Jan 30, 2012

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Who Does Ben Pick on The Bachelor 2012 FINALE (SPOILER)!

It’s the most popular question asked by Bachelor fans this season: Who does Ben pick on The Bachelor? The good news is, we have all the details of who Ben chooses at the end of the season. The bad news is, you’re probably not going to be happy with the answer.

As most of you know, Ben has many incredible girls to choose from this season. There’s the adorable (although sometimes a little jealous) Kacie B who seems to have a pretty good connection with Ben. There’s also Nicki Sterling (who we hadn’t seen a lot of until tonight) who seems like a genuinely nice girl who just wants to find love and there’s Lindzi Cox, the easy-going, down-to-earth country girl who received the first impression rose.

So many great girls – so who does Ben pick?

Of all the wonderful girls this season, Ben Flajnik decides to give the final rose to Courtney Robertson. Yes, you read that correctly, Courtney Robertson.

Courtney is the young model whose focus seems to be more on winning against the other girls than truly finding love. She has insulted almost every girl in the house and showed her true colors tonight when she snuck some free time with Ben and convinced him to go skinny dipping with her.

Even if Courtney is getting “a bad edit” as she’s probably going to try and convince everyone at the ATFR ceremony, she’s giving them a lot to work with. Those words have come out of her mouth and those clothes have come off of her body and she’ll have to defend her actions at the end of the season.

Are you as disappointed as I am that Ben picks Courtney in the end?

  1. Linda Eason says:

    SICK, that it is Courtney! What a waste. Gave Ben way too much credit! They deserve each other if this is truly who he chose. Kaci B and the other girls are are sooo much better than Courtney and Ben could ever be. Its very plain that Courtney is ALL ABOUT COURTNEY. We have been loyal fans of the show from the beginning. We won’t watch anymore after this. I just can’t believe Ben is being this stupid! The girls that made it to the finals have more class in their little toes than Courtney does in her whole body! But guess they are laughing all the way to the bank!


  2. Really felt like I needed to say something about Ben’s misguided choice of Courtney, a low-class girl (not woman), if I have ever seen one. I do not believe you have to stoop so low as Courtney has done, to get someone to fall in love with you . That should be a natural thing, when and if it happens. If Ben marries her he is in for a lifetime of misery and heartache. I think Ben is a great guy, but if he chooses Courtney it will cause me to lose respect for him.

    • Disagree…Ben is not a great guy. He’s a real, hardcore a-hole, and he and Courtney will make a wonderful couple…at least while it lasts. LOL…you lose again, Mr. Ben! Nobody descent will want you now!

  3. This has been the most rigged show of all, why do you think the camera gave her all that time, to keep the people watching,,,,,,,first off Ben is ugly and not that many girls fall in love with one guy. All these firls want is fame and when they dont get it they cry…bo ho

  4. Jonna Christensen says:

    Please Ben do NOT pick Courtney you will not be happy,she is not nice and downtalk everyone ,You dont know -I think Kacie is so cute and is perfect for you.Jonna,—-

    • What the heck How did this girl get to be a model she has shoulders like a football player and is really ugly. I think the producers keep her in to keep us interested.. Kacie is the best for him she would be right at his side through life

    • In addition, she’s got freakin’ chipmunk teeth! Definitely not the prettiest girl in the house. But she’s a tramp and Benny Boy likes that!

  5. Jonna Christensen says:

    Please Ben I have followed you for the last 2 seasons I felt bad for you last year ,(re;Ashley)so dont pick the wrong girl,Pick Kacie she looks cute.

  6. I hope this is not the case because that would be such a disappointment to me. I’ve followed Ben from the Bachelorette to now the Bachelor and though he had great taste in women. But if picking Courtney is what is true then I was soooooo wrong about him. Kacie B would be the best woman for him and if he did not see that, then he is as blind as a bat in the daytime. Courtney is such a witch and that is the best word that I could use to describe her that won’t be too ugly to advertise.

  7. i don't know anything says:

    Listen people.. do you really think it’s that obvious? It’s not courtney – it’s Lindsi. The producers want to create this hype around the end to see if he really does.. and to keep people watching.

    Producers want everyone to think it’s Courtney – but it’s not.

    It’s Lindsay. I hope that clears it up for everyone

  8. The problem with all of this is that its not reality, its just a dream that any one of us would love to be in. All of these beautiful places and people overwhelm our senses. If Ben really has the balls and the brains,he will listen to those women about she who should not be named but the Bitch of Prime Time she should be burried at sea and let the sharks have their way with her.

