Feb 26, 2013

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The Bachelor Catherine Guidici: Does Sean Choose Her?

Millions of fans have been watching Sean Lowe’s journey to find love on The Bachelor for the past 8 weeks but with only a few episodes left the excitment is getting harder and harder to handle.

Whether or not you’ve chosen to read spoilers regarding this season’s winner, the final three women may be a little surprising. However, with only three women left, it’s getting more and more difficult to see who Sean’s connecting with most and who’s most likely to receive the final rose.

Heading into tonight’s episode, Catherine Giudici wasn’t exactly a favorite to win. Even Sean said himself that it was either Catherine or Desiree going home last week and, after he decided to give Des the boot, it seemed like Catherine was next to follow this week. Then overnights happened.

The overnight fantasy dates are a great way for the lead to get to know the final ladies on a personal level (if you know what I mean). Even if Sean chose not to do you-know-what with the three remaining women (which I’m pretty sure he didn’t), it still gives him a heck of a lot more one-on-one time with each remaining lady compared to previous weeks.

Sean’s sister said in a radio interview that we would really see things blossom between Sean and one of the ladies this week and it’s clear she was talking about Catherine. Sean and Catherine are so giddy and cute together that it literally reminds me of high school love. To the point where it’s almost annoying to watch.

So, yes, after watching tonight’s episode, it’s very clear that Catherine could be the one. But is she?

If you don’t want to know what happens this season, stop reading now – I’m about to tell you who gets the final rose.

Is Catherine the lucky lady to receive Sean’s final rose – and a proposal? Yes! She is! Sean will pick Catherine on this season’s final rose ceremony and he will get down on one knee and propose. She, obviously, says yes (like she’s going to pass up wrapping her hands around those beefy arms until death do them part)! According to reputable sources, Catherine and Sean are still happily together and engaged.

Do you think Sean and Catherine will last?

  1. I think that Linsey should win. Her parents were perfect and their overnight date was great! to bad… what makes him not pick her?

    • Michelle says:

      he didnt pick lindsey because you can’t fall in love with someone with only pure happy and lustful passionate feelings. Yes, those need to be there obviously, like they are with Catherine, but the big obvious difference is that lindsey could potentially be such an optimist that she does not show negative emotion or weakness. Every human experiences suffering and sadness. Catherine opened up about her father. I can’t remember lindsey being very serious at all in comparison, she just wanted to kiss him all the time. Showing a more vulnerable side that is willing to grow and trust the person is key to a healthy relationship, where issues and negative emotions will come up in the rest of their life together.

    • Michelle says:

      but don’t take all the fun and lightness out of being alive like ashlee did!
      she was just so blessed to have him help her transform her BIGGEST issue in life which is fantastic, but she needs someone who doesnt have laughter and fun as such a high priority as he did.

    • Esther M. Colburn says:

      Have a happy time together. I approve. Michelle’s remarks about Catherine were right on taget. She showed her feelings towards him on the last meeting before the ceremony. I will be looking forward to the wedding if it happens. You go guys.

  2. He prob picks Catherine but they look really weird together. Very mismatched. She’s not really very cute at all…Lindsay and Ashley are gorgeous. It won’t last anyways. The relationships from this show never do

  3. Catherine is so adorable! I thought she might be too smart and too much of an interesting individual for Sean. Not that I’m knocking the other girls. Just, different types for different people. I think AshLee seemed perfect for Sean (into him, to put it mildly!) I also thought Lindsey seemed a little more like him than Catherine. (I’m afraid Catherine could lose interest in him over time.)
    {Don’t know for sure if I should believe the ‘spoiler’ info until I actually see it – probably…} :)

  4. I love Catherine and Sean together. She is smart, witty, funny, and TRADITIONAL! :)

  5. I think Sean and Catherine are perfect match. A lady doesn’t have to be too uptight, poised all the time to impress a man.. Just to be herself like Catherine and plus Sean likes someone who is fun, traditional, and most importantly has substance.

  6. I agree completely with this assessment. Ashlee was just too much too soon and would have required delicate handling all the time. I didn’t think the girl he ends up with is the girl I would have picked in the beginning or even last week, but after tonight I see how it came about. With that being said, my first pick and still my favorite was Des. I think he did make a mistake when he let her go and I would kill that brother if it was me. How crappy of him to do that to her. Anyway, I hope she has happily moved on and away from her brother. I hope Sean and Catherine are happy together.

    • I agree 100% – AshLee threw out ” I love you” way too soon, I think Sean’s traditional spiritual upbringing (Father/Grandfather are pastor and lay pastor) would not mesh well with Catherine’s less spiritually based life and life outlook and cute, cuddly Lindsey is just a little too immature – but I would have guessed Desiree or Lindsey for the final too. Boy, AshLee had DAGGERS coming out her eyes when she didn’t get a rose. Who wants a man who doesn’t want you as much as you want them?

