Jan 28, 2014

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Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on The Bachelor 2014: Winner Sparks Controversy!

It’s the single most popular question on every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and the Juan Pablo’s season is no exception. From the very first week to the final rose ceremony, fans of the show are constantly searching to find out who the lead picks before the final episode airs.

Thanks to spoiler king, Reality Steve, finding out who Juan Pablo picks is easier than you might think. While many of you continue to ask me how he could possibly know who’s picked before the finale airs, the facts remain: he has his behind-the-scene sources which he’ll never reveal – and he’s been right too many times to deny his authenticity.

So let’s get right to the fun stuff, shall we?

Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on The Bachelor 2014?

By this point in the season, everyone has their favorites. Some of you like Renee, some like Nikki and a lot of you like Andi. I’d say Clare was a frontrunner heading into last week’s episode but after her cryfest at the poolside cocktail party, I’d say she lost a few points with viewers. So where do these women stand when it comes to the breakdown of the rest of the season? You’ll be happy to know that Juan Pablo keeps most of these favorites in the final four – but only one woman is lucky enough to receive the final rose.

Now, when I tell you who Juan Pablo picks in the end, you might be pleasantly surprised. However, according to many sources, your feelings may change in the upcoming weeks. While this woman has seemed like a doll so far, her true colors are about to be revealed (starting tonight) and we’re going to see a quick change of heart with fans. After the next few episodes, everyone will have grown to really dislike the woman Juan Pablo picks in the end – which, obviously, makes for great television.

So, who am I talking about? Who receives the final rose this season? That would be Nikki Ferrell – the cute nurse who’s been relatively quiet so far this season. JP picks her on the finale but doesn’t propose to her at the final rose ceremony.

As for the remainder of the final four, the breakdown goes like this: Clare is the other member of the final two and she’ll be sent home brokenhearted at the final rose ceremony. Andi Dorfman makes it to the final three but asks to go home after the fantasy dates because she doesn’t feel a connection with Juan Pablo (yes, apparently it took her that long to figure it out). The other member of the final four is Renee but, unfortunately, she gets sent home at the rose ceremony following the hometown dates.

Now that you know who Juan Pablo picks – and now that you’re starting to see ┬áher true colors – let us know if you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will ever make it down the aisle…

  1. Juan r u gay you sure dress like it and you act like your gay

  2. Juan pablo I think ur cute but I honestly think u r just thinking about urself and are on the show juat to have fun.u need to seriously grow up

    • Michelle says:

      Pablo, I don’t think deserves either one of them, why? Because he thinks of nothing but himself and knows nothing about these woman all he says is “It’s ok”. Pablo doesn’t know their religion, what they like to eat, how they want to raise their kids, beliefs (politics, race, history, Christian belief and etc.), what kind of home or area they want to live in, how many kids they want. This is why I said he is only thinking of himself.

      Both couples should respect each other and before getting into a relationship should get to know each other deeply by asking all these questions. 10 to 1 Pablo is Catholics and both women are either Baptist, Methodist or something else; he will expect them to switch because of his daughter and if it was me I would not change my religion. I believe a child should be spanked until they reach the age of 14 years old and then punished by taking away all electronics away or a car. I believe my Bible (woman wear long hair, no make up, no piercing, no tattoos, we are not the judge only our Lord, I believe in turning the other cheek, I believe in loving all people (neighbors, race), forgive your enemy, Politics I don’t believe in voting for someone I think that will hurt this country and is not a Christian or not from this country (they must have experience too).
      Pablo has not got to know these women and if a couple does not get to know each other and just jumps into a relationship without asking questions then go get married you have a divorce.

      That is why our divorces are so HIGH today because no one takes the time to get to know each other.

      Clare is hot to trot and if Pablo marries her because she is hot to trot he will not just be messing with her because I feel he is Playboy, having fun with other women, flirting and Clare will walk and divorce him.

      They have had a bachelorette that divorced a Bachelor before.

  3. The only girls worth his time are Andi and Chelsie!! Chelsie is so playful, happy, and fun. She has lots of experience with kids. Andi is smart and can joke around with Juan Pablo. She’s a strong female role model.

    Nikki may be appealing because she’s a pediatric nurse but I think there’s a reason she cares for babies and not grown people. She’s shown herself to be negative and selfish. I can’t stand how she treats the other girls.

    In group settings like this, a munipulative attention-seeking girl like Clare does well. Juan Pablo needs to see what he’s actually looking for is there but not in Clare, Nikki, or anyone besides Chelsie and Andi.

  4. I so badly wanted to know who Juan Pablo was going to choose, and now knowing that it’s Nikki makes me not even want to watch the show anymore.
    She’s such a negative person and the clear definition of a two face. I thought he would go for maybe Sharleen (even though she’s a little awkward) they looked so cute together :(

    • Juan is cute! It’s crazy how men can be blinded by women’s games. Nikki is just as ceiling as vienna. Attention seeker. Too bad it’s a game to her.

  5. Juan u ugly fagit, playr i dunz lik u lol. Get life fagit

  6. Dick Tremblay says:

    Funny– the power of marketing….. In the show where he was one of the 25 bachelors, he was nothing more than background noise. Now, someone decided to make him some kinda Latin hunk and everyone is supposed to be giddy over him. At the end if the day he’s an unemployed spik looser. If Nikki is a real woman with a real job and real ambitions…. He’s toast!!!

  7. As already said, JP was one of 25 on Des season and we loved this single dad
    Too much of JP is not a good thing as we see him as a bachelor together. He’s
    Got tons of game and quite the player . He’s not serious about looking for a wife.
    He can just hire and nanny and keep playing the field

  8. I knew he was going to pick Nikki. I saw Sean and Catherines wedding and she was there. They briefly had the camera on her. Not a good pick. She is really FAKE..like Juan Pablo. This show sucks.

  9. Theresa Hope says:

    Nikki is the greatest. Of course she wants the man she is falling for. And a lot of the women in the house are not the greatest people. She is hard working, sincere, loves kids, and has great integrity!

  10. the worst bachelor season EVER
    should have picked someone more mature

  11. I think JP is a player but who isn’t?! As far as all the other men you’re just jealous because he’s so good looking and knows how to play. Really who in the hell falls in love in a couple of weeks?! He’s a LATIN HUNK!!! So quit HATING!

  12. Pick nikie because she is sexy! And your a great guy:)

  13. Sharon Harris says:

    I think he going to walk away he is a player he played had fun and now time to go home o his lier.fe and daughter.

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