Jan 14, 2014

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Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on The Bachelor 2014: Winner Shocker!

Who Juan Pablo picks on this season of The Bachelor is one of the most popular questions in the media right now. Everyone wants to know who ends up getting the final rose and, perhaps more importantly, who’s the woman left broken-hearted at the final rose ceremony.

For those of you looking for winner spoilers for the 2014 season, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the details on who Juan Pablo picks, who’s left devastated at the final rose ceremony and which woman pulls a Brooks and decides to voluntarily leave with just a few days left in the season.

Okay, let’s go!

As always, if you don’t want to know what happens this season, do not read any further. There are major spoilers ahead!

Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on The Bachelor 2014?

We’ll get right to the good stuff: The woman who Juan Pablo chooses at the final rose ceremony this season is the nurse, Nikki Ferrell. I know what you’re probably thinking: Why is that so shocking? She seemed so nice on last week’s premiere. And maybe that’s true but, according to multiple sources, Nikki turns out to be this season’s villain (think Courtney Robertson) and, by the end, we’ll all wish he didn’t give her that rose. Is Nikki an actual b-tch? Will they even edit her that way if she was? Those are questions I can’t answer. Only time will tell.

So now you’re wondering who else made the final four – and which poor girl didn’t get a rose at the final rose ceremony. The other three women in the final four this season are Renee (the single mom), Andi (the prosecutor) and Clare (the one whose dad left her a DVD for her future husband before he died). Renee is eliminated after hometown dates and Andi leaves voluntarily after fantasy dates (not exactly sure why she leaves at this point). Clare is the unlucky woman who doesn’t receive a rose at the final rose ceremony. Here’s hoping she didn’t give Juan Pablo that DVD.

Now that you know how the season reportedly plays out, let us know what you think. Do you think Juan Pablo makes a mistake picking Nikki?

Let us know in the comment section below!

  1. These shows are all rigged and choreographed.
    Anyone that thinks these are real are fools.
    They do many cuts and takes and tell the women to cry or to say something else based on ratings. The basket cases are there on purpose.
    In the end, Juan Pablo can pick who he really likes the most, yes, but it is so phony that both are simply doing it to advance their careers.

    All guests are under heavy contract and even opening their mouth will result in them being ruined and financially bankrupt, however, leaks from camera men and others do happen.

  2. Clare should have won!

  3. The show may be rigged to some extent but some Psycho-Sociology can be learned from it such as, THAT many so called wholesome females being okay with the man they supposedly may wish to marry being tactile with all or any? This is telling w.r.t. their mindset which is, competing is huge with many of them yet over and above their CAREER enhancement meaning MONEY is the key reason they are there. That being said is a pretty sad indicator for beautiful high maintenance women. From a physical point of view with also a deceased father thrown in whom she obviously adored, Claire is incredibly irresistible however, why does she ONLY style men’s hair as a “Specialist”? Makes one wonder if she with her 10/10 looks would be loyal? Juan to me plays almost to the point of seemingly Cons ALL of these women to the point of being Unreal. Does he ever change his tone of voice ever? He seems to me not genuine. I’d choose Claire but not in a setting like The Bachelor but in total privacy as it should be. Enjoy the Psycho-Sociology semi-rigged or not. I can’t understand why the final results would be shared online though IF this is true. Nikki loves kids but her often looking away from Juan and non-smooth vocals would drive her away from me. Sharlene is no match for him at all; she is Career bent as an Artist who often live for their Art first and foremost and so being a pseudo-mother, NO. Rene would be his best choice cuz she has a child as does he and perhaps Nikki second best whereas Claire would find his girl an intrusion.

  4. I think it should have been Renee. But if it’s rigged then he will eventually will end up with his ex girlfriend /baby momma .

    • At first, I thought Juan Pablo was great but after watching him in action for a few weeks, I now see him as more immature. I think he struggles between being a playboy and wanting to be a model dad and I doubt he’s mature enough to choose the latter. Run away Nikki. You are too good for him.

  5. Why didn’t he choose Clare?

  6. Elvia McKenzie says:

    I was really shocked he didn’t pick Renee. Renee was real and sincere.
    Clair is too jealous which would not be good for Camilla and her mom.
    And Nikki is too negative!! Good luck Juan Pablo! Bad choice you made.
    Renee might of not been something you could show off, but her heart was gold!

  7. Susan Ellington says:

    I am disappointed in Juan Pablo. I think he is arrogant, pompas, and just in it for a show. Renee was the perfect one for him. She would have made a wonderful step mother for Camelia. Shame on you, Juan Pablo!

  8. Hey guys
    This is entertainment! I would actually like to see this show in a reality version but it’s about ratings and nothing more! Let’s see,,, no one interviews these girls or guys after the show, so figure it out!
    This show is a staged soap opera that I watch on a regular basis, trying to decide who’s gonna win, based on the worst possible result. There are quite a few girls and guys that are led to believe that there will be a chance at finding someone and they pay rather dearly for trusting this system with their feelings . But lets face it,,,they signed up!

  9. Kimberly says:

    Hey everyone,
    I know this is probably a show or soap opera. But if we’re real is good that he didn’t pick Claire first of all because she is a jealous freak and a person who likes to take control and you can see it on the show. But he picked Nikki, which is good but good luck to you girl. Juan Pablo is just too much and if I were there I would’ve left that show the second he started being him. He tries to much into trying to show the world he’s a good model dad but truly he ain’t. Maybe that’s part of the reason why his ex girlfriend left him. And I do believe he is just there to pump up his career. I really didn’t like this show this season!

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