Jan 29, 2013

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Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on The Bachelor 2013: Spoilers Here!

The 2013 season of The Bachelor is well on it’s way and if you’re asking yourself who Sean Lowe picks this year, you’re not alone. Millions of people from all over the world are asking themselves the same question – and the good news is, we have the answer for you here!

If you don’t want to know what happens this season, do not read any further, there are huge winner spoilers ahead.

So, I’ll start by saying that this season is very different from any other season in the past. I’ve watched the show every season since it’s started and never have I ever seen the winner get so little air time for so long.

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on The Bachelor 2013?

I’m going to reveal the winner but don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize the name. Sean Lowe picks Catherine Giudici. I know what you’re thinking: “Who the hell is Catherine?” I asked myself the same question. Easily put, she’s the one girl in the house who’s had next-to-no airtime.

The only significant amount of airtime she’s had has been a short one-on-one conversation she had with Sean where she told him that she’s vegan but she “loves the beef.” Classy.

Besides that, we’ve seen Sean and Catherine together very little compared to many of the other girls (like Desiree, Lesley and Tierra).

If Sean is really that interested in Catherine why hasn’t he tried to spend more time with her? She doesn’t get a one-on-one date until next Tuesday’s episode (yes, there will be two episodes of The Bachelor next week – Monday at 8 and Tuesday at 9)!

Do you think Sean and Catherine will last (or is it too early to know, considering we’ve seen nothing of her so far this season)?


  1. This has to be the worst Batchelor ever….who would want him… He is incredibly selfish,boorish, and a bully, making these desperate woman do things they hate and do not want to do… It is pathetic to watch.

  2. Ariza Ahmad says:

    I don’t think these girls should be put in the situation – the physical activity e.g. the roller derby. Not everyone are tough that way and prepared for such activity. I felt sorry for some of them. It’s just not fair and the girls could get hurt. In fact one of them did, and was taken to see the dr. The only one smart thing Sean did so far was to call off the roller derby competition and just take it easy with the group after Amanda fell.

  3. Imagine jumping from 36 storey building and Climbing a Cliff for a guy who is kissing and making out with 25 other woman right in front of ur eyes

  4. Just because you haven’t seen much of Catherine doesn’t mean they haven’t spent that much time together. ABC may choose to edit out more quality one-on-one time they have shared during rose ceremony cocktail parties. ABC has a habit of not showing much of the “winner” up front in the beginning to completely throw of the viewer. Just because they are overly emphasizing the drama and showing more of the other ladies doesn’t mean that represents Sean’s feelings at the time. He could have spoke more about Catherine during his private camera interviews as well…but the producers want to withhold those scenes and just overly expose Catherine later on as the show progresses. Don’t be fooled by editing. What you see isn’t always how it went down.

  5. I like cathrine. but I think Ashley would be best for sean!!!!!!!

  6. Sean is a very active and adventurous guy, so that needed to be reflected in his dates if he is going to pick the right lady for himself. I don’t think he’s a bully for that at all. He would be stupid not to have made sure the women the women he picked were equally active and adventurous. I think Lindsay is the best fit for him. AshLee is too intense and controlling for him, and I think Catherine might not be ready to settle down in the same way Sean is ready. My votes on Lindsay all the way!!

  7. AZINFERNO69 says:

    Linsey should be picked. She seems like she wouldn’t mind putting on a jersey, grabbing you a cold beer from the fridge and sucking your dick while you watch some football. Catherine seems like the type to say, “Take off that stupid jersey, its not my team! You get your own beer, and you suck your own dick, I don’t do that shit!” My pic is Linsey for sure!!!

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