Feb 26, 2013

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The Bachelor AshLee Frazier Elimination: Did Sean Make a Mistake?

Those of you planning to tune into tonight’s episode of The Bachelor may be shocked to see what’s in store. Most of you already know that tonight is the highly emotional overnight fantasy dates where one unlucky lady will be eliminated just days after spending the night with Sean Lowe (although chances are they aren’t going to do anything more than talk since Sean is expected to be a born-again virgin).

Tonight, Sean will embark on 3 ultra-romantic evenings with the remaining women: Lindsay Yenter, AshLee Frazier and Catherine Giudici. At the end of the episode, one woman is sent home so upset that she doesn’t take the time to speak to Sean before leaving.

As most of you watch tonight’s episode in shock, you’ll realize that it’s probably AshLee who doesn’t receive the rose. You’re right. She doesn’t receive a rose tonight and is sent home absolutely devastated. Throughout the entire season, AshLee was confident that Sean would be her husband at the end of all of this. She’s told him she loves him several times (maybe too many times for this point in their relationship) and she basically referred to Sean as “hers” the whole season. So, yes, you can imagine her surprise when she’s left empty-handed at the end of tonight’s rose ceremony.

Personally, I think it’s been obvious for many weeks that AshLee and Sean weren’t right for eachother. She’s not as out-going and adventurous as Lindsay and Catherine and, I didn’t see the chemistry between them at all.

I agree, AshLee seems like a very nice, very sincere person but I think Sean made the right decision in sending her home tonight. In fact, I’m shocked she lasted longer than Desiree and Lesley M.

The question is, do you agree with me: Do you think Sean made a mistake sending AshLee home tonight?

And, perhaps more importantly, do you think AshLee should be the next Bachelorette?

  1. There was only one beautiful loving pure heart on this program that understood the depths of true love. For Sean to believe that he understands the meaning of that word is laughable. It was only about the giggles and the laughs for him, and it is so terribly sad to say, that with all his fine qualities, he could not possibly be more deluded……as he let Ash Lee disappear forever.

    • Wendy l Warner says:

      I hope Ashlee is the next bachlorette!!!

    • The thing is its about Sean and what he wants in life. Ashlee was beautiful but high maintenance and always crying. She’ll be crying about her childhood for the next 40 years. Who needs that? She needs to let go of the past and move (joyfully because she has so much going for her) into the present.

  2. Ashlee was a beautiful , warm and loving person… so sad Sean sent her home…. I think this was a big mistake!

  3. Ashlee has way too much baggage. Thats why shes out. Catherine might be too culturally different for Sean that leaves Lindsay. Blonde like him, great family. Her dad is a general. They have a big home.. He has more similarities with Lindsay than Catherine. Who knows.. Its fun to watch sean rip these gold digger girls hearts out. You cant find true love on a effin reality show.. But its hilarious to watch..

  4. She gave me the heebie geebies!!!!!!!

    • AshLee needs therapy to realize that a person is never “made whole” by another person. She needs help to let go of a distant past and to become whole within herself. She lives way too close to self-pity city.

  5. They should never have allowed Ashlee on the show.

    Hear me out here. Don’t get me wrong, I adored her and I thought she was a wonderful person. I never saw her ending up with Sean, because there wasn’t much chemistry.

    However, Ashlee is too “damaged” to handle these things like an adult. Lynsey is only 24 and she has a great deal more emotional maturity. Even Des had more maturity. Ashlee is in a perpetual “I’m a victim, love me” state where she can’t get over her parents abandonment, and she can’t just learn to be happy with the parents she has who fell in love with her. She constantly has to blame the world and everyone else rather than doing the emotional work to move on. She branded herself early on to be a LOT of emotional work. She’s unwilling to rely on herself, she has to be codependent on someone else. And that’s not what Sean is looking for. He wants to be a husband, father, and protector- not CONSTANT damage control and reassurance. Her reaction confirmed my fears about her- she has not yet grown up.

    That being said, some people deal with things by getting angry. That’s understandable. Any breakup I ever had, my first reaction was anger. It can help you to move on. But she seems to have no clue that Sean wasn’t just being vindictive or being a self absorbed asshole. He was forced to send someone home, and he HATED to let her go. It seemed like she just wanted to kill him.

    Ashlee has a problem that a lot (not all, but a lot) of troubled youth in the foster care system can develop later in life- a complete lack of empathy. She can’t understand that other people have feelings. She sees herself. That’s it. She’s not incapable of getting along with others, and she’s not mean by nature. She just doesn’t get it. It’s understandable after everything she probably went through.

    I hope Ashlee is able to work through her issues and find true love. But I think it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. Not until she matures and stops playing the victim.