  7. I hope Sean picks Catherine. They make a great couple. Always able to clown around and still be serious too. Now the question still remains, will they stay together? Count how many couples have stayed together and had a family.

  8. I think that Sean blew it – Ashlee was the one – Catherine is a giddy, immature girl who does not know what she wants yet – It is obvious – But, the show is a joke and I am going to stop watching the stupidity as there are only a few people who have lasted -

  9. Too bad that he chooses Catherine, it seems that she may have problems being happy later on in her relationship. She just seems too giddy which made her look younger and seem very immature. I’m not sure if she is ready to settle down as a wife with all her “here I come goals” as she explained on the show. She will have to give up some things in order for her relationship to successfully last.

  10. I think he should have chosen Lindsey. She is perfect, pretty, smart and can have fun. I think Catherine will lose interest in him later on. She is toooo giddy!

  11. I’m not surprised that it’s Catherine. She’s perfect for Sean even though they are completely the opposite of each other. Their genuine chemistry, ability to have fun together and still embrace the love that’s there makes them the perfect couple. From pictures I’ve seen online and what I’ve seen on the show she is just the ultimate party person. She knows how to have a good time and doesn’t take life too seriously but also knows what she wants. I watched a clip of their date in my office at DISH and how they feel about each other is so obvious. I can’t wait to see how Sean goes about proposing to her at the final ring ceremony. I didn’t get to see the episode when it aired last night but I got caught up on the train ride home. Thanks to the Hopper and DISH Anywhere I was able to turn my iPad into a TV and see what I missed.

  12. When the season first started I would of never been able to predict the final two ladies. As the season went on though I couldn’t help but notice the way he was when with Catherine. I really like Lindsey a lot, but the spark you can see in his eyes with Catherine is just not there with Lindsey. Sean and Catherine are awesome together and I can’t wait to see him propose!

  13. I like Catherine for Sean because she has values which was Sean was looking for a woman, remember Sean is a born-again Christian. He probably see something in Catherine that he picked her. Not everything is shown on tv of course and people cannot judge anybody, we are not supposed to judge. Sean is an intelligent man with strong family values, who knows maybe he saw most of these values on Catherine compared to the other 2 women. Sean mentioned that Catherine is highly intelligent and Sean knows what he wants and what he sees on Catherine that’s why he picked her. Hope that they will make it to the altar of matrimony and have lots of cute children. Offsprings of mixed culture couple are very beautiful especially their skin toned, etc. I know for sure coz all my grandchildren are so beautiful and handsome, product of 2 mixed culture.

  14. ssato@aol.com says:

    Catherine and Sean have no Chemistry and nothing in common. Cant see them together. Cant see the families have anything in common either

    • I agree–I think Ashlee or Des or Lesley would have been better for him than Catherine–especially after what here sisters said.

  15. Sean and Catherine are perfect match can’t wait to see their kids . When they put God and Love as a center of their relationship everything will turn out right, and their relationship will last forever. Good luck for both of you…

  16. allison says:

    Catherine is the complete package. Hope he picks her & wishing them both their happiest.

  17. First of all, who knows really what he feels about any of them(he hasnt been that forthcoming). Also, I know a Lot of people say they come from different backgrounds and don’t have much in common, but that’s all on paper. People can be very different but be meant for each other. Maybe to him, someone who is just like him is boring, and I think he likes the way Catherine keeps him on his toes. Opposites do attract! Also, she has ambitions, and many of the other girls don’t. Lindsay is a substitute teacher, and I get the impression she’s just biding her time for some man to marry her so she is taken care of. There’s nothing wrong with that,but maybe that’s just not what he wants. None of us should judge him on his decision, its his life.

  18. If Sean is a true born again christian, and Unless Catherine is a born again christian, it will not work with sean, The beauty will wear off but the love you have for Christ will always be stronger,

  19. Those that say Catherine and Sean don’t “look good” together are either shallow or racist. You don”t marry someone because you look good together (Which I think they do). You marry someone who shares your same values (which Catherine and Sean do) as well as have physical chemistry (which Catherine and Sean certainly do!). This love story may just work because neither Sean or Catherine saw it coming. Their first one-on-one date told the whole story. He was upset about the drama in the house and Catherine was the perfect person to take him to the other end of the spectrum of emotion just by her ability to have fun in the most unusual circumstance (sledding on a glacier while being pelted by ice and snow). He was her Prince Charming but she saved him! I wish them all the best!!!

  20. I am happy for catherine. I have know her since was small. She is smart, funny and a caring young woman. I wish catherine & sean the best. Always.

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