Jun 11, 2013

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Who Does Desiree Pick on The Bachelorette and Is She Engaged?

Those of you watching tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2013 are likely asking yourself the same thing most of us are asking ourselves as we watch the show: Who Does Desiree Pick and, more importantly, is she engaged?

We told you many weeks ago who the final man would be this season but, for those of you who haven’t read our spoilers, we’ll recap them again for you here!

If you don’t want the ending of the show spoiled, stop reading this article now. This is your warning.

Who Does Desiree Pick on The Bachelorette 2013?

The lucky man who receives the final rose this season is the person who had the first intimate with Des this season: Brooks Forester. Desiree and Brooks had a lot of chemistry from the very beginning and, according to sources, her choice is obvious as the season unfolds. The unlucky guy who will be heartbroken at the final rose ceremony is Chris. Tonight’s the first time we get to see a romantic connection between Desiree and Chris and it seems like they have a lot of chemistry also.

Is Desiree Engaged?

Yes! Desiree is engaged! She and Brooks will (apparently) be walking down the aisle (don’t hold your breath though).

Do you think Brooks and Desiree will actually get married?

  1. I do not think it will ever happen. I heard this guy Brooks only got a job a couple of months before the show started. I hope Des wouldn’t be fooled by a pretty face. I think she messed up getting rid of Brandon. No i do not think she will marry this poser.

    • I think she really messed up getting rid of Brandon. That was a stupid idea. He was hurt so many times and right when he said he was falling in love with her she kicks him off. I can’t even imagine how he must feel. Des should’ve kept him on. Brooks isn’t that great!

  2. Just because Brooks isn’t handsome, cute, whatever you went to call him doesn’t mean he isn’t nice and doesn’t deserve to win! It’s what’s inside is what matters!!!

  3. Carrie Boucher says:

    I think Des and Brooks have the friendship and chemistry that make a great rjelationship.You can see it in her eyes when she is with him.
    I also think that Drew ia a good pick for her.He is loyal nice and a knock out.If she picks Brook,they will make a good pair.They are good friends and can talk to each other easily.
    Good luck Des
    I have always loved and admired you in whatever choice you make.You deserve the very best…

  4. Jennifer Jones says:

    No I do not think Brooks and Dez will make it down the altar I see Chris an Desiree married. Just like Sean and Catherine he a big heart breaker to me he paint this big picture about no sex before marriage and they were going to get married at end of the summer that a joke to everyone it’s all about money for Sean. Catherine put her life on hold for this person and he just playing her feelings I feel if you are then do what Ashley and JP did get marry soon and be real with it.

    • If reality is so right about his predictions … then how was he so wrong about Drew being booted off after the family meetings. He is still one of the final 3. So much for Reality Steve’s accountability. I think Drew or Chris should be the choice. Something about Brooks doesn’t feel right. I would personally pick Drew but, maybe it doesn’t pan out that way either. I wish her luck & hope she really does find her true love. We will soon see!

  5. you guys kill me. you don’t even know any of these people.
    Really? get a life.

  6. It breaks my heart after seeing Monday nights home visit with Brooks family. It is quite apparent that he is Mormon…she better be good to him in hopes that he will call her up to Heaven.

  7. Chris is such an amazingly sweet, sensitive, genuine guy, and being sent home will devastate him after coming so far. Drew is great, but a bit too sure of himself in my opinion. Brooks does not seem ready for marriage and commitment..he simply seems to be on a mission to do what’s expected of him by his family–hurry up and take a wife and get on with the business of life as a married man. If Brooks is her choice, I don’t see him being able to follow through and make it down the aisle–he has seemed too tentative about his feelings throughout this process. I vote for Chris–he is intensely into Desiree, and he deserves her!

  8. It doesn’t matter what we think. It matters what she thinks. Chemistry is only one small part of a relationship anyhow. She is giddy and happy when she is with him. I think he wants to be sure. It is, afterall, reality television. He could be booted off as easily as anyone else. Maybe he is protecting his feelings. That is not such a bad way to be. If it is meant to be it will be.

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