Mar 11, 2013

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Who Wins The Bachelor 2013: Who Does Sean Pick?

Fans of The Bachelor 2013 cannot wait to find out who receives the final rose on tonight’s much-anticipated finale and we have all of the details on who wins before the episode even airs!

If you want to know who Sean picks between Lindsay and Catherine, we have all the details for you here. If you don’t want to know, we suggest you stop reading – there are major winner spoilers ahead!

Who Wins The Bachelor 2013?

If you’ve been asking yourself who Sean picks for the past few weeks but haven’t come to the point of searching for the spoilers until now, good job on waiting so long – I definitely couldn’t have done it. I searched for them back in January and realized Reality Steve had already posted the winner months before. Turns out, he was right again, and we have all of the winner spoilers below.

If I hadn’t read the spoilers well in advance of tonight’s finale, I might have a hard time predicting who would win. In fact, I think I might have thought whole-heartedly that it was Lindsay. For some reason, Catherine seems too weird and immature for Sean (not to mention the fact that she is much less likely to pack up and move to Sean’s city compared to Lindsay who said she’s ready to move whenever) but I guess I would have been wrong.

Turns out, Sean does pick Catherine on tonight’s finale and sends Lindsay home devastated. While we know who he picks, we don’t know the details of how everything goes down tonight. It’s rumored to be a regular final rose ceremony with each woman showing up separately and one being sent home.

Lindsay is expected to be on the After the Final Rose ceremony where I’m sure she’ll get some of the answers she’s been looking for.

Now that you know who Sean picks tonight, we have to ask: Do you think Sean and Catherine will get married?

  1. I do not think they will get married. He was too unsure right to the very end. That’s not love and it will never work.

  2. He should had picked Lindsay

  3. I think he picked Lindsay because she is the first one that he gave the rose all the time.

  4. Think sean is will announce he’s married

  5. Lyndsey should of been his pick

  6. He sould have picked lyndsey.
    Cathrine is not the right pick.
    Lyndsey is the prittiest.
    Cathrine not so much.
    I am so unhappy right now because
    of Sean’s pick. They were never meant
    Too be together. A blonde and a black headed
    Are not supposed too be together.

  7. I think that Katherine is going to get the final rosé and the ring bling bling

  8. Congratulations to Sean and Catherine. They deserve to be happy.o

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