Jan 27, 2014

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The Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Wins The Bachelor This Year?

We’re about halfway through the 2014 season of The Bachelor and we have all of your exclusive spoilers for what will happen tonight (January 27, 2014) and what viewers can expect to see in the coming weeks. Most importantly, we have up to date information via Reality Steve regarding who wins this season, what kind of drama is expected to unfold in the upcoming episodes and much, much more!

So let’s get started!

Those of you who don’t wish to know who wins The Bachelor this season – or what happens with the final four ladies – we encourage you to leave now. There will be some major spoilers ahead!

The Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Wins The Bachelor This Year?

Before we get to who wins the final rose, let’s talk about tonight’s episode. Tonight, there will be one one-on-one date and that will be with Sharleen (the awkward woman who received the first impression rose). There will also be two group dates. The women who will receive roses on the two group dates are Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman. The two woman eliminated at tonight’s rose ceremony are Lauren Solomon & Elise Mosca.

Juan Pablo’s Final Four: Fast forward a few weeks and we’ll be at hometown dates. The lucky ladies who receive hometown dates this year are Renee, Clare, Nikki and Andi. Unfortunately for Renee, she’s eliminated following her hometown date. Next, Andi chooses to eliminate herself just a few days before the final rose ceremony (and immediately following her fantasy date with Juan Pablo). That leaves Clare and Nikki as the final two.

On the finale, we’ll see Juan Pablo give the final rose to Nikki but, in a Bachelor first, he will not propose to her at the final rose ceremony. According to reports, the couple is not engaged but is still together.

Now that you know who wins Juan Pablo’s heart this season, tell us, do you think Nikki is the right girl for him?

Let us know in the comment section below!

  1. No she is not. Clare should get the final rose.

  2. sherry gambrel says:

    I can’t stand Nikita
    I was rooting for Rene’s.

  3. sherry gambrel says:

    renea should have got the final rose … so sad…

  4. Clare is right not to win! She is awful and a total bitch! She is possessive of him and it’s annoying! Nikki is perfect!

    • Nikki is 100x times worse than Clare. If was the mother of Camilla, I wouldn’t allow her to be around Nikki around my daughter. She’s so negative and a big complainer when things don’t go her way. She’s a terrible role model and I can’t believe she’s a pedatric nurse.

    • I agree. At least Clare stood up for herself. Nikki was so rude to go have time with him when she promised she wouldn’t because she already had the rose for the night. Nikki is a brat that doesn’t keep her promises.

  5. Who cares which one he picks ! I liked him until he turned out to be a 2 face… telling some girls he didn’t want to kiss them in front of the cameras because of his “Precious Camilla”, then kisses Clare in the same breath ! What a hipocrite ! Who can trust someone that plays games like that. I am really disappointed in him.

  6. I like Nikki and haven’t seen her do anything to warrant all the hate thrown her way. Seems to me that she is the least dramatic and so real that it makes some uncomfortable. When people are threatened by you, they will demonize you, especially in this situation. The nature of the beast.

  7. I hate Nikki. I loved her and she was my favorite at first. But she becomes so negative and katty. Her true personality came out. I think that Juan not proposing to her yet was an awesome idea. I can’t wait until Juan Pablo watches the season and sees how rude she is. I wish Renee would have won. She was the most mature out of them all.

  8. I think Nikki is a good choice for him as I see her taking crap from no one. I don’t think the show is showing her true character!! Remember, it is all edited to show us what they want to, who would have picked Katherine as a front runner for Sean at this point and look at them now :) Now Claire, she is one to avoid…..no editing needed on that one!

  9. No I don’t think Nikki is the right girl. I find her to have negative energy and she seems like the type of girl that just doesn’t have it together.She seems a little neurotic. I found Renee to be the most mature girl.
    I found Claire to be the prettiest but too much drama. Poor Juan Pablo!

  10. Mariah Brehaut says:

    Clare is a manipulating, lying, conceited bitch who always needs to get what she wants. If she was a good person she would have not done what she did and also show self respect and respect to the other girls. Nikki is such a downer and doesn’t know how to understand her surroundings. Overall, he made the wrong decision leaving them as the final two. There were many other girls who could have been his wife. I think Renee would have been perfect, she is a great person at heart, kind, respectful, definitely cares about what other people feel, beautiful, and is such a genuine person.

  11. Judith Fricke says:

    I believe that Juan Pablo is a good and loving father. I also believe that Juan Pablo is a very sensuous man by nature and his true colours are also being revealed. I feel disappointed in Juan Pablo by not exercising better judgement with Claire and their early morning romp. Why the sudden surprise that Camilla will view the episode; the entire process is televised. Additionally, Juan Pablo demonstrated that he was more than a willing participant with Claire, his lack of character about himself should not be entirely shouldered onto Claire. I am, however, not condoning Claire’s actions. Juan Pablo should take time to think before he leaps … Loosing faith in Juan Pablo … The girls deserve better!!!

  12. I think Rene is exceptional person – I am really sad that JP did not see it. I am really glad Thad Sharleen left – I have never seen someone with their head so far up their ass. Who does she think she is – putting everyone in her life below her. She will not find her love until she stops being so sadly in love with herself.

  13. I think Nikki should be the one to get the rose. I am like some of the other writers I also like Rene but he didn’t spend a lot of time with Rene, anyway if he did it didn’t show it on TV. Claire seems to be very spoiled and always wanting her way,that is probably due to being the youngest girl of all her sisters. I think Nikki doesn’t always speak her mind due to the others because of some liking Claire. Nikki will just walk away to avoid causing problems. I think Nikki and Andi were pretty close and understood each other. I like Nikki.

  14. I don’t think Nikki, Clare or any woman would be right for JP. When a man loves himself like JP does, a woman in his life won’t work. He’s full of himself.

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