her think that she can find Mr Right out of a small group of men. Weird.

  98. Andi is nuts! I can’t believe she is going to be the bachelorette! I will not be watching!

  99. RENEE ALL THE WAY FOR BACHELORETTE! I think that you outta listen to what we want for a change. We are the ones making the credits happen. After this 2014 Bachelor show disaster, I think that folks are tired of seeing fake & drama queens. You should try and go with a real & true person like Renee. Make a reality show real.

  100. Everyone keeps saying that Andi is immature but she was the only one smart enough to actually leave the show! She wanted to talk about social and personal issues and every time she did, Juan Pablo said “ish okay”. she wasn’t looking for an okay, she was looking for a response to her problems and to have a good convo which Juan Pablo cant seem to do. I think Andi was a good choice for the next bachelorette because shes not afraid to speak her mind and smart! Renee was sweet but was boring! The entire season would be boring with Renee as the bachelorette.

  101. Renee was the most sincere of them all. She deserves happiness. When he let her go, I was devastated, however, after watching the episode where Andi decided to leave, I said “am glad Juan Pablo let her go…..she deserves better”. I don’t think things will work out with Nikki. Clare is the jealous type and Juan Pablo would have ended up with no friends.

    Renee should be the next bachelorette.

  102. I was so sorry to see JP say goodbye to Renee and after he met Ben and watched his LL game! Bring back Renee as the next bachelorette. Good riddens to Andi.

  103. Renee should be the next bachelorette…Andi was ok, but Renee composed herself the best and is actually looking for true love instead of a spot on tv. Renee is the best pick…come on Bachelorette producers, it’s not too late, show us that you will get this one right!

  104. Andi was the only one that saw through the self centered, self obsessed JP and called him on it. She’s articulate and smart. Renee was too sweet for him. He’s not going to marry anyone. He’s a total player and wants the spotlight only on himself. He kept talking about Camilla and then grabs all the overnights with the last 3 women. He’s probably only good for a one night stand!

  105. Julie Adams says:

    I am pleased for Nikki – Clare was such a trouble maker. I am happy about Andi. I feel that Renee, as BEAUTIFUL as her soul is she needs a make up make over. Her eyebrows are not right. Her long hair is great but need a more updated cut on it. I think she could be very very beautiful. All is great!

  106. Renee should be the next bachelorette, she is very pretty, down to earth and smart. She was always there for all the girls. As for JP he is not the man I thought he was. All for himself, all show and know go. If you gave him a chance and he has a child. So way not give Renee a chance, the one who really deserves it! So let’s hear it from all you Fans…RENEE’s the ONE!!!!
    Say what you want to say….I want to see you be Brave…

  107. Maybe Renee was asked to be the next bachelorette and turned it down. She may not want to or can’t take the time off from work or her son.

  108. I can say with certainty that I will not be watching The Bachelorette if it is indeed Andi! Renee is way too loving & smart to be on this type show again. Niki & Claire would make great bachelorettes because they r both self absorbed & r not nice…neither of them a children oriented & would not be good step parents… Niki is the worst of all! It’s all about winning & stepping on everyone to get to where she wants to go..Niki only cares about Niki

  109. should be Renee!!! I won’t be watching Andi.

  110. Renee is the best pick!!!! she is kind, loving and has a good head on her shoulders.Please everyone vote for her to find love! for her and her little boy.

  111. I am so glad Andi left the show. She is to good for him. She was the most real person in the house out of all the girls. She spoke her mind. I LOVE ANDI!!!!!! Can’t wait to see her on the bachelorette!!!!

    ANDI ANDI ANDI!!!!!!!!

  112. I really like Nikki she is too good for JP. I wish she was next Bachelorette but I like Andi too.

    It makes me mad when anyone says Nikki is a villian. Shes just honest theres nothing wrong with that. Clare seems crazy and tried to provoke Nikki into fighting. Quit calling Nikki names producers. The public doesnt see her that way.

  113. Renee for bachelorette not andi

  114. andy would be a horrible bachelorette, I think Chelsea has what it takes. she attractive with a very outgoing personality..))

  115. Renee is already engaged,to a former boyfriend. Andi is as good a choice as any for the next Bachelorette.

  116. Pam Morgan says:

    I think that every young lady he sent home is geting the better deal! That saying “It’s Ok” was driving me CRAZY!!!! Also, he is so selfish,only thinks about himself! If i ever watch it again I hope they pick some guy that is better than him!!!!

  117. Although I want Clare to be the next one for the new show. I would bet that Sharleen will be bc she played the show like a game and is very good at manipulating producers of the show to become the next bach. She appears to be very calculating and is very good at saying what people want to hear. She made a big deal about leaving and kept on going back and forth and now she’s sitting in the front row of the audience, I wonder why. If she wanted to leave just leave and stop gathering camera on-air time. When Andie found out his true colors she told him so and was gone. That’s what Sharleen should have done. She was making it seem like she was doing th other girls a service, but in reality she sure got a lot of camera time.

  118. Im so disgusted that Andi is the next bachotettw. She totally set herself up. Jp was just a weirdo anyway,” do you like the little besitos?” YUK, I coulda told ya that . Even Claire woulda been a better bachelorette!

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