Jan 14, 2014

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Who Does Juan Pablo End Up With On The Bachelor? Who Does He Choose?

We’re only two episodes into the 2014 season of The Bachelor and already there are so many potential endings being thrown around. The biggest question of all, obviously, is who Juan Pablo ends up with when all of this is over. And, even the best spoilers in the can’t predict the future and what love holds for Juan Pablo post-Bachelor.

Who Does Juan Pablo Choose On The Bachelor Finale?

Some of the popular ending predictions this season include Juan Pablo picking Nikki Ferrell (this is the most popular spoiler at the moment, as it was released by spoiler king Reality Steve), Juan Pablo ending up back with his ex-wife (or ex-girlfriend, considering they were never married) and Juan Pablo ending up alone. All are good guesses but no one knows for sure.

According to Reality Steve, there’s no question that JP picks Nikki Ferrell. In fact, he breaks down the final four this season and, according to him, it goes like this: Renee (she gets eliminated after hometown dates), Andi (she leaves voluntarily after fantasy dates), Clare (she gets dumped at the finale rose ceremony) and he and NIkki live happily ever after – or at least until the After the Final Rose Ceremony. He also reports that Juan Pablo does not propose to Nikki on the finale.

Keep in mind, Reality Steve was wrong last season when he reported that Brooks came back and he and Desiree Hartsock ended up together. Des, in reality, ended up picking Chris and the two are still together.

Now that you know all of the possible spoilers for the season, we have to ask: Who do you think Juan Pablo ends up with in the end?

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  1. KETTLY Perrin says:

    This season of bachelor is so unsettled. Juan Pablo is more of a Son Juanthan a Jan Pablo.

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