Jan 9, 2012

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The Bachelor Courtney Robertson 2012: Does Ben Pick Her (SPOILERS)?

After watching tonight’s episode of Bachelor 2012, many fans are wondering just how far Courtney Robertson goes this season.

For those of you who missed the first episode – and the preview for the season – Courtney is the brunette model who can’t stop talking about Ben’s hair. She’s also the girl seen skinny dipping with Ben in the season preview – a move that doesn’t make her popular among the other bachelorettes.

Tonight, we saw the first glimpse of Ben and Courtney together. They had their first one-on-one date and it’s obvious that Ben is infatuated with Courtney’s beauty. The question is, does it last – and is she the one that he ends up picking in the end over all the other women this season.

Well, the answer is yes: she does last long this season. In fact, she lasts right to the end and -despite some of the women trying their best to warn Ben about Courtney – he proposes to her on the finale and they are currently engaged.

Bet you didn’t see that coming huh!

The question is, did Ben make the right decision. Was Courtney the best and most compatible girl for him this season or was he blinded by appearance and did he make his decision based on physical chemistry and nothing else?

It’s hard to tell since it’s the beginning of the season but it appears that Ben may have made a big mistake.

Wonder if these two will be broken up by the After the Final Rose special like Brad and Emily (almost) were last season!

Do you think Ben made the right choice?

Check out some hot photos and a video of Courtney here.

  1. I think Courtney is the worst possible choice. She is the one who like Vienna everyone hates. She clearly loves Courtney and is a catty horrible person. If he really picks her I am done. He will look so bad with choices like Lindzi Cox, Emily and Nicki. SHe is clearly the bad girl and the chances of this lasting and about as good as Jake and Vienna. So disappointing to hear this so early.

  2. I am done with the show if he picks Courtney she is worse the Vienna! He has Kacie B and Lindzi that are so beautiful and nice! She is only on the show to Make her modeling career boost up and she would make a great actress!

  3. Anyone who thinks that they’re going to find their true love and wife on a cheesy reality show, deserves the likes of Courtney. Sorry Ben.

  4. Oh my goodness I hope this is not true! I cant stand looking at her! And I really cant stand to see how hateful she is too everybody in the house! She totally played him to get that rose last night, ugh she just makes me sick. He was so hateful to Emily though so maybe they deserve each other! I love Kaci B. She is so sweet and genuinly cares about him… which is apparentley the opposite of what he’s looking for if he really picks that wench Courtney… freakin camel lips.

  5. OMG!!! I cannot believe he picks Courtney!!! :( Such a disappointment. Ben, YOU ARE SO BLIND! They will break off their engagement for sure and guess what, cute little Kacie B. will be off finding love with someone else and Ben will be single again, now with baggage and a psycho ex-fiance who will claw everyone’s eyes out. What a biotch she is. I hate this show. Men are so stupid, this is evident now.

    • Why would been pick someone so tacky as Courtney when he has so many other women that are beautiful and classy. I personally like him best with Kaci B, they just seem so natural together. As I have been watching the show I have had two thoughts, 1-how could he have feelings for someone like Courtney who is so NASTY(much like Vienna) and 2- IF he does end up picking Courtney it will be Jack and Vienna all over again, assuming they make it to the “after the final rose” show.

    • if ben picks that dark hearted manipulative ho, he deserves what he gets! it’s his 2nd chance and he’s still too simple minded to think like a man and not a boy.

  6. no courtny please

  7. Wendy Dalgleish says:

    Only proves how shallow most men really are….

  8. Be Calabrese says:


  9. Theworldaccording2julie says:

    Poor Ben’s picker is broken if he picked Courtney. For Ben to shag with Courtney was extremely poor judgement. No wonder he is still single.. Courtney has not demonstrated innocence, generosity, caring for anyone other than “winning”. The ladies he has not selected are actually fortunate they will not be with a guy who has this poor judgement. Sorry Ben, it appears you are the loser!

  10. Courtney is trash. If he chooses her he is out of his mind. He’s thinking with his “other tool” and not with his brain. He is infatuated with a phony, evil girl that is used to getting what she wants. The way she goes around saying “Winning!” in front of the other girls is sick. She is shallow and just a girl that uses her looks to get a guy’s attention. He’ll be finished with her right after the show airs. If she does end up with him I promise I will never watch the bachelor again!!!

