Nov 30, 2012

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Vino Alan Eliminated from The X Factor USA 2012: Thoughts?

At the beginning of tonight’s episode of The X Factor USA 2012, we informed you that Paige Thomas was sent home,  despite her incredible performance – and rave reviews from the judges – last night.

After Paige was eliminated, it was announced that the bottom two would sing for survival again this week. The bottom two probably shocked a lot viewers. The two acts singing for survival tonight were Diamond White and Vino Alan.

For those of you who need a little catch up – Vino Alan had been number 3 in the two previous weeks’ standings. Diamond was initially voted off by Britney Spears but was brought back for a second chance.

Did she get another second chance tonight?

Obviously, LA Reid voted to keep Vino and Britney voted to keep Diamond. It was up to Demi and Simon. Demi went first and voted off Vino. Simon could save Vino and put it in a deadlock or he could save Diamond and send Vino home.

So, what happened?

The second person eliminated in tonight’s episode was Vino Alan.

Do you think Vino Alan deserved to go home before other acts like Cece Fry?

  1. CeCe Frey is the WORST contestant on the X Factor USA, she doesn’t deserve to be on the show and should’ve went home a long time ago. She does her fake cries and brought back her sassy ass attitude on last nights show…..ugghhh! I can’t believe that my one and only favorite person on the show went home VINO ALAN, damn L.A. Reid he screwed him up with that fricken song change at the last minute:(

  2. Vino is a true rare talent,we are all very disappointed.


    • Kim Claughton says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Cece should have gone Home last week, that girl sucks!!!! What is wrong with you Americans!!!

    • I agree with you guys. CeCe did a good job with the performance this week but Vino is still better than CeCe or Diamond. Because Vino had one bad song choice, he gets voted off? That is B.S.
      I was not happy with the result at all.
      CeCe will be gone next week for sure…

    • Lynda Winnie says:

      Same, so disappointed Vinos gone. Such amazing talent.
      Can’t wait for his album (hopefully).
      Weak judges….Simon and his eyeliner need to go.

    • Are you people serious? “Simon needs to go?” LOL

      X Factor is SIMON’S show!

      Him voting off Vino (who was also a favorite of mine) was a strategic move…..he knew Vino was always top 3, so he removed him so that his own contestants would have a better chance.

    • i have stop watching x factor because of what la ried did to vino alan why change his song at the last minute he came in third every week for 4 straight weeks

  4. I’m done watching the show after Vino’s elimination. His voice is too amazing to be dismissed because of the song choice. I just wish he had an album out now.

  5. Emblem 3 should go home. I thought Vino did a better job than Diamond, even though I like both contestants. Can’t blame Brittany choosing to keep Diamond; however, I think Demi and Simon did not keep her because she was the better singer. I think they were more threatened by Vino since he is usually number 3 on the leader board. They just got rid of their contestants competition.

  6. I can’t believe all the negativity from these Cece haters, and it’s mostly from jealous girls. Wow, you ladies are so transparent, if she wasn’t so pretty and was a guy, it would probably be a different story. I bet you didn’t like Hayley Reinhart last year either. As for Vino, he really does have talent and it was a shame he went.

    • So Shocked says:

      Really??!! You think people are Cee Cee haters because she is a pretty girl? Seriously? You have to be joking. That girl couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag. She is horrendous. Her performance last night was so ridiculous, especially after she said, “What cha got for me Mr. LA Reid?” REally?? She is horrible. Pretty, absolutely! A good singer? Not a chance in hell!

  7. Cathy Scott says:

    R Americans totally tone deaf I don’t think I’ll watch anymore Vino was a fantastic singer and they’re r some that should have gone before him, totally ticked at Simon and Demi and I think they picked Vino to go home because they felt threatened too bad they weren’t confident enough in their acts to welcome any competition that’s ego for ya!!! Anyway totally bummed out I really looked forward to Vino singing most of all and never fast forwarded any of his performances wish I could say the say for Cece Frye and her not so great singing mostly out of tune singing voice that’s all !!!!!

  8. I believe the voting out of Vino was all political. Of course, Britney had no choice but to vote for Diamond as she is her mentor. Demi voted for Diamond to support Britney and to support the younger singer. Simon voted against Vino because he was threat to his singers. All jugdges new Vino was the better singer. I hope to see Vino succeed through other avenues. Best Wishes to him. He was unfairly voted out.

  9. what a joke Vino best singer period.

