Feb 25, 2013

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Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on The Bachelor 2013 Finale?

Teh countdown to the Bachelor 2013 finale is on! And we’re here to answer the most popular question of the season: Who does Sean Lowe choose in the end?

Don’t worry, if you’ve been asking yourself this question over and over the past few weeks, you’ve come to the right place. We can exclusively reveal (via Reality Steve, of course) who gets the final rose this season, who’s sent home broken-hearted tonight and who gets the tearful limo ride home after the final rose ceremony.

So, let’s get to it. If you don’t want to know what happens the rest of the season, we encourage you to stop reading now – there are major winner spoilers ahead!

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on The Bachelor 2013 Finale?

There are three amazing women left heading into tonight’s episode: AshLee Frazier, Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici. The field will be narrowed tonight after tonight when Sean sends AshLee home after the overnight fantasy dates. According to several sources, AshLee is too heartbroken and upset to even talk to Sean after he makes his decision and they won’t talk until The Women Tell All episode which will air next week (but was just filmed recently).

That leaves Lindsay and Catherine heading into the final rose ceremony. As it stands right now, anyone watching who hadn’t read the spoilers is probably thinking Lindsay has it in the bag. Apparently, tonight we’re going to see some major chemistry between Catherine and Sean and Catherine actually ends up being the women Sean picks in the end – and proposes to!

Catherine says yes and it’s believed that the two are as happy now as they were on the day Sean proposed (unlike Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson who had already broken up and gotten back together before the After the Final Rose Ceremony aired).

Now that you know who Sean chooses, tell us, do you think Sean and Catherine will make it down the aisle?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. catherine is too fake

    • yes she is

    • How do you know if someone is fake? If you watched the first part of their boat ride date, listen to what the’ve talked about their issues. Please give their relationship a chance, that was irresponsible comment.

  2. I totally think Cat and Sean make the best couple. Two very real people in love with each other and life!

  3. Yes , they are a beautiful and great couple <3 Cant wait to see their kids <3

  4. I felt the same way. Real and genuine. Hope they last.Im really happy for sean.

  5. Catherine is so immature & giddy for Sean. The other two women really loved Sean. Catherine won’t even say that. I think Catherine is the only one that slept with Sean.The other women would be a better choice. Their families are more suitable with Seans.

  6. In my opinion he made a big mistake.

  7. I love Lindsay! Cat is a big mistake :(

  8. I think he should have kept Des. I think they were a great fit. Other than her brother, but we all don’t have perfect families. I am sure his isn’t all perfect either. My second choice would have been AshLee.

  9. Gale Landig says:

    I think he should choose Lindsey. Catherine is to childish and goofy.

  10. In all honesty, I don’t think any of the final girls are right for him. He should keep looking.

  11. Kelly Snyder says:

    Catherine is very giddy and immature. Between the two ladies Lindsay was more his type. I think Cats family will mooch off of Sean too.

  12. Brittany Wilson says:

    In my opinion he should have sent Catherine home and kept Ashlee.
    Since he didn’t, I wanted him to choose Lindsay. Catherine is too immature
    and goofy for him. I think he made a HUGE mistake.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think Sean should of picked Des, she was perfect for him! Cat is way too childish for him and she will dump him any minute. Des and him had the perfect relationship. He made a huge mistake when he sent her home and made an even bigger mistake when he chose Cat..

  14. Sean should have chose Des or Ashlee but since he didn’t Lindsay would be the best of the final 2 ! Catherine is a goof, laughing all the time….get real girl.
    Her family didn’t even really like Sean and I do think they will try to use Sean to buy them things!

  15. Michaelia says:

    Obviously everyone that have just made negative comments about Catherine have very sad souls.
    Someone who is goofy and loves to laugh is a lively, free spirited, easy going, go getter, fun girl
    that none of you may not know a lot about. Suprisingly guys, it’s one of the keys of a great relationship and I see them both going all the way.

    Go team Catherine

  16. bachelor follower says:

    Sean seems to be very capable in determining what he wants and the one who would be the most suitable. It certainly would not be AshLee who seems so controlling, intense and confrontational. Catherine seems to be more carefree, though she appears giddy, she can be serious and knowledgeable with maturity. AshLee who continues to harbor on her early childhood issues, still has not grown up. In some ways she still holds negative feelings even though she had the greatest caring parents. She needs to grow up.

  17. Patricia says:

    I think Sean will not ask anyone. I think he will go back after the show and reconnect with the woman he truly connected with, that was let go earlier. Just saying…

  18. I feel catherine is imature,when the fun and excitment is over she will be done. I do not think she is ready to consider children. Her own family felt the same.

  19. Sean had some great girls to choose from – Catherine is a great combination – super intelligent, fun, sincere and loving. Wishing them the best in life!

  20. jackieSue says:

    I don’t like either girl for Sean. I think he should have picked Desiree. She will be the new bachlorette so hopefully she can find someone but i think Sean messed up not picking her. Hopefully this will work out for him.

  21. catherine and sean is so real! they look so cute together, and they have a beautiful spark together! ashley is a biatch! im glad sean didnt pick her. lindsay is ok too, she is a cutie too., but i think catherine and sean is the best,they look so happy, and you can see how happy sean is when she is around catherine.

  22. I think Sean should pick Lindsay. Catherine is too goofy.

  23. Love to watch Bachelor says:

    So he picks Cat, not sure they’ll make it, but Lindsey should be the next bachelorette. She’s adorable and so ready to settle and get married. Sean hadn’t found his Mrs. Right yet, so I don’t think Cat will last.

  24. this is all a lie you never know who he is going to pick and lindsy is perfict for him but we all never know who it might be lord please let it be lindsy pleaseeee !!!! :)

  25. Des. He should have picked her. she seemed way more suitable for him….but they always make you think the bachelor should pick someone other than he does…thats TV

  26. Des was perfect. He made a huge mistake but it isn’t to late

  27. Hippo lover says:

    Hippos are awesome

  28. berniegirl says:

    why was the part cut out were he went and visit the girls families?? I did see previews and looks like he was getting a real blasting from their families.

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