    • Well said! (Applause) this became all about Ashlee’s childhood issues than their Love. It’s like shut up and stop crying and pay attention to your man. This isn’t the Ashlee show. I understand a traumatic past but other people have been through WORSE and aren’t crying their heads off all the time!

    • I agree completely with this assessment. Ashlee was just too much too soon and would have required delicate handling all the time. I didn’t think the girl he ends up with is the girl I would have picked in the beginning or even last week, but after tonight I see how it came about. With that being said, my first pick and still my favorite was Des. I think he did make a mistake when he let her go and I would kill that brother if it was me. How crappy of him to do that to her. Anyway, I hope she has happily moved on and away from her brother. I hope Sean and Catherine are happy together.

    • I love how Ashlee handled herself after the rose ceremony. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to break down in front of someone who just broke my heart. There is a certain amount of flowery language no matter what place you are in the competition that you sign up for, but I can’t imagine how it must feel to hear what these girls hear from this guy and then be sent home after feeling safe. You get almost no lifelines in this competition, and if you don’t think that would be an incredibly hard way to go you’re not trying very hard to empathize.

      You people are cold. Please don’t assume the edited series of clips you’re allowed to see are anything more than just a piece to the puzzle. Real relationships are about more than giggling and having fun every second. Not everything you can get out of a relationship can be squeezed out immediately like a piece of fruit stuffed in a juicer. Ashlee has so much more potential than the other girls. Investing time in her would’ve paid off huge. I hope she gets her own season or better yet, is swept off her feet by someone before that even has a chance of happening.

    • This is all a bunch of trash, damaged goods. I love how people sit in their easy chair and become a Harvard Scholar in psychiatry. It takes extreme arrogates to sit there and pass judgment on a person’s scars from childhood or how it affected them as an adult until you have your PHD. To say she is damaged goods and talks about it too much is her way of being honest and letting people understand her but it doesn’t define who she is. She was going through an intense almost love boot camp and that made everyone of those women not their everyday person. I was damaged goods from childhood from unthinkable things and it took me till age 45 to work it out, I mentioned it but it didn’t define who I was and I have been happily married for 25 years and plan on 25 more. Ashlee was a great gal and a loving person any man will be lucky to have her. Judge yourself not others there Sigmund Freuds.

    • Ashlee was an amazing women in every way, shape and form. Admittedly, I do feel she may have mentioned her past to often which ultimately overwhelmed Sean. Maybe he felt the weight was more than he could bare?.. With that being said… Most individuals come to relationships with emotional scars from their past that come in many different shapes and sizes. The partner who is best suited for you, will take your burdens and offer a safe haven that allows you to…take a breath and…..exhale.

      Ashlee will make some lucky gentleman very, very….very happy. The sincerity she brought to the table was so piercing to my heart and struck such a deep cord with me.. When a women loves from the deepest fiber of her being…. She is yours for LIFE. A true soulmate that will covet the values that are so sacred to a marriage, that you will never look to another… All three of the final women had beauty but Ashlee’s beauty radiated like the brightness star in the sky…. Inside and out!

  6. I’m Team Lynsey. I think Catherine is not ready to make a commitment to a marriage and babies. That is what Sean is looking for right now.

    If she picks Catherine, they will be engaged for several months and then break up, without ever setting a wedding date or doing any planning. Just like Ben and Courtney. Catherine seems like a total sweetheart, and I think she’s a great girl. But she’s not at a point in her life where she’s ready to commit. I can just tell. Her relationship with Sean is all shallow. Not once has she talked about marriage or children.

    Lynsey has repeatedly talked about imagining her life with Sean. They have incredible chemistry and their first meeting would be such a wonderful and funny story to tell their children someday! Plus, can we please acknowledge the fact that their kids would be TOTALLY ADORABLE!! Lynsey is young, and therefore she has years of fertility ahead of her.

    I don’t know Catherine’s age. I never paid attention because she never struck me as even remotely compatible with Sean. I pegged her to be like a Daniella or a Jackie- BEAUTIFUL, but absolutely no romantic connection. She’s changed that over the past few episodes. But I still constantly see her shallow side and no consideration for the future.


  7. I agree with KC and I’m happy that Sean didn’t choose AshLee. Although she was a sweet girl and all, she always cried about her life. I understand that she’s been through a lot, but every single time she talks up her past…she just cries and cries about herself. It gets annoying. I hope she finds love though, and hopefully she realizes that the world does not revolve around her.

    • I disagree with KC’s second post though. Catherine is beautiful. Maybe she’s not the stereotypical ‘American-Girl’ type, but she’s beautiful in her own way. Everyone on the show was beautiful, even Tierra. haha.

