Mar 12, 2012

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Who Wins The Bachelor 2012 Tonight? Find Out Now!

It’s just a few hours until The Bachelor 2012 finale kickoff and we have all the spoilers you need for tonight’s final episode!

It’s been a season full of drama and excitement and tonight we’ll all find out once and for all which lucky lady wins the heart of Bachelor Ben Flajnik.

Who Wins The Bachelor 2012 Tonight?

If you don’t want to know the outcomes before tonight’s episode, stop reading now – huge Bachelor spoilers ahead!

The girl that Ben picks on tonight’s finale is Courtney Robertson! I know most of you will be downright angry over Ben’s decision (and, trust me, I am too) but there’s nothing we can do about it. Ben proposes to Courtney tonight and she accepts. He sends Lindzi Cox home broken-hearted.

To make matters worse, Ben and Courtney will appear on the After the Final Rose Ceremony later tonight (it airs from 10 – 11pm) where they announce that they’re still together and engaged. Ughh! The After the Final Rose was only filmed a few weeks ago, so if they said they were happy then, they’re most likely still together  now.

Are you mad that Ben picks Courtney tonight?

Leave your comments below!

  1. Kortney wins Ben sukes he’s a b word wow

    • Ben is so stupid he deserve to be with courtney!!!i feel bad for lindzi but ben deserves what he gets for not listening to anyone but his d!ck

    • hes a dumbass

    • shaggy420 says:

      I think it was the stupidest decesion I’m very disappointed with ben wake up and smell the coffee dumb ass lol

  2. I SOOO wish that Ben chose Lindzi!! Lindzi was so sweet and I feel so bad for her! Yay for Courtney… she WON… >:(

  3. i soooo wish that lindzi won she was wayyy better than courtny she was UGLY!!!!!!! he will have a really bad awakining with cournty.>:(

  4. Just goes to show that when you are a slut you win the guys heart! (only because guys think with their crank!) and obviously NOT with their head!~ Hope karma bites her in the ASS!

  5. crimson red says:

    It was Courtney all along. When he first met her her said, “That is one beautiful women.” He didn’t say that about any other woman at the first rose ceramony! He loves her…who could want more than that. Yes, Lindzi is awesome, but he went with his heart. Good luck and make lots of babies Ben & Courtney!

  6. Carly hooper says:

    Courtney was the worst choice that Ben could possible pick she is mean and ugly and unpleasent to be around i really hope he has a hard life

  7. It is stupid if Kourtney wins – just goes to show that Ben gets what he deserves!


  8. im only 9,and i think it should be lindzi cox.courtry is a lier.

  9. Liz was the best choice!!!!!!!!

    Courtni is a freak or however you spell it!!

  10. the future for Ben & Courtney; none; it won’t work out. She’s a big fake; doesn’t care about others and knows how to play people. Stupid Ben. Sorry Lyndzi; will he call you? I think so.

  11. jane burrton says:

    the future for Ben & Courtney; none; Courtney is a big fake and treats people terribly. She was out to win and didn’t care about one person but herself. Sorry Lyndzi; will he call you? yep

  12. Im down right pissed courtney won ben was freaking stupid she is ugly n kinda goofy

  13. I really think it should of been Lindzi she was the better pick. Courtney was on the show just to make herself more famous and to act pretty on the show. She also just wants to win…. Lindzi is sweet pretty an glowing! It should of been her. Ben made a horrible mistake of choosing Courtney she won’t get along with other women. At dinners parties etc…… I wish he never ever sent home Kacie B!!! She was fantastic !!!!!!! I was so mad at him… I can’t explain how mad I am about him choosing Courtney! But Ben ia not very cute so I think they will fit because they r both strange… But still if Ben was strange he still deserved someone better like Lindzi!!!! Bens heart will be  before he knows it…

  14. The only winners in the season of the Bachelor, were all the ladies that Ben didn’t pick. His final two bachelorettes he had to choose from were so totally different. If I were Lindzi I would have felt so confused to be compared with Courtney’s character and morals.

  15. Ben what the HELL were you thinking?????? This will not work out call Lindzy and tell her that you made a Big Fat Mistake and that you were thinking with your LITTLE head and that you had a few minutes of insanety while you were banging Courtney She’s will be hard to get along with down the road dump her while you still can she’s going to go back to her X…

  16. MikeHunt69 says:

    I’m on the West Coast, but I didn’t want to wait for the show’s ending. (The biggest reason I’m watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette is because my girlfriend is a fan of the show.) I knew Ben would pick Courtney. True. She’s definitely a b!tch. However, being a b!tch, she’s probably great in bed, too, and Ben knows that. That’s why he picked her. Jenn is right. Most guys listen to their d!cks instead of their brain. Gotta give Courtney credit, though. She does give a good snow job.

  17. OMG how dare he pick courtney she is mean and annoying and if he wants someone to spend the rest of his life with it is so not courtney its linzi uuuuhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(

  18. what a dumbass

  19. dumbass dumbass dumbass

  20. how do you know who wins??

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