  9. meng reyes says:

    PlSsssss Ben courtney? Really of all the girls there are so many deserving like casie B now I losty respect I am not going to continue watching and the rest of my family. Good luck because I know it won’t lastyoull be back at the dating game again. My heart goes out to you

  10. I just don’t know what to think about all this. If he actually picks this girl that is clearly manipulating him, than I do not feel bad for him at all. He has some perfect girls for him, but he wants to pick one that has a career that takes her all over. Good luck.

  11. If Courtney is the “chosen one” I am not watching The Bachelor any longer because it makes me think that they are just after “ratings” and not there for the benefit of the two people that want to end up together in the end.

  12. Ok sooooo I so did not see that one coming. Ben if you’re reading this big mistake Courtney is well there are no words to describe what she is and I hope you see that. I personally thought cassie .b was going to be the one and I know you guys had a connection so I’m not saying this blindly. is just really hope this is all a lie and you choose Cassie in the end

    • Dear Ben:

      If you pick Courtney the bitch, then you are looking
      for trouble.

      You still have a change to change your mind.

      You would be very happy picking lindsey.

      She is a wonderful person and she would make you happy.

      Please change your mind.

  13. Courtney became a model because she “worked ALL of the casting couches” like she said before ” I’ll do anything to get what I want”. He’ll choose her. It’s Jake and Vienna all over again. All she is is a fame whore. And she’ll sell all of her crap to the tabloids to get more money. Tyra Banks has always said ” if you are beautiful on the inside it will radiate to the outside” she has NONE of these qualities.

  14. These spoilers are always wrong. I’ll wait for the finale to see who wins.

  15. Ben you are an IDIOT! Gave you WAY Too much CREDIT on Ashley’s seasons. Looks like Ashley did have you figured out after all. What a looser!

  16. Magge Mae says:

    I a so disappointed, that I am not going to watch the rest of this season. What is going through that man’s mind? I am sorry to say that I think it’s more what’s going through his loins. He’s definitely not the man we all thought if he chooses Courtney!

  17. Ben I hope you pick the girl that you trust the most and see yourself have a family and grow old with please be wize do not let showbiz plan your future for you are reppresenting all the young men who are looing for love.


  19. RINI HOWSER says:

    He ditches Courtney next week. You must have bad information.

  20. I believe they deserve each other. After watching Ben all season he has become a huge jerk. Its only fitting the he picks the mean girl out of the bunch. He really ruined the show for me this year.

  21. Jeannie Marshall says:

    I watch this show with an elderly patient each week and it is so pathetic that these people think they can find lasting love in this manner; the girls this season seem more desperate than in the past. It’s the “15 minutes of fame” they all seem to crave, but I have seen no romance. Courtney is a slut, pure and simple.

  22. Carolyn W. Brown says:

    If Ben picked Courtney, it just shows how shallow he is; that a manipulating witch would “win” him over. His family should be disappointed that he is bringing her home.

  23. Okkkk listen up women!! These spoilers are seriously stupid and wrong and makes all yall get your panties twisted. A close family memeber works for the network and told me he picks Kacie!! So all of u chill out!

    • Yeah, uh … Kacie is gone now … you need to get a new source for your “inside information”. : /

  24. This is a joke This guy must be smarter that that. hey kid give a call home to mom and sis.

  25. Ben really Cortney is the most untrutful ugly person. You have let so many wonderful amazing ladies go. If this spoiler is true you are a special case of stupid. I hope she crush your black heart.

  26. courtney sucks. he should have kept Kacie B.

  27. Cortney_hater says:

    OMG I just absolutly HATE Courtney. This is the worst news I’ve heard all month. I was really hopping Linzi would win couse she seems really cool. If c&b get married I hope he gets a divorce before it’s too late for him to remarry

  28. Cortney_hater says:

    Yeah. Her or linzi. But Courtney can “suck my brothers balls!!” (couse I don’t have any)

  29. I’m sadden on who he pick I feel Kasy and he should be together it won’t work with her he will be hurt again.

  30. How can Ben STAND the way Courtney constantly pushes her hair back away from her face? OMG! That would turn anyone off big time! It is so freakin’ annoying.

  31. Alexandra says:

    Courtney is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen. Not only is she a scum bag, but she looks like one, too. I stopped watching this season after I saw her hideous face, as well as her attitude. She disgusts me. Model my ass.

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