Jan 14, 2012

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What’s The Difference Between Miss America and Miss USA?

With all the hype of the 2012 Miss America pageant, which is kicking off right now, there will undoubtedly be an increased interest in the most popular question asked when watching the coveted event: What’s the difference between Miss America and Miss USA?

We have the answer for you here.

The biggest differences between Miss America and Miss USA is the organizations themselves. Yes, the competitions seem very similar to viewers, however, they are run by two completely different organizations.

The question has been asked so many times that the Miss America pageant actually lists the answer on it’s FAQ page. Here’s what it has to say about the difference between the two pageants:

“Is the Miss America program different than Miss USA? Yes. In 1952, Catalina Swimsuits founded the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants as product promotion tools. Developed by the Miss America Organization, the Miss America program exists to provide personal and professional opportunities for young women to promote their voices in culture, politics and the community. Almost all contestants have either received, or are in the process of earning college or postgraduate degrees and utilize Miss America scholarship grants to further their educations. The Miss America Organization is the leading provider of scholarships for young women in the world. Although some young women compete in both Miss America and Miss USA, the two systems are completely separate.”

Other notable differences are that the Miss America pageant has a talent portion (Miss USA does not) and the winner of Miss USA goes on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant (Miss America does not).

Hope that answers your questions, if you have any other questions, leave them in the comment section below and I’ll answer them!

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