Feb 21, 2012

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The Bachelor Spoilers 2012: Final 3, Final Two and Winner!

Fans of The Bachelor 2012 are eagerly waiting to see who Ben Flajnik picks on the season finale. Tonight, Ben embarks on a journey to visit the hometowns of the four remaining ladies and makes a shocking decision to send home a season favorite at the end of the episode.

*Warning – major spoilers ahead!

As most of you already know, the Final Four are Kacie B, Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson. We told you before the season even began that these would be your final four this season – and we also told you who was going to win.

For those of you who missed it and are curious to know how the rest of the season plays out, keep reading We have all the details for you here:

Tonight’s elimination: After the hometown dates, Ben makes the shocking decision to eliminate Kacie B. Kacie was so excited to have Ben meet her family, but her family didn’t exactly return those feelings of excitement. Kacie’s father said he wouldn’t give Ben permission to marry his daughter, which could have played a big part in why she was eliminated tonight.

Next week, the lady going home will be Nicki Sterling. I say “going home” instead of “eliminated” because I’m not 100 percent sure how she leaves. Many believe it was Nicki in the season preview saying she couldn’t deal with the stress and wasn’t sure she wanted to get married and be with Ben, so it’s quite possible she eliminates herself next week. That should be an interesting episode.

So it’s Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson in the Final Two. The sweet, down-to-earth girl who made friends with almost every in the house vs. the bitchy model who rubbed everyone the wrong way and made herself look like a selfish snob.

So who did Ben pick?

Ya, he picked Courtney Robertson. We’re just as disappointed as you are, trust me.

Do you think Ben made the right decision picking Courtney and getting engaged so soon?

  1. He gets what he deserves with Courtney , they deserve each other. He just wanted sex, and he got it with Courtney. We all know it will not last. The other girls dodged a bullet. They should be thankful.

    • GEEZ i can see who Bimbo girl takes after—like mother like daughter, Bimbo Mom Geez AGAIN I liked Ben at first too but I am so glad that no one ended up with him but his deserving BIMBO- The CACTUS- Wait till she shows her reel spines !!!!!

  2. I honestly liked Courtney from the very beginning. She came to the house looking for love, and she got it. She proved herself to be the alpha-female and look where it got her. Her and Ben are together (if the spoilers are correct). I think Courtney is a good person, the girls just didn’t see it. She didn’t let the other girls stand in her way of getting what she wanted.

  3. Can anyone say Jake and Vienna?????
    She is absolutely NOT the girl for him…pretentious, selfish and HIGH maintenance.
    I feel sorry for him…Kacie or Lindzi made sense…Courtney??? Really???
    Can’t wait to see who she hooks up with on Bachelor Pad!

  4. susana lartigue says:

    He will pick up the witch. This will not last. Ben has her head in his winnie. They will not stay longer. She is crazy.

  5. Well here it will be yet again another couple will bite the dust ! why do they even have this show ?
    This girl is so HIGH MAINTENANCE a man will get a nose bleed every time they are together .
    She should have been one of the first ones gone !!!
    What an idiot !!

  6. Being from Sonoma Co. myself,I was naturally awe struck with Ben, hoping he wasn’t as arrogant as most wine makers I know. Boy was I wrong. Sorry Ben, you lost me when you lost Kasie B.

  7. He threw away a pearl with Kasie B. She does not deserve Ben Bo.She is way too classy and sweet. I hope he chooses the Whore excuse me the butt ugly whore.No doubt she slept her way through the door at the modeling agency. Ben deserves what he gets with her. I hope Kasie B. will find a GOOD LOOKING and nice man who will appreciate her sweetness. Not winning Courtney sorry but you have already lost , you too Ben . Looks like Kasie B wins after all…

  8. By virtue of keeping Courtney Ben has basically said it’s ok by him how she treated the other girls. I no longer have any respect for Ben, or the show for that matter. They deserve the hatred and the disgust the public feels for her (them). No need to watch it till the end…I’m done with this show for good! Moving on to The Voice as of this Monday and will stick with them for top notch entertainment. ABC as your ratings for this show plummet, I think I had the last laugh!

  9. michaela ryan says:

    Oh Ben, we all thought you were a nice guy. Sweet, sincere, looking for an equel. WRONG. Beautiful, sexy, gorgeous body, Ben..really. How about blotchy, stringy, concave, painfull bones, no personality bitch. What truely makes her ugly are her insides. Her mean, callous mouth turns the whole intelligent world against her. Thank god everyone could see it, unfortuneutly even with numerous warnings, obvious red flags you couldn’t get enough air through that little hole to allow your brain to function properly.

    • I completely agree!!!!!!!

    • I cannot wait to watch tognhit’s episode! I’ve got all my sisters and even my boyfriend hooked. Ben is such a nut, I don’t think he’s Bachelor material, so he is perfect to make fun of all episode. I love reading SayNoToCosmo.com the next day to read her recap.reidmore.wordpress.com

  10. Donna Kramer says:

    Ben screwed up when he LOST Kacie B…… She was the complete opposite of Courtney – a selfish , EVIL, BITCH!!! I am ( EMBARRASSED, DISCUSTED , and HUMILIATED ) for Ben now because he will be all of those things later when he sees Courtney the way the entire world already does…… The network ruined a good show. Friends and I have girls night to watch the bachelor together , adn will never do it agin… You LOST us too… hopefully Kacie B can be the next STAR OF THE NEXT “BACHLORETTE SHOW…”

  11. Sandra Fuselier says:

    I can’t believe Ben would fall for this benbow Coutney! She is rude, coniving, selfish, & I also see her as the possesive type! Ben will find this girl up his but all the time! Ben won’t have a life outside his relationship with Courtney! Ben will have an unhappy life! I saw Lintzy has the woman for Ben! So down to earth & well rounded personality! Love that gal Lintzy! Thumbs down for Courtney! Ben I hope you will reconsider Lintzy & drop Courtney like a hot potatoe!

  12. I am very disappointed in Ben. I think, basically, he is a nice guy, but somewhat naive considering his position in life.
    If he wanted a phoney he could have simply gone to Hollywood
    and found one. Courtney is a “shark”, alpha female focused on
    the win…she would sacrifice anyone under the bus to win, but
    what happens after the win…the game is over for her. Lindzi
    is the answer: intelligent, independent, pretty and kind. Ben
    give this a second thought: lead with your mind!!

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