  8. Ange N, I agree that Desiree would be a great match for Sean, but sending AshLee home instead of Catherine was plain stupid. Catherine and Sean live in two different worlds, and Seattle is a LONG ways away from Dallas (geographically and culturally).

    Sean’s decision to send AshLee home tonight only confirms his immaturity; AshLee is OBVIOUSLY wife material, but if Sean doesn’t appreciate you I’ll be your Teddy Bear. :]

    • Hey Mike – the hell you call Catherine Giudici “plain stupid”. Got news for you buddy Catherine has a BA Advertising degree from Washington Uni. She’s a creative graphic designer, worked for Amazon and is a very witty engaging food blogger. What about you Mike? What are you? What have you done so worthy in this world to callously label somebody as “plain stupid” without substantiating it with not even an iota of evidence. I’d say you are “PLAIN STUPID”!!!

  9. I totally think that AshLee Frazier should be the next bachelorette!!!!! I think that she has a sweet and wonderful spirit in spite of all she has been through in her life. She is mature and I would like to get to see her have her pick of 25 great hunky guys!!! Maybe Ariel L. could go on the show again because he agrees with me and could be sweet on her!! I like seeing the older girls getting the chance instead of the younger ones who have lots of time to find love and start a family.

  10. figment of your imagination says:

    He picks Catherine. It’s official. Lindsey is the next Bachelorette.

    • Congratulations on being a certified a$$hole! You could have at least prefaced your comment with [spoiler alert] … ah, but then again:

      I feel sorry for people like you who don’t have anything better in life to do than to troll.

    • AshLee was a very nice and beautiful lady, and my pick from the start, until the week before she got let go. She has learned through personal experience to be very controlling of herself. And that’s good. But, as the personal organizer for others, I began to wonder how much of that she would project into her relationship with Sean. On a certain level, AshLee is quite self-centered and I can easily see her being so in a relationship. She may love her man to the ends of the Earth, but she will also expect that he follow her advice in all things at all times. She rally tipped her hand with her performance during the “Women Tell All” broadcast. I think by letting her go, Sean got her to realize that she is not the center of everyone else’s universe, only her own. There was just too much baggage there for Sean, and I can’t blame him for finally choosing to cut her loose. Is AshLee beautiful? Yes. Caring? Sure. And with the right person she can be happier that she has ever dreamed. But that person, obviously, isn’t Sean. Time to move on.

  11. These people making the negative comments about AshLee have no idea what it is like to be abandoned by your parents.No matter how much work you do it is a pain that lives with you for the remainder of your life. They watch as women with real parents who have a big house with parents who love them get everything and win at everything. Sean is a fool. After what AshLee has been through she is the woman who would have the deeper love and appreciate things the other women never will. They are confident and entitled. Sadly AshLee will never achieve her potential as she has a pain so deep it will never go away.

    • She’s clearly done a lot of work in therapy; I admire her. It’s rare to be so integrated after such a difficult childhood. When she contained her feelings after being eliminated, I felt so proud of her. She had every right to be enraged–she was betrayed. Sean could’ve held back all the romantic and encouraging things he said, but he didn’t. Instead, he forced her to feel the way he felt when he was eliminated at F3, and that’s a testament to how close he felt to her. Did anyone notice how similar his mom is to AshLee?

    • Yes! Ashlee and Sean’s mom seem similar in many ways. I think Sean’s family would have loved Ashlee the most of the final three girls. Sean may have made a huge mistake letting her go. But since he did she should definitely be the next Bachelorette. She is actually ready to get married, not just looking for a fun experience on TV. She is sweet, smart, and strong. Make Ashlee the next Bachelorette!

    • I know quite wonderful people who have healed from childhoods much worse than AshLee’s. A terrible childhood remains an open wound only if it is constantly picked at instead of being treated with appropriate therapy and allowed to heal. AshLee ruminates over and over about her childhood, which prevents healing.

  12. My GF got me watching it. I think this is complete BS to tell these three ladies he is falling in love with them, kiss them repeatedly (ad nauseum ;-) , drawing them in to only break their hearts. These men and women who go on these shows set themselves up for misery. Sean seems like a good dude, but if I were Ash Lee and Lindsay, I’d kick him in the *#@^% !! Oh, and AshLee is too serious and to genuine to be a phony and be the Bachelorette !!!

  13. I liked Ashlee, she was beautiful and genuine and sweet but she was way too serious for Sean. I wish she showed a fun side to her too. Sean wants someone with a little spunk. He is adventurous and I just didn’t get that from Ashlee. I get that fun and adventure with Lyndsey and Catherine though. You don’t want to be married for 50 yrs to someone who is so dry and serious. You need to be able to laugh with your soulmate too. Catherine is fun and super adventurous. Lyndsey is too but I don’t think she isn’t as mature as Catherine, and her voice is annoying to high heavens, and is so babyish. Still think Ashlee was the most mature for Sean, just not adventurous enough. So If I have to puck it would be Catherine. Loved Lyndsey’s dad though and her family.

