Feb 12, 2013

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Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on The Bachelor 2013: Winner Spoilers!

Are you watching The Bachelor 2013 and wondering who Sean picks at the end of it all? You’re not the only one. This is the single most popular question this season (and every season, for that matter) and we have all of the exclusive details for you here.

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on The Bachelor 2013?

If  you don’t want to know who Sean picks, don’t read any further. We’re about to reveal the winner this season!

As some of you may or may not know, after tonight the four remaining women are Catherine, Lindsay, Desiree and AshLee. We’ve been telling you this all season and now you know we’re right (via Reality Steve, obviously).

Next week, Desiree will be sent home after hometown dates and AshLee will follow after the fantasy date episode. The final two this sesaon are Lindsay and Catherine. At the final rose ceremony, Sean will get down on one knee and propose to Catherine. Poor Lindsay will be sent home devastated and upset.

Are you surprised to hear that Sean picks Catherine this season? Do you think they’ll last?

  1. He should go with his first instinct Tierra. She is his true love!!!

  2. Tirrea…. She is for Sean!

  3. I agree, Sean go get her back! she is the prettiest and Perfect for You!!!

  4. I think it’s a great thing!!! I wish them more Blessing on their Journey!!!!

  5. No Tierra was drama and she would not like him to have friends that he already have . She was not his match…… It was just a matter of time. He did the right thing . Got rid of the drama… Catherine is awesome!!!!! Like I said before my God bless them!!!!

  6. Tiera caused most of the other girls to go home… Drama, drama, drama, is all that she caused! Sean deserves someone better than Tierra anyhow.

  7. im glad that he picked freaking cathrine i didnr like the rest of thoes hoes anyway haha. jk i really like that one chick robin

  8. Catherine is sweet..but i see no connection. Teirra i believe

    • ewww TIERRA!?!?!? she wasnt even there for the right purposes, she didn’t even care about sean. An that right what he said “Don’t choose a girl who doesn’t like other girls:)” Catherine is gunna win!!

    • Anthony says:

      From a guys point of view Tierra is a bitch…….

  9. Tierra all the way!!!!!

  10. Catherine seems like a phony

  11. Detectorette says:

    This season has been unusual for me, as most of the time there have been few contestants I’d recommend to anyone. However, there were so many normal and deceent gals with great qualities, and that was great. Tierrasaurus Rex finally left, and it was like the show finally got a biopsy and had her surgically removed. I wish her well, but she has serious issues to resolve if she wants to function in a healthy relationship.

    I have put more thought than usual into guessing who would make F2 or win, as there are so many worthy contestants. Sean has an even, positive temperament, and I have observed that these are qualities he seriously needs in a partner. For some, opposites attract; but for Sean, drama completely drains him. In the end, I thought that he would do best with Catherine, actually. I thought Des would make F2. She would make an awesome companion to him; her low point could be that he could get bored with her if she does not stimulate him intellectually the way Leslie did and Ashley and Catherine could. I think Leslie and Ashley both would be amazing wives for someone, even for Sean; but the relationship with each of them would be more intricately developed. Ashley would need someone willing to be reassuring, though I think with a faithful and caring husband, she would flourish and be an amazing partner. Leslie is a rational mind and hides her deep emotions; Sean totally misread her. She would have kept him so happy. But I think Catherine also has a personality and handles her emotional world in a way that suits Sean. Like Lindsey, she has a very warm and playful side. As the show has gone on, my regard for her has zoomed. I think she is a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope the best for the two of them, and I am not unhappy that she was picked. I could see him having a great life with her, Leslie, Ashley or Desiree. Though after seeing Desiree’s father hating him so much in that commercial… that really sucked. I would not want to deal with that if I didn’t have to. Can’t blame the dad, though. *One reason I think the parents seem to react so much this season is the gals are of higher caliber, and they have actually been raised by caring responsible parents. Who actually see the farcical nature of this show: In an age where women care so much about not being treated poorly, this show is actually a dude with a ready-made harem. Think about it: “I willingly sign up for a 96% chance of having my heart broken. I willingly will suck face with someone who may be sucking face with 10 other women. Just because the goal is to find one, with minimal exposure. I will be so desperate to find love that I will get paid to try to pretend I don’t care that there are 20 women in this room and only one guy.” None of this normal. I love that the girls this season are so nice and true and strong. I love that Sean is a family man that wants what his parents have. I hate that the show says it supports finding true love, but the design of the show often weeds out the most healthy candidates: They, like Desiree’s father, know that it’s pretty sick to have someone asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage while he is making out with and considering marrying 3 other women as well. Seriously? Yet we watch it. As far as contestants go, I think Sean has a good heart and so do the contestant s who are left, so of course, I wish them all success.

  12. I think he sent home some girls he should of kept and left Tierra at the door 4 shows ago. Lindsay at this point would be his best choice, but word has it its Catherine.

    Who knows.. half the time they dont last anyway Thats Reality!

    • Ashley is the best one. she is older and wiser .ready to settle down.i have thought that from the begining

    • Do you still think that AshLee was the best after The Women Tell All? I think that she was lieing on national television to make herself look better. Perhaps, she thought that she was trying out to be the next Bachelorette?

  13. I think he shouldve pick desiree!!

    • Me too! I wish he would have kept Desiree. Who cares that her brother is a jerk. Sean should have kept Desiree so he could have chosen her in the end. then proved her brother wrong.

  14. my pick was ashlee…but if not catherine..so i guess is not that bad altough it’s true i dnt see much chemistry there i doubt they’ll make it to the altar…altough from the start i saw catherine as one of the prettier ones

  15. What bridal stylist can afford to buy or rent a home like Desiree was in? That had to be fake. I like seeing the parents homes because that has alot of meaning of upbringing except if it’s an RV.

  16. I’m partial to Catherine since she is half Filipino, and my Husbandis Filipino..He is an awesome spouse!!! Go for it Sean!!! Tell her Mihal Kita.(I love you in Tagalog)

  17. I think Sean is still making a big mistake. Katherine is to young for him and I haven’t heard her discuss a family and when. She is career oriented and he is family oriented. Also he has a very religious background and he better be questioning that with her. To much youth here. Why can’t he get his own woman without going on the Batchelor? Good lookin, successful. well educated, come on folks this is a fake.

  18. colleen says:

    It will never work ..its a joke

  19. I thought he was going to pick Lindsey.

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