Feb 11, 2014

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Who Wins The Bachelor 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose (Spoilers)?!?

We’re quickly making our way through the 2014 season of The Bachelor and the desire to know who Juan Pablo picks is growing with each passing week. While there are plenty of rumors swirling as to who gets the final rose this season, we have exclusive details on who wins The Bachelor 2014 – and you’re not going to want to miss what we have to tell you!

As some of you may know, there’s a spoiler king in the Bachelor world. His name is Reality Steve and he has been spoiling seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for years now. Given, he’s not always correct in his revelations for who gets the final rose, his track record is pretty impressive and he swears this season he’s right on the money.

If you want to know who Juan Pablo chooses this season, and who ends up walking away roseless, keep reading.

Who Wins The Bachelor 2014 – Who Does Juan Pablo Choose?

Spoilers Ahead – This is your warning.

Okay, let’s just get right to it (if you want to read Reality Steve’s entire list of spoilers, CLICK HERE): Your final four this season are Clare, Nikki, Renee and Andi. The breakdown of eliminations goes like this: Renee eliminated after hometown dates, Andi voluntarily leaves after fantasy dates (shocking, we know!) and Clare is eliminated at the final rose ceremony (we can only imagine the waterworks show we’ll see at this final rose ceremony). Nikki is your winner – she is the woman Juan Pablo chooses in the end.

Needless to say, given Nikki’s behavior over the past few episodes, many fans are outraged that he picked her in the end.

That being said, we have to ask: Do you think Nikki was the right choice for Juan Pablo?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. NO!! I don’t think nikki is the right choice.. MAYBE JUST MAYBE.. Juan will see all this while watching it himself and decide that CLARE should of been the one.. She makes and fits him more than any of the girls I have seen this season.. Maybe he will ask her at the AFTER THE FINAL ROSE ceremony… IF NOT.. WELL I HOPE CLARE GETS TO BE THE NEXT BACHLORETTE… SO I am really hoping he changes his mind and goes for CLARED

  2. I don’t think Nikki was the right choice.. She’s not mother material.. I don’t know how she’s a pediatric nurse with her mean hearted spirit. But as Juan Pablo final choice– NO!!!! I think Andi was his best choice or Renee… Both were there for the right reasons!!!

  3. I think Clare is horrible and very fake, I think Nikki is the best choice and she is way prettier inside and out than Clare, I don’t think Clare should go to the final ceremony I think she is sneaky rude and all about herself, Nikki is genuine and I think she got a bad rap on one episode to make some in this world not like her, we’ll take a better look at Clare she is the sneaky one that is fake and trying to win an acting career for her being a contestant on #thebachelor
    Just saying

  4. I think Renee is the best one for him, Nikki a sneek, Claire, she a showoff, andi is a baby.

  5. Colleen Hernandez says:

    I hope he pick claire.i think they fit.nikki is a nut nut,does anyone know what the name of the song,and the artists,when juanand claire was on there date and he played it for her tonight

  6. I think the most mature, caring & honest lady for Juan is Renee. She has been the one that has taken care of the ladies that were upset or fearful about this love precess. She cares about people. Renee would be a friend that I would love to have. Juan would be wise to choose Renee. If she’s not the one for Juan then she should be the next Bachelorette.

    • Renee!!!! I agree 100 percent. I love Renee and think she is absolutely the best choice(Andi being second best) for Juan. I think if Juan chooses Nikki or Claire he is being blind and/or superficial and will regret his choice in end. I can see Nikki and Claire both most likely to be the ones jealous of Juans relationship with Camilla and Carla (camilla’s mom). I see Renee as a mature, loving, REAL woman who would make Juan and Camilla very happy. If Juan not smart enough to see that than his loss and I would love to see Renee be next bachelorette.

  7. Thank goodness he dumps Clare, but she’s such a floozy. He should have picked Renee. Nikki looks like she’s about as much fun as a wet rag. Please. You really think Juan Pablo is going to pick someone he’s really going to marry?

  8. Oh and it’s only obvious he likes the ditzy easier to spread than warm butter blondes.

  9. Renee is the best choice. Sharleen is the most luscious, but not really a good fit with JP. Cassandra would have been great, but she is gone already. Nikki is a bust. Somehow, the picker on this program over most of the seasons seems to have strange criteria for the final choice, which may be why so few work out.

  10. Renee will be the next bachelorette. Clare is fake. Andi is just wrong. Nikki will “win”…. If that’s what you want to call it. I don’t think Juan Pablo is much of a catch without ABCs cash to back him up.

  11. Amy Stockton says:

    Renee should win. She is the most genuine person there. She has a child and is mother material. Clare is too flighty and fake.

  12. Yuck i really hope he dosent pick nikki she’s such a bitch!!!! I really wished it would of been andi she has it going on!!! If it is nikky it definitly wont last i give it till after the rose andvthere done!!!! I hope andi is the next bachlorette……

  13. I think Renee should be the winner. Nikki is a true person. Clare is so fake! The relationship will not last if it is Nikki or Clare. True colors will come out.

  14. Juan Pablo’s reaction to how hot he thought Nikki was when she got out of the limo in the first episode and then as she was walking away, was the giveaway for me. #FirstImpression

  15. OH MY GOSH YES! Nikki is the best choice! Clare was so fake and annoying, she’s manipulative and knew exactly what she was doing with the whole ocean debacle. Although Nikki could come off as rude, I think she just knew exactly what she wanted, she wasn’t there to make friends. It’s not like she went around back stabbing the girls and she was never an attention whore like Clare. She’ll also make a far better step-mom than Clare ever would be

  16. I don’t think Juan Pablo has much to offer than his looks, he really has nothing to say. He says one or two words and then goes into the kiss. But, if I had to pick, I’d say Andi for one and Clare second. Renee is pretty and nice but seems a bit old for him and Nikki seems too young. I just don’t think Charlene is a good fit, alittle stand offish or not really sure what it is…….

  17. Nikki is the sweetest and the best choice. Andi is the second pick.

  18. Nikki and jc are perfect for each other, both shallow selfish and immature. Jc wouldnt know what to do with a mature, real woman like renee or sharleen. The pot is right.

  19. Renee has emotional baggage and walks around with an insecure look that screams “feel sorry for me.” Looking into her eyes, you see pain, regret, sorrow, insecurity, and confusion. She has average looks, but an easy-going nature that suits JP. Realistically, Juan is not looking for a personality or someone to mother him. Her child is the only connection. And JP has never met the child. And therefore, there never was/is a connection. She should have never signed up considering the over-abundance of models/beautiful women who have no had children. Feeling sorry for her, he kept her around until the later stages for appearances. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a plant.

  20. I think Nikki is the best one for him. However, since it has been revealed just how shallow and self centered he is, I doubt they will last much longer than the final rose ceremony. Clare is a self centered attention whore and she is the one that started picking on Nikki, saying she it to young and immature to be a step mother. Hello? She is 26, loves kids and works as a pediatric nurse. Clare cuts hair!

  21. Clare was the one that should’ve been picked. I don’t think Nikki was the right choice. Anyway it was his choice and we can’t tell him who to pick. He picked who he thought should win.

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