    • Although I wished he had picked Ashlee for she had the ultimate overwhelming love for Sean and out of all the ladies would have made Sean agood wife. However, since he didnt he would do better with Lindsey, she is ready to settle down and have kids. Her mother even said so. She can be quirky like Sean likes. They would fit in
      seamlessly with each others family. I am still hopeful that Ashlee will be the next bachelorette!

    • No one likes Catherine she an ugly person who got hit the face with a frying pan 50000 times as a child.If Sean picks her over Lindsay than he shall be forever alone. I don’t think Catherine is attractive she looked like she has a pig face. She won’t make anyone happy especially Sean she has no sense of humor her voice pisses me off. Catherine is too high strung and doesn’t know the definition of romance. Catherine is only looking for laughs and not taking anything seriously if she got voted off I bet she wouldn’t even care she would just run back to her homeland in Thailand and marry monkeys ..her own kind.

    • Ohhhhhh my God! I can’t believe what Alexa said!!! how racist and stupid!!! Catherine has a natural beauty, personality, intelligence… when Sean woke them up she was the one who needed less maintenance to be ready, she is so cool. And about the “annoying voice” how annoying is the typical “american girl” voice thats baby talking just like TIERRA we were able to hear her natural voice when she was around the other girls, but when she was with Sean, the voice was like babyish thaaaats annoying and Lindsay does the same voice with Sean and adding to that the ducky mouth….thats annoying.. Good choice Sean …Catherine was the best for you you guys will be very happy!

  14. I don’t know… I never saw the chemistry between him and AshLee- he always seemed to have more fun with the others. Then there’s Catherine, with whom he seems to have nothing BUT fun, and there isn’t all that much depth to their connection. They laugh together, and I guess that they talk about important stuff, but at the end of the day, it seems like they only talk about the important stuff because Sean makes a concious effort to force it into the conversation, because he remains aware that at the end of this, he has to find his wife.

    But AshLee, she lacked the fun and the spontaniety of the other girls, and it seems like that’s something that he needs. Now, I can’t really talk, because about halfway through the show, I had decided that it was either Desiree or Lesley M. Obviously, I was wrong about both. I saw it coming when he sent Lesley home, but Desiree was an actual shock, and it seemed like he was sending her home because he was still offended by her brother, who was a dick, but not a reason to end a relationship with someone that you care about. But either way, it seemed way more natural between him and some of the others than it did with AshLee.

    And the way that she played the victim all the time? I felt sorry for her at first, but then it just got old. She’s talking about abandonment issues, and I was just like ‘then where did you get the brilliant idea to go onto a reality TV show where the entire show is the process of two dozen women getting dumped before he gets on one knee before The One’? It just seemed like it was not the sort of place that AshLee, specifically, should have been looking for love.

    A lot of people have mentioned her being angry at him as a sign of her emotional immaturity, but I really respected her in that moment when she started to cry- she had just had her heart broken- and she tried to maintain some dignity, rather than Desiree, who was just blubbering all over the place about how he had made a mistake. She had no idea about what his relationships with the others were like, and she just made herself look like a self centred idiot. But in that situation, I would have definitely been mad. Not at him choosing someone else, because I like to think that I would care enough about this person to want them to do what made them the happiest, but that he let it get as far as it did. That he knew about all of her issues and her baggage- because she was always really open about it- and he allowed her to open herself up for heartbreak like this. That he let things like the fantasy suite HAPPEN, if he wasn’t as sure about his relationship with her.

    The interesting thing is, from what I remember (and maybe I’m wrong, I’m not remembering really clearly), Sean was mad when Emily sent him home, too. Just food for thought.

    As for the Bachelorette- I don’t see AshLee being Bachelorette material. She’s got too much baggage, and she isn’t as outgoing as the Bachelorette usually is. Honestly, I think it’s going to be Desiree, though I could also see Lindsay as the Bachelorette if she doesn’t win (I think she’s going to win, though). I don’t see Catherine as the bachelorette, though I’m not sure why not. It just strikes me that she doesn’t take this seriously, and it’s one thing for the contestants not to take it seriously, it’s another for the Bachelor or the Bachelorette to not take it seriously. I could also have seen it being Lesley, but I think that the one that they choose usually makes it further than she did, so that’s out.

  15. Sean is a jerk… He’s looking for a hiking buddy, not a wife. If someone doesn’t want to do some *exactly* like you do Sean, it doesn’t mean they’re not into you — it just means they have their own mind. Good luck finding a robot. You got more love in a couple of weeks than most people get in a lifetime, and you keep pissing it away. Pathetic.

