Dec 19, 2012

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The Voice Winner 2012 Is Cassadee Pope: Did She Deserve It?

There were three amazing acts heading into the finale of The Voice 2012 tonight and any one of the three remianing acts seemed to have what it takes to walk away winner. Each one had proven their talent week after week with live performances and harsh critique from the judges and each one had thousands of fans voting for them at home and keeping them in the competition. But, alas, only one person could win. So, was it?

Cassadee Pope is the vavacious vixen who seemed a little cookie cutter at the beginning of the season but quickly proved she was more than just a pretty face (and an undeniably gorgeous body). Then there is Terry McDermott, the charming Rod Stewart-like talent that showed versatility with each performance. Finally, we have Nicholas David, the most unique (and, according to Cassadee weird) contestant of all. Nicholas has a memorable voice that rivals any legend in the industry. All of the finalists deserved to be there - but who was most deserving of the cash prize and the title?

The Voice Winner 2012 is Cassadee Pope!!!!

The question is, of the talented 3 finalists do you think the right person won?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  1. Anna BAdgett says:

    When you review the whole season of performances Cassade showed to be the most verstkenof the 3. Her smile and humble attitude made hernbelievable and approachable as an artist.

  2. Anna BAdgett says:

    Correction: versatile of the 3… Made her believable

  3. Two words describe this lame,uninteresting, phony country singer. Polished turd.

  4. Terri Williamson says:

    Loved all 3, but think Cass a Dee was the best voice. Nicholas and Terry were exceptional, or they would not have been top contenders. Loved the finale, and actually hope it taped so I can watch it again this weekend. Good Job, America.

  5. Carol Wells says:

    Totally deserved it. It Nick had to win I would have been totaly upset, he came acoss as false. He needs atotal make over. I think they pushed for hm too much trying to make us believe in him as well.

  6. Cass’s final song brought me to my feet at the end clapping (even surprised me). She delivered so much feeling and talent that I knew then that she had
    won it hands down. Terry was great, well liked and reminds me of Paul McCartney, but he is one dimensional as a rock singer only. Nicholas seemed to be a really nice guy, but acted a bit odd throughout and I really had a problem imagining his marketability without a major change to his persona.
    Amanda Brown was actually my early selection and she is a stronger and more polished singer than all three of the finalists, but when I found out that she was actually a professional competing with amateurs I was glad she was eliminated. Cassadee did it all, looks good and actually improved with each show throughout the competition. She has a bright future ahead of her and I’m happy with the outcome.

  7. Cassadee definitely deserved to win- a true “singer”.
    They all are in their own right and anyone of them could have taken the tittle but she has a way of connecting that all great and enduring performers do.
    Congrats Cassadee!!!

  8. are u kidding?!!!!!!! this obviously was a popularity contest based on anything but “the VOICE”
    Pope is nothing more than a re-hash of everything else already out there.
    The prize was owned by the most original voices not seen in these “contests” for a long time…………Nicholas David and Melanie…..

    Pope will see success in the already over produced and saturated crossover country pop market……BORING

  9. No she should not have one. Very disappointing! I’m a true country music fan and I will never buy her album.she is not unique in any way. Would have loved to see nick win! he was true talent!

  10. i can not believe casadee won she was by far the worst of the 3 this is not a singing contest her pretty face won this for her its a popularity contest and sex sells nick was deff the most talented ud have to be stupid not to see that he was by far in a league of his own but nick didnt have the look that apealed to the young crowd even terry was better than casadee and if he would have won i can live with that bottom line is that the voice should have to change its name to the popularty contest after this mess

  11. Beverly Covington says:

    Nick Davis was by far the best talent. Cassadee was actually boring to me. She haf a good voice but there are a dozen of her already. Terry would have been a better choice overall. But America was voting so it kind of speaks for itself. In the last four you had a transplanted Scot, an older soul style singer, a young black man???? and Miss All American white girl. You do the math.

  12. I truelly loved Cassadee the other night on late nite she sang so Glamorously!! She must have been tired when she appeared on live with Kelly and Michael though. I think she can go far . And with Miranda and Blake Shelton beside or behind her she Can Not Go Wrong. Good luck and I do want to be able to follow you. Thanks so Very much. BROUGHT ME GREAT MEMORIES OF MY RECENTLY DISCEACED FATHER. GOD bless you and yours.
    Jami Sue Bailey

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