  10. Omg… vino is eliminated and singer like Cece frey is still in the competition.. I don’t what went wrong Vino always gave a good performance!! :( I ‘ll miss Vino Alan..

  11. Karen Wright says:

    Vino was my favorite! His style, his sultry voice, his great personality, and hot tats… wow, he was the whole package! Demi’s an idiot! Vino WILL be another Daughtry! He’ll do BETTER than the winner! Hear that Vino! You rock… you deserved the 5 million! You’ll show them!

  12. Vino is an amazing singer. I think he was let down by the song selected by his mentor – I would have loved to have heard him sing ‘One Love’ by U2 or ‘Your so beautiful’ …AHHHHH, he doesn’t deserve to go home!

    I can not believe CeCe is still there when amazing singers are being sent home. America – wake – up!

    I have no doubt Vino will go onto make millions – cant wait to buy his records…… I agree, it was a strategic move from Simon and Demi to vote off the biggest competition……

  13. Though Diamond is a good singer and a Whitney look a like, Vino had true talent. (And, the only contestant I would actually see perform in concert). Most amazing voice ever. )Though last season’s runner up who performed tonight was equally awesome. Also, Paige and Beatrice were both incredible. And, of course Carly has a beautiful voice, but Vino has a presence that an over 25 crowd attracts. Tate is good, and seems like a nice guy if you like country music, no comment on Cece (well, she’s not bad), and Emblem 3 is just another boy band, and the funny thing about the two female judges is their comments, Vino needs to change up a bit” is laughable, cuz most of the other singers sound exactly the same every week, but, Vino, oh Vino, your voice is SUPERB! That’s the last time I watch this show…I used to like Simon, but obviously this show is rigged. I know that Vino will be a star in the future.

    • Agree with all these comments. Vino has such an amazing tone in his voice. I would have liked tto have seen how America actually voted if it had gone to deadlock. Definitely cee cee should have gone weeks ago. I actually thought at one point she looked as though she was lip syncing. Vino and josh are very similar and you don’t have to win to do well. I wish the best for vino.

  14. Simon has always been my favorite judge, but he was just stupid tonight, he just needed a better chance of his contestants winning ,same for Demi and Brittney.I may never watch the X factor again :(

  15. The problem is that vino has been 3rd consistently and diamond has been struggling since the beginning of this competition.. the only conclusion to draw is that simon eliminated the act that was keeping his two teams lower on leaders board. I for one will also stop watching this show until they take the power away from the judges who are in competition with eachother and have been petty from the very beginning…. all i can say is I can’t wait for american idol and Simon really dissapointed me, i always thought he was spot on but he shocked me this evening

  16. Hope hatcher says:

    Vino was the best and everybody knows it. He will make it!! Why in the hell did they even have a sing off. Xfactor will lose a lot of viewers because of this. U were wrong Simon and u need to make it right.

  17. it was a shame to eliminate Vino! Judges are not honest people !
    The end of the show for me.

  18. I have given up on X-factor.

    CeCe should have been voted off long ago. And, Diamond White is a less talented version of Carly Rose. Diamond will never win.

    Vino on the other hand is one of a kind! Simon and Demi are both idiots and obviously voted him off to improve their own chances.

    Emblem 3 is just annoying now, I really liked them. But the idiot that can’t keep his shirt on is always flexing now. It is annoying.

    Anyway, I was a huge fan of the show and now I am not watching, Simon and Demi are idiots.

  19. For Simon not to at least let the vote decide was pathetic. Vino was the best singer on the show. A colossal failure. I’m done watching. The Voice is a better show anyway.

  20. Sorry to see Vino eliminated last night. It’s pretty obvious that X Factor intends to follow suit with the X Factor Europe. With LA offering on TV a contract to the boy band and Simon pushing them down our thoughts, the judges are pulling all stops to not have us vote, but to give us their winner. From 3rd to gone, come on. We fans didn’t vote Vino off, the judges did

  21. Cece is still there as vote for the is telling everyone to vote for her. As holes. Vino was always in the top 3 where he belonged with Carly and Country guy. They are the three best. Demi is a complete idiot and Simon just got rid of his competition. Very poorly produced show.

    • Finally someone points it out: the ‘votefortheworst’site has Cece on their voting. THAT is why she is still there. Their intentions are to screw up the show and the voting system. And you know what…they are doing just that.
      I also agree that Simon just wanted a threat gone. But Demi is just too POP (aka:stupid). She never understood Vino’s talent, because she can’t get pass his looks.She is that shallow!

