Jan 6, 2014

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Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on The Bachelor 2014 (Spoilers): Find Out Now!

Bachelor season is back in full swing and we could not be more excited about the 2-night season premiere event starting tonight! We realize that the season hasn’t even started yet but we already ┬áhave all the details on who Juan Pablo chooses this season – and how viewers are going to feel about his final choice!

Reality Steve is back at work this season and promises to deliver spoilers that are more accurate than the ones he shared with fans last season (when he reported that Desiree picked Brooks when, in fact, she picked Chris in the end). The silver lining with Steve’s wrong ending last season is that no one can be sure what’s going to happen on the finale episode, which creates a little more excitement as we watch throughout the season.

Regardless of his errors last season, Steve is reporting the winner of this season and, if you want to know who takes home the final rose this season, keep on reading!

As always, if you don’t want to know what happens this season, stop reading now – there are huge spoilers ahead!

Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on The Bachelor 2014?

This will be the million dollar question that will be searched millions of times throughout the season. According to Reality Steve, the woman who receives the final rose this season is Nikki Ferrell. Nikki is the beautiful blonde, 25-year -old nurse. Despite her outer beauty, it is being reported that Nikki isn’t exactly the most beautiful person on the inside. In fact, many reports are already claiming that Nikki is as hated among the girls in the house as Courtney Robertson was when she was competing for Ben’s heart on his season of The Bachelor.

Hopefully, this isn’t the case, as many of us were hoping for a true love story for Juan Pablo this season.

After watching tonight’s premiere, do you think there’s a good chance that Juan Pablo picks Nikki – and do you think she’s going to be as awful as everyone is reporting?

Sound off in the comment section below!

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  1. I love Nikki! She is truly the perfect mate for Juan Pablo! Her love for children speaks and rings the most true based on the profession she chose! HELLO! I do not believe the lies spin about her by jealous housemates. Look at who is always trashing and bashing eryone; it’s Clare! Always snarky and catty and creating ugliness in the house. The Village Idiot is able to recognize that! Nikki’s family is solid, kind, supportive and down to earth. No BS and no drama. This is a solid great girl, from a great family, with great values, from the heartland of the country. Nikki walks away from the group because she does not want to trash and bash the other girls. Trashing and smack-talking seems to be Clare’s favorite thing to do. She is a pediatric nurse for one reason and one reason only; she has a big heart and loves children. When all the lights and cameras fade to black and all the drama is set aside, the only thing that is true and revealing about anyone is what they choose as their passion in their professional life; that is where their truth lies and their heart lives!

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