Feb 28, 2012

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The Bachelor Spoilers 2012: Kacie B Returns to Warn Ben About Courtney!

Fans of The Bachelor 2012 will undoubtedly remember Kacie B’s exit last week after she was sent home broken-hearted by Ben Flajnik but you should all know, that’s not the last you’ll see of Kacie this season. Sure, she’ll be on the Women Tell All episode next week but she’s going to make another appearance tonight when she shows up to warn Ben about Courtney Robertson one last time.

Kacie has been making a solid effort of warning Ben about Courtney over the course of the season. She wasn’t the first woman to raise a red flag – Emily O’Brien brought Courtney’s insincerity to Ben’s attention very early on – and they weren’t the only two bachelorettes to express their concern. Nicki Sterling also told Ben to be wary of Courtney’s intentions, as she and Kacie confronted him on a group date.

Despite the women’s best efforts to let Ben know who Courtney really is, he continues to keep her. Tonight is no different and Kacie’s effort to warn him about how big of a you-know-what Courtney is about as effective as Emily O’Brien’s was in episode 3.

The question is, was it Kacie’s place to return and warn Ben again or is it Ben’s decision to make on his own. I mean, several of the girls have tried to tell him previously but he’s not listening – what made her think he would this time?

Do you think Kacie B’s decision to return to the show to confront Ben about Courtney was respectable or do you think it made her look a little too desperate in the end?

  1. Bill Boland says:

    Kacie had hoped to find Ben on the rebound when she came to his hotelroom in Switzerland. She can’t change his mind — nobody can. He’s hooked on Courtney and she shouldn’t feel too bad about this. On the contrary, feel happy, Kacie, because you were spared of worse things in the future. You are a beautiful woman, and yet very cute and lovable as well, you will meet the right guy.

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