Feb 18, 2013

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Who Does Sean Pick on The Bachelor 2013: Winner News Here!

Are you gearing up for tonight’s much-anticipated episode of The Bachelor 2013 and asking yourself who Sean picks in the end? Don’t worry, you’re most definitely not alone. As each episode airs, the desire to learn more and more about the women left grows and fans start Googling answers to the questions they’ve been asking themselves all season.

At the top of that list: Who Does Sean Pick on The Bachelor 2013? And, more importantly, Are they Still Together?

Luckily, we have the answers to both of those questions here.

As we’ve been telling you all season, the final four going into tonight’s episode are AshLee, Desiree, Catherine and Lindsay. This year, it’s been a little more difficult to tell who Sean’s going to pick since he seems to have strong connections with a number of women. If I had to pick the top 2 going into tonight’s episode I would say Desiree and AshLee have the best chances of winning. And, I’d be wrong.

If you don’t want to know who Sean chooses this season, do not read any further. There are major winner spoilers ahead.

After tonight’s episode, fans will see Sean send Desiree home. I was obviously as shocked as anyone when I originally read those spoilers but after seeing the preview of Desiree’s hometown date, I think it’s obvious why she was sent home.

Next week, we’ll see Sean Lowe send home AshLee following the fantasy dates. That leaves Lindsay and Catherine as the two women attending the final rose ceremony.

At the final rose ceremony, fans will see Sean get down on one knee and propose to Catherine Giudici. Lindsay Yenter will be sent home broken-hearted (poor girl). According to several reputable sources, Catherine and Sean are still together and still engaged.

The only question left is: Of the final four women, who would you like to see become the next Bachelorette?

  1. i cant believe he chose cathrine i like her, but i think he would have been better off with ashlee or lindsey. i think that lindsey should be the next bacheloret

    • I like the general

    • He should have chose Ashlee. I believe he will have a hard time adjusting culturally to Catherine and her family in the long run. Catherine also said during the home visit to her sister “she would try it out”. Really?? That sounds committed!
      Getting married is not just about fun and games…that is not reality. It is about finding your soulmate and being mature and responsible and finding someone who can meet life’s challenges with you through it all.

  2. I can’t believe Sean sent home Desiree. I really thought he was going to sent Catherine home. I don’t like any of the girls now but I think he is better off with Ashlee rather than Lindsey or Catherine. If he really proposes to Catherine in the end I will be so mad!

  3. I’m really upset about Desiree & I’ve also Liked Ashlee from the beginning But Now we know who he picks..smh.. Maybe he picked Catherine because her Dad is all the way in China so he doesn’t feel any pressure by him?? I guess it’s His choice for his Happiness & not ours. Wishing them Both The Best Of Luck!!

  4. I like Catherine but Sean should have picked Ashlee. They seem like a cuter couple to me. Plus, Ashlee’s parents like Sean more than Catherine’s parents do.

  5. I’m shocked he sent home Desiree! I know her brother is a real prick and is crazy but there has to be more to why he sent her home than just her overreacting off in the head brother. But I just don’t see the chemistry between Sean and Catherine at all! Out of the remaining girls I see more chemistry with Sean and Lindsay.

  6. Yes! Catherine has been my favorite from the very beginning and for some reason, I knew he was gonna choose her. It doesn’t matter what her family thinks, they have so many similarities and they have a great time together. I’m happy for them!

  7. I hate him now cause he didn’t pick Lindsay!!!!! I loved her so much and she should be the next bachelorette! She also has all the qualities!! Hot. Smart, lovable, funny, sweet, easy to be yourself in front of

  8. Lyndsey should be the next Bachelorette. She has it all!

  9. Des’s brother was a threat that Sean knew he would have to deal with forever if they got married. Marriage is HARD enough without adding in nut-job family members. So since a choice had to be made, she got cut. I like Ashlee. She would of actually STAYED with him and you can tell she is genuine. They both connected so well on the date with the two young girls at the amusement park. My prediction is this….if he truly did pick Catherine, it was because she came across as exciting and fun and he was thriving on that. BUT after the honeymoon is over, and the happy pink cloud has left….and the TRUE everyday non-exciting marriage sets in, Catherine will show her true moods. Even her own family warned him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Catherine, but he would have been better off with Ashlee.