  16. I think the letter Sean gets from Chris Harrison is from AshLee.

  17. AshLee is not athletic enough for Sean and she is more mature and perhaps more upscale. She should be the next bachelorette because she has such depth of character and is drop dead gorgeous but has no idea ( unlike Emily).

  18. I don’t get why people like des? I found her incredibly boring. Ashlee was mature and gorgeous. She had it all. Sean is a fool and he will never marry Catherine. The last two are laughy immature babies. I find them ingenious. Ashlee had class and really has gone through so much and she was the only one who stood up to Tierra. She had sass.

    • I agree. I didn’t really care for Desiree. She was clingy as heck. When she went on the group date with Sean, Lindsey and Catherine she pulled Sean away from the others and had to sit up front with him – she wouldn’t let the others get a chance. And then when Desiree got let go she was annoying as heck practically begging him to not eliminate her and to change his choice. She just seemed like a 24 year old and not mature. Same goes for Lindsey and Catherine. I don’t think they had the maturity and outlook on marriage like Ashlee did. They are young though so I guess it’s too be expected. I just see Lindsey and Catherine more as “girlfriend” material like highschool sweethearts than being actual wive material….But I do think also Ashlee came off as boring, scared about life and too got up talking about her past way too often.

  19. No, in fact, he made the right choice. Not that there is anything wrong with Ashlee. It’s Sean’s relationship and not anyone else. So with that logic, yeah, he did the right thing for himself.

    My thoughts: Sadly it was hard for Ashlee cause she has trust issues. I am for one in the same boat as her. To let someone in fully is hard. At the same time though, I am not too sad about Ashlee not getting a rose. First off, she went on a show where she could end up being rejected. It’s unfortunate that you have to let your guard down with chance… especially with a show like this, but hey, that is part of the game. I am sure she will not have any problems finding her true soul mate.

    Regarding Sean and the girls remaining:
    Catherine is his best fit. His eyes light up every time he speaks about her or is around her. With Lindsay, I don’t see her being truly ready for marriage yet. Not sure what it is it, but I personally don’t. Whomever he chooses, the remaining one without the rose will have no problems finding love on their own. So I say, pick whoever you want. The public will be what they want to be whether mad, sad, happy, or joyful for you. Go with your gut Sean (in case this show is not fake…).

  20. Ashlee is beautiful,out of all of the women who are on the show, she was the most compatible with Sean.

  21. i loved ashlee but felt like she didn’t laugh enough with sean. the mood always seemed so serious when they were together, and it was always about her trust issues and letting him in. i have no idea why someone with those types of relationship issues to overcome would go on a show like this. she was a pretty classy lady though, and i feel like if i had to choose someone to spend time with myself it would be her! however… didn’t see much chemistry between them. i think sean could see what a great woman she is and genuinely liked her as a person, but ultimately those sparks just didn’t develop.

    lindsay… i am torn on her. at first i found her incredibly annoying, but she has slowly grown on me. the baby voice however has not. she is also VERY young… although granted, so is catherine. he smiles and laughs so much when he is around her or talks about her. i think she and catherine have the one thing ashlee was missing, which was an element of fun. doesn’t seem to have a lot of substance though she is sweet.

    catherine… really cute girl. seems like she is not ready to commit. i don’t know if their romance has just been slower to develop or what, but i just don’t feel that they have much of a foundation to their relationship… (as much as one can build on the bachelor haha). sean does get sort of giddy and goofy when hes around her. reminds me of a lovesick puppy dog. my boyfriend (who i force to watch the show) calls catherine the snuggle bunny. cant decide if he means that in a good way or if he just finds her incredibly annoying. she seems like fun to me, but am i the only one who finds it strange that whenever they are having a serious conversation she stares off into space instead of looking him in the eyes? maybe she just gets nervous (she does keep calling him beefy and hunky), but i find it incredibly annoying. plus, im not sure that someone should be contemplating getting engaged to someone you cant even look in the eye and have a heartfelt conversation with.

    not going to lie. not too attached to any of these ladies like i have been in seasons past! love sean though.

