Jan 29, 2013

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The Bachelor Tierra 2013: Does Sean Pick Her?

Tierra has been one of the most controversial bachelorettes on the 2013 season of The Bachelor and arguably one of the most dramatic bachelorettes in the history of the show (even more so than Michelle Money :) ) but Sean Lowe seems to like Tierra’s spark. The question on everyone’s mind is “does Sean end up finally seeing her for who she is” or does he end up picking her like Ben Flajnik picked Courtney Robertson on his season (only to regret it a month later lol)?

If you don’t want to know what happens to Tierra this season, do not read any further – there are spoilers ahead.

Long story short, no, Tierra does not win this season (thank God!). She does make it a few more episodes but, most of you will be happy to know, she doesn’t even make the final four. In fact, she goes home right before the final four.

I use the term “goes home” and not “was eliminated” because it seems as though she might go home voluntarily. According to reality TV spoiler King Reality Steve, “Tierra has a complete emotional meltdown at some point during her stay, and goes home before¬† the rose ceremony.”

A complete emotional meltdown? That seems so out of character for Tierra. HA!

We say good riddance! Too bad we will have to sit through another few weeks of Tierra’s antics.

Are you happy to hear that Sean doesn’t end up with Tierra in the end?

 * If you want to know who makes the final four Рand who Sean picks in the end CLICK HERE!

  1. I am soooooo glad to hear she doesn’t make it! She is deff nt even close to what sean deserves or needs. All she is a ball of dramaaaa!! Very annoying whiny drama! Goodbye tierra or w/e her name is :D D!!!!

  2. Candice Buerger says:

    Tierra is like Vienna What a loser. Shawn is low class now that he gave her the rose

  3. it would have just been another courtney . I cant wait for her to go so the other girls get more of a chance. Goodbye Tierra. shes mentally off. I like the other girls.

  4. She wants to be and act like Courtney, but Tierra u got nothing on her. Ur a fat ugly weird eyebrow chick!

  5. Terrible Tierra is a disgrace. I hope when she watches herself on tv she will see what a jerk she was to everyone. Sean did not put a target on her back when he gave her the first rose. She did it all by herself by being a mean girl. She doesn’t have one friend in the house and Sean is beginning to see this. He will be giving her the boot real soon and her days of spewing negativity on the show will be over.

  6. Sean is ok with me as long he follow his heart and don’t be crazy on the show for he is real and with out a shadow of a doubt he will find love and it’s with Catherine/

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