  10. PS I wanted to add that I am not saying Des’ brother is a nut-job, I do think he over reacted. But we are all entitled to our opinions/feelings as is he. But I do think he ruined it for her. I also think that Sean DOES not like being pranked. He likes being the prankster. But she got him good. Go Des!!! Ha ha

  11. Anita Alessi says:

    I think Lindsay should be the next Bachelorette. I believe that when it gets down to the last two the loser who become the next one. It heartbreaking to watch and they should get a second chance unless they’re a real jerk. Not the case here.

  12. I think the next Bachelorette should be Leslie…she was by far the most stable…cutest, and fun. How he ended up with the final four he did…I have no idea…

  13. I this Des should be the next Bachorlette. I love her. I think they were perfect with the exception of the crazy brother. But second pick is Lindsay. She’s just so much fun too.

  14. I think Desiree should be the next bachelorette, good grief this gal deserves a break. She is kind, she is adorable, she is honest, and she is willing to risk vulnerability. And she’s funny! We need a bachelorette with some personality. : )

  15. I think he should have picked Ashley also,either Asheley or Desiree should be the next bachelorette,but her brother might ruin something there too ,if I were her I would kill him,he should be ashamed of himself

  16. Alexandria Huntwork says:

    Lindsay should be the next bachelor! She was my favorite :)

  17. I think Sean’s heart is working here, we just see what they show us but according to insiders, Sean and Catherine talks and joke around off-camera. He has more chemistry with Catherine more than others.

  18. That’s who I would have picked. She’s a beauty.

  19. Love lindsay

  20. I can’t believe he picks catherine. She is fun and pretty, but i really don’t think there is a better girl for him than AshLee. She is gorgeous, shares his religious beliefs, she just loves him and would be a great wife, she is honest and i feel her parents got along best with Brad. I really thought AshLee and Lindsey would be the one. I hope AshLee is the next Bachelorette.I think she deserves it after all she has been through and the wonderful woman she is. She was also the first to tell Brad she loved him. Hope Brad and Catherine are happy and have a beautiful life together.

    • Shawn is foolish. Ashlee was clearly the best choice. Truth is. Shawn picked Seattle over Texas not Catherine over Ashlee. Its the truth I feel deep in my core. Ashlee was clearly the better choice. Catherines family was weird.

  21. i think he should have picked lindsey she is sweet fun an they were perfect for each other i wanted the final tow to be the same but i wanted lindsey to win out of them two

  22. Whether its the Bachelor or Bachelorette why does it always seem that the ones that are the best fit are the ones sent home. Catherine is nice. I have nothing against her but she should be number 4 on the list. It always seems that the ones that we as an audience see as the least compatable are the grand winners. Ashlee is so sincere and truly loves him. Why doesnt he see that. She is so honest and means every word she says. SEAN…YOUR THE BIGGEST BONEHEAD IVE SEEN IN THIS SHOW YET. Good luck!. I give you 6 months.

  23. What a fool! He sent the best girl home; that was Des. Really people……. AshLee was almost as stupid as Tierra. Lindsey is not a good fit and Catheribe…..really? Fool!

  24. how can he be engaged to catherine when he was about to send her home, but sent des home instead. the whole thing is fixed and prescrioted.

  25. I had a feeling it was going to be Catherine but I was really hoping it would be Ashlee. She has been my favorite from the beginning, so I hope she’s the next Bachlorette.

  26. I ReALLY think ASHLEE should be the next bachelorette. She allowed him to break through her walls and now as a result to breaking her heart, she has probably recemented them back up again, but this time even more solid. Poor girl, she was the most sincere and i was really convinced he would pick her. To be honest, i dont even want to watch anymore.

  27. I feel so bad for ashley she was clearly the right person for sean .. I don’t see him and cathrine making it !! Ash lee let him in and I just knew this time she was the one for him !


  29. I think he should have picked Ashlee or Des… They were the best two in my eyes. I think he is going to regret picking immature Catherine!!!!

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