  22. Joshua Jackson says:

    There are few moments life that present truly life altering consequences. Sean decided to send Ash Lee home which I believe is the biggest mistake he may ever make in life. Most of the women were “wifey” material…but Ash Lee had the love and true devotion that is absolutely necessary to form a partnership for life. It’s fine to giggle and laugh (Catherine). Nice to have good in-laws (Lindsey). Hard to have bad in-laws ( Des). But to have a woman that truly will appreciate the love, life style, journey, passion …and even the bad times…that is the “life partner” you choose. The person that will be able to go through it all (life is a marathon and sometimes stormy) with you and still have that love and passion…that’s the person you choose. Ash Lee has been through a lot and had survived extreme disappointments…she is most genuine…the most sincere…the one that is the most in love with Sean. Ash Lee would have loved Sean every step of their journey. Now he has goofball Lindsey and flaky Cathrine to go through this life with….good luck with that Sean. Ash Lee is the life partner you should have taken the journey with. Good luck ever getting Catherine to feel that deeply about you. Ash Lee deserves a man who understands who hurt…her insecurities…her “baggage”…yet, loves her for all that pain because everything has an equally powerful opposite…Ash Lee’s intense love that she had for her lucky husband

    • I couldn’t agree more! AshLee was genuine, passionate, and the most lovable and vulnerable to me. A truly strong man would not be able to resist loving and protecting her!

    • I am a marriage and family counselor and I 100% agree with you. People choose spouses based on the wrong set of criteria for the long haul. Ashlee would have been very good long term. These other girls might love him but I am not sure they have what it takes to weather the storms .

    • Sean made the biggest mistake ever I feel sooooo bad for AshLee if anyone deserves marriage it’s her she poored her heart out to Sean and he obviously didn’t care and used the against her . When Sean voted AshLee off you could tell she was heartbroken I would have done the same thing on how she handled it except I would have punched Sean in the face for leading her on like that. I think AshLee is the sweetest of them all and if Sean picks Catherine than who knows what he got himself into. But honestly AshLee should absolutely be on the next bachelorette she would be perfect for it . As for Carherine I hope Sean doesn’t pick her se doesn’t deserve him she would make a great wife to monkeys.

  23. Ashley was definitely the one that has the most love in her heart for Sean. Too bad he settle for quirky. Thee to four months from now and quirky/fickle will be history!

  24. I won’t watch the show if Lindsay in the next bachelorette because she is too young to seriously be looking for marriage. I love AshLee and would love to see her as the next pick. I also think that she would have a fun side and a playful side if she was chosen. I prefer it when the show has people who are more serious about the process and not just a bunch of people looking for a career in hollywood.

    She is very beautiful and I was shocked to see that Sean let her go. My vote is for AshLee.

  25. Ash Lee was very sweet, but she was way too serious all the time. She tried to be philosophical and didn’t just have fun. She played the wounded puppy card way too much. My daughter was adopted at 5 years old (Ash Lee was adopted at 4). I tell my daughter all the time that she is super special because I chose her! Ash Lee should realize that her parents chose her….that makes her special. There is no damage there. I was abandoned by my father, so I know about feeling like the person who is supposed to love you forever doesn’t. I didn’t carry the victim mentality into my adult life. I choose to be victorious over my past, not a victim of it. I liked Ash Lee genuinely, but she was just too serious for me.

    • I wonder how much of this show is editing. A lot, I imagine. Each of the girls has a story–hers was abandonment, and that’s what they showed the most.

  26. Mermaidmae says:

    I couldn’t agree more with “Jo”……I am so very disappointed in Sean’s decision to reject Ashlee…..No one will ever adore and cherish him as she would have…. I am 65 years old, a widow twice,…and recognize true love when I see it…..I am deeply sorry for both of them… Sean, though he doesn’t know it, has “settled” for less than he could have had……he was just too immature to recognize it……MP

  27. I can’t believe anyone would seriously watch this show if AshLee were made the next Bachelorette. She is clingy and desperate and lapses into immature baby-voiced blitherings at the drop of a hat. A full season of this “person” would bring down ABC’s ratings.

  28. OldMyrtleMae says:

    I am 83 years old — Though I have been divorced more times then I care to remember, I do truly believe that I have an excellent eye for compatibility. Surely my exes would beg to differ. That being said, this is true love we are talking about – you think this happens every day?

    I am confident that AshLee is (and was) Sean’s soul-mate. Just because Sean is beautiful and perfect, it has made him conceited. That is the nature of a reality television show such as “The Bachelor”. Sean’s choice tonight was inconceivable…But who says life is fair, where is that written?

    If Sean’s love is a grain of sand, then AshLee’s is a universe of beaches. AshLee made it clear that, prior to meeting Sean, her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high. Sean may have had fun storming the castle; but it was not only a lie, it was a cruel lie. Sean’s actions, and not his words, spoke the truth. Now it is up to AshLee to live with it.

    To play devil’s advocate, perhaps Sean made the right choice…what does an old viewer like me know? For goodness sake, when I was Sean’s age television was called books.

    But keep this in mind – a wise man once said: “Life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is obviously selling something.” Well “The Bachelor” sells us a fairytale — but love is many things, none of them logical. My 83 years have taught me that life isn’t fair, it’s just fairer than death… that’s all.

