Feb 14, 2012

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The Bachelor Winner 2012: Final Four, Final Two and Winner!

After this week’s episode of The Bachelor 2012 there will be only 4 women remaining in the quest to win Ben Flajnik’s heart and we have all the details on who gets the hometown dates, who makes the Final Two and who walks away with the final rose.

*Warning – Major Spoilers Ahead

For those of you looking for Bachelor spoilers this year, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we can tell you about the remainder of the season:

Final Four: The four lucky ladies who will have Ben meet their families are Kacie B, Lindzi Cox, Nicky Sterling and Courtney Robertson.

After the hometown dates, Ben makes the shocking decision to eliminate Kacie B. Not sure if something happens on their hometown date or what but, from what I could tell this season, Kacie B seemed to be a frontrunner from the very beginning. Needless to say, she was likely shocked over the elimination.

After the hometown dates episode, Nicky, Lindzi and Courtney remain. What happens next is a little vague. Nicky Sterling is the next to go home but rumor has it that she eliminates herself because she’s not ready to settle down and marry Ben. This will obviously come as a shock to Ben but it won’t be the first time someone leaves so close to the finale.

Final Two: So the Final Two this season are Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson. While fans will likely be rooting for Lindzi at this point, Ben’s feelings for Courtney are too strong to deny. He ends up picking Courtney and proposing to her on the finale.

That’s right, folks, Ben and Courtney are engaged. Or at least they were when the show finished filming. Maybe Ben’s had a change of heart since watching her behavior on TV every week.

Do you think Ben and Courtney will last?

  1. Wow! really? If she hadn’t snuck with him off behind all the others backs and doing some naughty, cause come on , was a desperate move not a romantic one at all. Is that what gave her the advantage?. He said, does a person really want to be with someone that no one else really likes? wasn’t that a big clue there? If this is true that he picked courtney, he thought he made mistakes before, the is a Huge one, he gave up on REAL love. He had his blinders on after that middle of the night ocean swim with courney, what a shame.

  2. I hope not. Once he sees the episodes I think he will back away.

  3. marycolleen says:

    If Ben really did pick Courtney he proves once again that men are shallow and always want the “bad” girl… first clue.. she has no girlfriends?? or that he is incredibly clueless and the marriage, if there is one, will never last….

  4. All I can say is that I am disgusted with his choice!
    Courtney is a two-faced conceded b***h and Ben is a shallow jack***…. he obviusly didnt want long lasting relationshio…if he did, he would have chosen Kacie or even Lindzi

  5. Well, hopefully after Ben gets laid by his choice…which he really wanted, maybe he will see that he would be manipulated the rest of his life…and then dump her. Do you think? Too bad Ben, I was really hoping for a dream life for you after the Bachlorette turn down. I felt so bad for you, Ben. Not so much any more…be smart!

  6. can’t say i wasn’t surprised. But he deserves it, he seems a little nerdy and how can anyone forget courtney is a “model” (wooowww!) She’s definitely going to leave him for the next guy that looks her way…I’m actually very happy the other girls got out early before they were stuck in a hopeless relationship and after all “Ben isn’t the only guy in the world”.

  7. I am totally disappointed in Ben I thought he had more sense than he does. Courtney is a looser and she has played him from the get go.He is too stupid to she cause he is thinking with his little head and if this the way bachelor is going to portray men then they should cancel the show

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