  22. Personally, I believe that Britney, Demi and Simon did not like Vino from the start because of his looks. That was so obvious. They want one of those little teenagers to take it (The “total package”) Give me a break. Vino has more talent in his little toe than all of them put together. Well, I am no longer watching X Factor. BRING ON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!! Mariah, Nicki, Keith and Randy!!!!!

  23. Glad they FINALLY eliminated Vino – he really was bad. Unfortunately his voice started out pretty good, but he was a TERRIBLE entertainer…. constantly pointing at the camera – hunched over and trying to act like a cool 16-year old when he’s an old guy. Also – no need to keep grabbing his crotch – nothing to be excited about there. They should also teach them how to dress for TV – he looked sloppy at every show – baggy, dirty-looking clothes. UGH! He was repulsive. Yes – CeCe should have been eliminated but instead of Paige. She’ll go soon – no talent!

  24. I love Vino!!!..he is the only singer who gave me goosebumps when he sang.. LA Reid screwed him over SO BAD..Vino should NEVER have gone home..I must say I didnt enjoy that song as much as others but to go from 3rd to going home CRAZY!!
    SCREW LA REID!!! and screw X Factor I’m over that dumb ass program!

  25. here is the thing that really bothers me. vino has a really good voice ,but, for the “right song” if you cannot sing the song to your capability and vocal strength, then guess what ? don’t sing it at all.this guy is more blues and rock and roll. it is a real shame that la reed did not recognize that in him. does anyone notice this when he rehearses the song. the guy is not a pop singer ‘period’ !!! vino should have also have spoken up. after all this is his future. he should have sang the entire bad company song this time to save himself. it’s funny when they lose, they say comments like, i had more of me to give.”too little,too late” future contestants, speak up ! or you will go home.

  26. “”Emblem 3 is just annoying now, I really liked them. But the idiot that can’t keep his shirt on is always flexing now. It is annoying.”"
    I’m so glad someone else said this. At the judges house the others said “wonder if he’ll have a shirt on to-day”, or something like that. He also walks away from the other two in the middle of the judges speaking to touch hands with the female audience. He has messed up 2 or 3 times now. His own words. Big ego and obnoxious.

  27. Vino, I will miss your voice very much. Appearance? Not so much but voice yes.

    Cece, you must have a guardian angel because I can’t for the life of me figure out why you are here. The girl is totally outclassed and it is sinful to watch her perform. When good artists are being sent home and this girl is still hanging in, there is something terribly wrong. People must be voting based on sympathy or looks or whatever. Has me totally baffled

  28. bring vino alan back or we will never watch x factor again!!!

  29. Like this bring back vino alan page if you want your voice heard!/pages/BRING-BACK-VINO-ALAN/435676086486604?fref=ts

  30. Are you kidding me Vino is better then CeCe Fry this girl can sing worth two dimes it’s time America wakes up and vote this fake a– no tears having bum off the show!

  31. Everyone should check out the Vote for The worst website.
    They are supporting CeCe. That’s why the good deserving singers are being sent home. Shows like X Factor and American Idol need to create a voting system that would stop this site from having such influence on the results…

  32. Everyone needs to check out the Vote for the Worst website. They are supporting/voting for CeCe. That’s why she is still in and other better singers have been sent home.

  33. This guy really has talent. I agree that L.A. should have kept him on task with his own comfortable genre. It was a shame to see him leave this early in the game given the talent that is left. I personally am not that high on the Groups but then again I’m not in the age group or category to keep group talent alive. Groups in general have a short lifespan in the industry. Somewhere along the way one feels that they need to break away as a solo artist because their fan base demands it. Having said that, Vino should still be in the competition. I can guarantee if Simon were not mentoring the group category at least one of the Group teams would be gone by now a Vino in the Semi’s. Let’s not feel too bad for the guy, trust me he is going to be a heck of a lot more successful now than he’s ever been. His life changed for the better the day he walked off the stage as sad as that may be us as his fans.

  34. they should make spears sing live so everyone can boo her real voice and send her ass home!!! she is so fake in everyway!!!

  35. Jenni Malu says:

    I love Britney as a mentor and judge. Anyway, great point about politics being the cause of Vino’s elimination. CECE’s performances seemed so labored and mediocre the past few weeks. Can’t believe her after Lady hubby and I could barely embarrassing. But LA and Simon put her in her place. I kinda thought CeCe was good in the beginning of the season I don’t know what happened. Pretty obvious lil Miss Carly Rose will win.

  36. i love vino alan

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