    A Thwarted Romantic (or is it Cynic)

  29. Sean’s rejection of Ashlee was a total injustice. He completely violated her trust in him. Remember him constantly asking her if she trusted him? And her answer–”Yes I trust you.” I see alot of negative comments about her (although most are good)but regardless she deserved a better fate,to at least meet his family. I think that they would have loved her, and he was probably afraid of that. So I think he picked the two most alike–immature, so they wouldn’t have much of a contrast to consider. Ashlee would have won hands down. I don’t blame her for the stare she gave him. I don’t think “Carrie” could have given him a worse look. He deserved it. He’s coming off looking like a worse dork than Ben Flanjik.
    I doubt I will watch the Bachelor again. I hate to see such lovely human beings getting their hearts torn out.
    God bless you Ashlee. Keep your head up and your heart open.
    There is certainly a deserving guy out there for you, who will truly love you and protect your heart. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Our hearts were made to be given to others.

    • Loverealitytv says:

      The pleasure in the Bachelor is watching these emotions play out on TV. Viewers relish it. Contestants are naive if they don’t know what to expect from the show.

  30. Sean is not a man but a little boy in a mans body and being with a real woman scares him so instead he choose to little girls who are all about laughs and giggles ashlee was perfect for him but he’s to blind to see that I don’t see forever with these two girls their just in it for the ride I actually feel sorry for him cause he’ll never know true love an what it means ashlee darling you’ll find someone who will love u for you and who will make u happier than sean ever could.

  31. WELL SAID KC!!!!!!!
    I think Ashlee is a sweet girl that needs to let go of her past in order for her to move on to the future!
    Ashlee has beautiful adoptive parents , that love her a lot and want the best for her. To keep on bringing up the fact that she was rejected, is a slap in the face to them. Give them a hug, tell them you love them and MOVE ON! These are her real parents NOW and the only ones she has known. She needs to treat them like they are the only parents she ever had! This is what is holding her back and will continue to hold her back. She’s living way to much in the past!
    Sean should have let her go episodes ago (the scarf episode) …He should have seen that she was vulnerable and an emotional wreak! That being said, coming on to this show is not a good idea if you are afraid of rejection and need to be in control!
    AshLee Is sadly going to find out that even in the grown up world there is rejection and that relationships don’t always work out!
    Relationships are about trust, love and commitment. Your not going to find this on a reality show where the guy is able to date and kiss other women. What are these girls thinking?

    • I totally agree. Ashlee is way too intense and emotional. Sean didn’t make a mistake in sending her home!

  32. Loverealitytv says:

    Ashlee had WAY too much baggage. She said Sean healed her broken heart, so what now for her? There is no way she is the next Bachelorette. I would love to see Lesley (5) as next Bachelorette. She was the most real. Linsey’s too annoying. Des, eh. But Des would be better than Linsey. I think the producers are afraid of Des’s family though. It won’t make for a future marriage.

  33. I thimk everyone should remember that this show was edited. Ashlee seems peeky and fun to me, not serious all the time. I think the producers only want to show that serious side of her. Ashlee is mature. In the house, she seems like a great friend (i remember her being the one who was always at Sarah’s side during the roller skating date). She handles everything with class. I personally love the way she walked out after she was rejected. She didn’t want to break down in front of Sean after he blindsided her. I would have done the same thing. I think Sean has becomelike the majority of the previous Bachelors. Choosing lust and fun over love.

  34. Ashlee for next bachelorette.

    She is a beautiful soul who deserves the opportunity. Also,if the bachelor/bachelorette wants to be taken seriously, they will feature a person who is likely to actually MARRY and stay with whoever they choose at the end. This would be Ashlee.

  35. isabelle bleu says:

    When AshLee described to him the type of ring she wanted she sealed her doom. You can see by his face he thought, “golddigger”. That said, AshLee is the one who will age the best. Her high cheekbones and cat-like eyes will still be beautiful when she is forty. Her features are sharp. Catherine’s sweet little pudgy face will melt into soft, old skin in her thirties. All three are beautiful, though I find Lindsey very boring and hate to hear she’s the next Bachelorette…snooze. It’s like Ashley all over again.

