Jul 9, 2013

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Who Does Desiree Pick on The Bachelorette 2013: Winner Here!

The upcoming weeks of The Bachelorette 2013 promise to be filled with drama and excitement and we have the exclusive details on who Desiree Hartsock picks at the final rose ceremony and who’s sent home broken-hearted that final night.

Those of you who’ve been watching this season probably have a few favorites in your mind already. Who Desiree ends up picking won’t really come as a shock to most fans as the final four guys were relatively predictable from the beginning (with the exception of maybe one…we’ll get to that in a minute).

*Spoiler Warning – If you don’t want to know who wins, stop reading now – we’re about to reveal details of the final rose!

Who Does Desiree Pick on The Bachelorette 2013?

Heading into tonight’s episode, there are 5 men remaining. Of those 5 men, there are two that don’t exactly seem like they have the best chemistry with Des (in my opinion). These two men are Michael G and Zak (Zak has actually grown on me – he didn’t exactly make the best first impression on the first night by refusing to wear a shirt but he’s grown on me since).

After tonight’s episode, Michael G will be eliminated – followed by Zak next week after hometowns.

That leaves Drew, Chris and Brooks heading into the final three.

After the fantasy date episode, Drew will be eliminated. This is where we’ll get some closure regarding their discussion on the beach where Drew supposedly says “it will never work” and Desiree runs off crying.

At the final rose ceremony, Des will pick Brooks and give him the final rose. Chris will be sent home.

Do you think Brooks and Des have what it takes to last? Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Doris Finzel says:

    Brooks and desiree Look stunning together.

  2. Valerie says:

    Brooks is great and seems to be the most gentle and level headed man of all! Their chemistry is amazing and Dez just lights up when his name is mentioned! They just look awesome together and I would love to see them go the distance and ultimately get married!

  3. I really like des and chris together ….he seems the most committed…brooks seems like he is still on the fence….I feel sad for zak because he is so head over heels….but I know he will be out of the running soon.

  4. Waystation49 says:

    After watching all the seasons, I suspect Des will be encouraged to pick the guy most likely to show at all the PR events and remain emotionally cool. Adore Drew, but he is so emotionally warm, Chris for similar reasons, so I suspect neither will survive. Des likes Brookes, but he’s just not that into her. Perfect choice in TV Bachelorette land. People will see the breakup coming. Zak was the surprise last minute courtesy rose. I really thought she wouldn’t hand it out. Des looks okay with all of them, I guess. Do looks really matter if you are not on the same page with feelings for each other?

  5. Brooks does not seem that into her. He us a little odd and his teeth bug me

  6. From what ABC let the audience observe……Mike, Drew and Chris all expressed how they felt about Desiree without her having to ask. However, with Brooks what we saw was a man who was aloof at times. He even admitted that he was not at the same space as Des was in their relationship noting that she was farther into it than he. It appeared that she was having to do all of the work with Desiree having to ask how he felt and if she would be welcomed with his family. At times it appears that she is groveling for attention from Brooks. No matter how much a woman loves a man, she should never having to work for it and it appeared from what ABC allowed, she was definitely fishing for answers…I hope she picks Chris, but if not he or Mike would make excellent next bachaelors…!!!

  7. I really hope it’s not Brooks. He just doesn’t seem that into her. Zach and Chris seem like much better matches for her.I think Drew is also not ready for a commited relationship or marriage.

  8. marsha johnson says:

    please pick chris he seems to really in to you. I think he could give you a great life.

  9. TexasRose says:

    Brooks is just not that into her. Plus I do not see her converting.

  10. There is something wierd about Brooks. I have disliked him since the first episode. He is very cold. He goes through the motions without any emotion. Plus, I think he may be gay.

  11. she is better off with Drew, Brooks didn’t even say he loves her

  12. you never want to take a man that doesn’t love you as much as you love him or more….I think choosing Brooks will end up in failure…

  13. If Des lets Brooks come back she is being so unfair to the other two guys playing them along all this time. She should have picked Brooks three shows back & left it at that. He could have told her his feelings them & gone home & giving other guys the chance to win her love. Another One bits the dust.

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