Jan 14, 2014

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The Bachelor Clare Crawley: Does She Win (Bachelor 2014 Spoilers)!

The Bachelor 2014 is kicking off it’s second episode tonight and viewers will get a chance to see Juan Pablo go on his first one-on-one dates of the season! The first lucky lady to score a one-on-one date this year is Clare Crawley, the adorable hairstylist from Sacramento California.

Clare is bound to be a favorite this season. She already tugged at our heart strings last week when she revealed that her dad left her a DVD to give to her future husband just before he died. The story is touching and we can only hope that, if she doesn’t win, Juan Pablo never sees that DVD.

Clare and Juan Pablo go on their first date tonight and she does, indeed, receive a rose. The 32-year-old beauty seems like a very genuine, sincere person. In her bio for ABC, when asked who inspires her the most in the world, she wrote: “I admire the nobodies of the world that lead selfless lives. ┬áThe ones you don’t hear gloating about their accomplishments.” We couldn’t agree more with that statement. What a great answer.

So, does Clare end up receiving Juan Pablo’s final rose this season?

Unfortunately, she doesn’t. She does, however, make it to the final rose ceremony. The poor girl is sent home broken-hearted on the final day.

Are you upset to hear that Juan Pablo doesn’t pick Clare in the end?

  1. I’m SO HAPPY Juan Pablo DOES NOT end up choosing Clare b/c I sensed an ingenuiness about her. She never affected me as the Mom & Wife “lady” Juan Pablo deserves. Then there’s Nikki. GEEZE! She needed to be gone several shows ago. Her impatience is a rotten quality if she were to be a Mom. She never has seemed too interested in Camilla, FOR REAL:-( I’m trying to figure out why she works in Peds. HMMMM? I thought Renee & Juan Pablo had ally in common but I guess we’ll see after hometown dates. And I too. I ALWAYS thought Charlene was WAY WRONG for him so glad she left;-)

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