  11. It’s times like these that I’m glad I didn’t have to find love on a reality TV show. Welcome to the newest generation of “love.”

  12. Ben get smart! Very disappointed you fell for that skinny dipping scene! Not cool and unfair to all the other girls.Casey B is the perfect lady, beautiful, caring ,loving and Genuine. I hope you boot Courtney off. There is a reason why everyone dislikes her? Find out and get her off!

  13. Ben, please do not pick Courtney, she is not the girl for you . you are to good to have something like her by your side, think could you trust her later on in your life NO I DON’T THINK SO. WE LOVE YOU.

  14. Just goes to show you what he’s thinking with. And that’s not his brain. If he’s that dumb he deserves her.

  15. After doing some more research past Reality Steve..I read that Ben actually Doesn’t pick Courtney, and that she is booted either 4th or 5th girl left. Reality steve hasnt always been right and I really dont think he is! And after reading some other sites, i am happy to see that he doesnt pick courtney!

  16. Ben, I really hope you don’t pick Courtney. Have you really had a converstaion with her?? Kassie B and Lenzi are better choices. Since the 1st night I think the best one for you is Kassie B. She is fun she laughs, and she is not just in it to make other women jealous….. Courtney, is mean and vindictive and she had a boyfriend that ask her to marry him and she told him to give her 3 months….. guess why… so she could come on the show to get you. not for love for as a prize.. wake the heck of Ben……….. Please don’t pick Courtney.

  17. I think all of america already knows what will happen here. There is the girl nobody likes which is Courtney and then there is the one that everybody is screaming at the tv telling him to go with which is Kacie B. They always pick the one nobody likes. So i think we all know that he will be single again because he will pick the one that will break his heart in the long run. Good Luck Ben hope you don’t get your heart broke again.

  18. Ben's Mother says:

    Sorry America, my son Ben is an idiot. I keep telling him that and now you know why. I knew he was dumb to get down on one knee even before Ashley could get a word out, and afterwards, his cold angry reaction was almost comical if not certifiable. Courtney is yet another feather in his dumb cap. They they are broken up, and yes he now sits in his room, single, as we speak. Poor guy. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. What’s a mother to do??!

  19. if he went with Kaci B he would of ended up a very happy man in the end. If he does go for Courtney than honestly Kaci B is way to good of a person for Ben!

  20. Maenotknow says:

    Firstly, will someone give that boy a new hair cut. He looks like Huckleberry Finn. We all know what Ben is thinking with. I don’t think he would know how to court a woman without benefit of the mechanics of the show. He asks the stupidest questions and looks dumb while asking. He’s fallen for the oldest courting game “dishonest flattery”. I’m hoping a “smart” woman will refuse a rose and tell him it is because he continues to show poor judgement of character by keeping Courtney on the show. That woman would make a great Bachelorette. Courtney has him completely bamboozled. She has the face of a fox and is as sly. If he chooses and marries her, we may have the makings of a new reality show. Poor Dumb Ben.

  21. Ben is such a fool if he picks Courtney. She is so fake and such a bitch. He was an idiot to let Kassie B go. She had everything any man could have wanted. If he picks Courtney, he deserves the miserable life he’ll get.

  22. I really don’t know what
    Ben sees in Courtney, she is such a bitch to everyone. Her little remarks to all the girls is childish. Any one who goes skinniny dipping and then try’s to get him into bed Is a slut. I sure hope he opens his eyes as to what she is. There were other girls who are more beautifulthan Courtney. Kacie, Lindzi, Emily should have been the last three standing. Hopefully he will realize that he made a wrong choice and do what Jason did .

  23. I have been thinking all along the Courtney must be an actress and the Ben must have known and the show was just going for ratings. No one could be as stupid as Ben appears…unless it was Ashley over what’s his name. Ben has gone around saying I can picture spending my whole life with you to every one he kisses. How could anyone or show be so shallow. I can’t believe I’ve watched it as I think I’m a little bit smarter than this…I’m done…and I don’t think it would matter who he picked. Unbelievable

  24. Love is blind, but does it have to be stupid. I can see
    that Ben doesn’t see what Cortney is saying to the other girls, but when the other girls are telling him can’t he get a clue. Some people are savers and Ben just feels sorry for the unliked one. What he doesn’t realize is that he needs savings and that a lot of life rafts have been already there for him, but he just pushes them away. Once he is with her then he wll really reget his choice. Oh,well some people have to learn the hard way.

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