Feb 24, 2014

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Who Does Juan Pablo Pick On The Bachelor 2014? Is He Engaged (Spoilers)?!?

Tonight is the much-anticipated hometown date episode of The Bachelor 2014 and fans can’t wait to see which ladies move onto the final three and which unlucky girl is sent home tonight. If you’re looking for Bachelor spoilers, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the details on who goes home tonight as well as who makes it to the final two and, most importantly, who Juan Pablo chooses in the end.

As always, if you don’t want to know what happens in the coming weeks, stop reading now – there are major winner spoilers ahead!

Now, let’s kick things off!

Who Does Juan Pablo Pick On The Bachelor 2014? We’ll start  by letting you know who goes home tonight, followed by who gets sent home next week and then who makes it to the final rose ceremony. Tonight, we’ll see Renee get eliminated at the rose ceremony after Juan Pablo finally meets her son, Ben. This will be devastating for Renee (and she’s such a sweetheart) but I think we can all agree that there was no real connection between Renee and Juan (plus, Renee can probably do better :) ).

Next week, as last week’s previews hinted, it is Andi Dorfman that goes home. She voluntarily leaves after something erupts on her fantasy date and she can’t stand to be near Juan Pablo anymore. That leaves Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley as the final two this season. Now, viewers seem to be divided on whose side they’re on when it comes to Clare and Nikki (personally, if we had to choose, we’d choose Nikki’s side but it’s really picking the worst from the worst at this point). Anyways, in the end it’s Nikki that receives the final rose. She’s the one Juan Pablo picks on the finale episode.

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Engaged? As of right now, Juan Pablo and Nikki are not engaged. He did not propose to her on the finale. He may, however, propose to her on the ATFRC – but only time will tell if that will happen. There’s no word on why JP decided not to propose but, if I had to guess, I’d say it had something to do with Nikki getting to know Camila and Carla a bit more before taking that step.

Now that you know what happens this season, tell us, are you happy with the way things play out in the end?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Hope Renee is the next bachelorette. Hate Clare. Like Nikki

  2. He should have picked Claire

  3. I want renee to be the next bachelorette, she is the nicest and most sincere person.

  4. Renee is evil. So is Claire. Wish it was Renee

  5. I really liked Renee I feel sad for her, I cannot stand Claire or Nikki!! Claire is on the show just for television publicity, nikki is way too young to even think about becoming a stepmother to Juan Pablos daughter nevermind a wife she just seems like a baby all in herself! I really like Andi I wish that he would pick her, but if it came down to it in the end tween clear and Nikki I would have to choose neither I would probably pick Chris Harrison lol

  6. Juan Pablo is to HOT for these silly girls not women at all gate Nikki and Clare wish he would have kept Renee. He needs to stay single still he deserves better!!!

  7. I like Renee but she did have a kid and since he had a kid too, it’s better that he picks one
    Without a kid. There were so many that were much better than Nikki or Clair . Of the last three, andi
    Would have been my choice. The other two were fake and I know it’s a hard situation and they are
    There to win. They both acted like high school girls who it was all about them. Drama, drama , drama. Lol but that’s what the show is all about. Kept people entertained. By the way I have a friend who
    Is 50. Is that to old to be on the bachelor?

  8. I think he should have picked Renee. Ben would be a great son and Renee is mature enough to be a great Mom to both. It’s not to late for Juan Pablo change his mind,

  9. I’m sad to see Renee go, she was my favorite. But since JP obviously can’t see how great she is then he doesn’t deserve her. If she is the next bachelorette I would watch that season for sure. I hope Renee finds someone who’s just as great as she is.
    I don’t like any of the final three, but I think Nikki is the worst choice. I thought Juan was cool for a while, but now I’m thinking he’s an idiot.

  10. Everything Andi said about JP was spot on. He is shallow and has no clue about communication skills or being in a relationship. And he’s rude. Always trying to act like since his 2nd language is English, he plays the dumb card. I think Renee is better off without him. Always wondered why he was divorced, now I see why. He’s clueless and immature. Every time one of the girls tried to talk seriously he would either kiss them, play with their ears or hair or say let’s go swimming. He was the worst bachelor ever. No depth! I kind of feel sorry for him. Nikki is stuck up. Claire is annoying and makes weird facial movements. I’m not even gonna watch the last show in 2 weeks. Everyone left is annoying!!

  11. Aw!!! I so wanted it to be Clair.

  12. I thought Claire should be the next on to pick the guys. She was sweet. After Juan Pablo saw Renee with her son, he knew she is not going to love his daughter as much. Also her son had eyes only for his mom and didnt really seem interested in Juan Pablo. When Juan asked him something he would answer but not look at him. He knew probably that he would have problems winning him over.

  13. Juan is PLAYER !

  14. JP is a DUMMY! says:

    Poor Renee; but she was too mature & sensible & not “hot” enough for this shallow dummy!
    Even his favorite choices seem to be duping him! How many bachelors have beem dumped by so many?…But he is “OK” LOL
    So now he is down to the last two psychos!

  15. Jennifer Montoro says:

    I love Claire Hate Niki. He should pick Claire and send crazy Niki home…

  16. Juan Pablo is the dumbest bachelor they have ever had. The girls don’t deserve this guy, they could do much better on their own. He says one thing then does another, and Andi was right, it’s all about him and not the girls. Can you say idiot.

  17. Juan is Gay he should come clean about it.He has no clue on how to treat women and he crys all the time. OKLAHOMA Joes? Is not Kansas City BBQ

  18. I think Juan Pablo is a nice guy, just couldn’t carry on a meaningful conversation. He and Clare have a chemistry. Nikki seems to have attitude and I’m not sure she is ready to parent. Andi was a little harsh – if your in a mutual relationship you should try to guide the person at times. Obviously JP needed some guidance in what Andi wanted to discuss and she let it get out of control. I think she wanted to fight with him. Once I had a work friend who CONSTANTLY said “and the like” and over a few month period it was pretty much gone from his vocabulary. JP just needs a reminder about saying “ok”.

  19. I hate Clare, I really liked Renee, I wanted him to choose her! I like Nikki, she’s okay. I didn’t really like Andi. I cannot wait for next week’s Reunion episode :D

  20. Renée just got engaged! Juan Pablo never married his baby mama. Probably not a chance in hell of this guy getting anything but laid. Even his mamma said he is difficult to get along with. He only wannts to date the girl he picks using his daughter as the excuse.

  21. pam brenaman says:

    I agree with Andi that JP doesn’t know the English language very well. He needs to learn the slang a little bit better. Clare is a psycho and her facial movements are weird. She is such an actress and phony & Nikki is not ready to be a mom. I love Renee and hope that she is the next bachelorette because she is not anything like those other girls. Or even Andi could be the next bachelorette. She was great and smart.

  22. I wanted it to be Claire as well. Nikki seems like a nice girl but Claire is more of a woman. Nikki needs to mature and stop thinking that the world evolves around her. She acted like a high school kid more than once. Renee was awesome. Very humble and sweet. I hope she finds a good man but im glad she didnt stay with JP because I dont think he wants a wife. I believe he wants a girlfriend for life. Andis a smart girl and she did well by expressing herself. Not everyone reacts on the moment. She was smart enough to give herself time to think and see how she really felt before speaking her mind.

  23. Didn’t see any real connection with any of them. He’s about as phony as they come.

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