  36. First of all, let me say Sean made a huge mistake. I think him not picking Ashlee did show his immaturity. Like another comment stated, relationships arent always about laughs and giggles, yes, its good to have an equal amount of that but you also want someone who is emotionally mature as well, and i can tell you right now that Catherine nor Lindsey are that. Lindsey is 24! I wasn’t even thinking at marriage at 24, that phase will pass and I promise you they won’t make it. and Catherine, REALLY? she acts like a 12yr old, and she pretty much spelled it out to him when she told him that she had a hard time committing in her other relationship. Also, if he picks her they wont make it they’re culture and lifestyle are way to different, he’s looking at the potential she/or they may have and what he needs to see who already has that. Some ppl don’t always reach that potential. if her own family (the ppl that see her every day and know her inside and out) wouldn’t stand by her marring sean, then what does that tell you?? Sean, you’re an idiot. Ashlee has way too much too much class for him anyways. she needs a real man, an established one, one that can offer her emotional security.

  37. Timothy Wiebe says:

    As some have already suggested, Ashlee understood true love. Ashlee actually had a depth about her that would be able to manage a long and lasting relationship. Sean, IMO, has no idea what he’s doing.

  38. I think made the right choice sending Ashlee home, she was too intense, not adventurous and as fun as the other girls and wanted too much pity for her upbringing. Everyone has problems, but you move forward with confidence despite what has happened to you in the past, not excuses for who you are. And I think her reaction when she was rejected was a little harsh. Of course you have to expect that you wouldn’t be picked, that’s the whole point of the show! Get over it! Go out with some grace, dignity and confidence! And no, I do not think she should be the next Bachelorette, I don’t think I would watch if she was.

    • I would have to respectfully disagree. I dont think being adventurous is eating bugs?? In case you didn’t see her date with sean last night, he took her through a cave in deep water, without life jackets, and with a glow stick (what it seemed like) !! that seems pretty adventurous to me. Also, i dont think you can ever speak about someone getting over something that detrimental when you’ve never been there. I’m not sure what you mean by, go out with grace?? i think she did, she didnt sit there and beg him to reconsider or tell him that he made the wrong choice (like plenty of them do). If he dismissed her then there is nothing left to say. Again i wouldnt speak if you’ve never been in that position. and p.s.- i’m sure if you didnt watch her there would be plenty of new viewers to make up for your spot!

  39. After last weeks show, where Sean was so undecided as to who to send home….Des or Catherine….so how could he send AshLee home this week and keep Catherine? He must have totally written off his hometown visit with her family.

  40. Sean has met his match with two giggly girls. Talk about immaturity. He was blind to the psycho in the beginning and finally got rid of her after everyone telling him she was out there. Now he can’t see for the life of him what he passed up. AshLee was too much woman for him. She wanted a man to trust and you can’t trust a man who loves two giggly girls.

  41. The Bitterman says:

    I can see you being my wife… now get in the SUV and get the hell out of here. Hey, this show’s pretty accurate, usually you have to get married to experience that. This show would be better if he could keep the final two. Gee, two girls didn’t worry about crossing lines in the fantasy suite. “You feel uncomfortable in the F. suite? I hope you don’t like roses.” If Ash Lee is the next bachlorette they need to get 20 Sean look-a-likes all named Sean but spelled differently. I like “ea” Sean better than “aw” Shawn. And, each one keeps dumping her in the “dumping session,” I mean rose ceremony. So, how many pounds will Tierra have gained since she was dumped… I say 70.

  42. I was totally rooting for AshLee. Yes she may have been more serious and less “fun” than the other two but she had so much more depth and compassion. She became my favorite when I saw her comforting Sarah at the roller-derby. She has her personal issues and they run deep but she will be an awesome wife and mother. Sean basically did to her what Emily did to him – sent away the best choice and settled for a “fun” lightweight. I’m kinda assuming he’s going to choose Catherine and she reminds me of a female version of Jef. Cute, fun, no depth! Anyway, hope Ashlee finds a wonderful man who will appreciate how awesome she really is!

  43. I hope sean know what he’s in for cause from what I can see he is choosing because of fun but he needs to ask himself ?what happens after the fun is gone.Dianna choose because of fun and ended up with nothing

  44. AshLee should be the next bachelorette!!! She was the most real and open contestant on the show. Sean missed out, big time! I think Catherine is cute and fun, but a girl that keep telling Sean how “hunky” he is, just isn’t mature enough to be married, yet.
    What I find ironic is how smitten Sean was with Emily… she did NOT know how to have fun, it was all about her, and she clearly has the woe-is-me attitude. AshLee is a confident, mature and beautiful person – inside and out. Whatever guy ends up with her will be so blessed and lucky, and Sean will realize he made the biggest mistake letting her go.

  45. Sean had these girls doing some very dangerous things this season, just for his attention. I hated him for that. I think he went a little overboard, swimming in dark caves, eating bugs, leaping off buildings, roller derby, not to mention the polar bear club. He is not worth it! Ashlee is too good for him. I wish ABC would change things up, and make Ash Lee the next bachorlette. She deserves it. I hope Sean picks Catherine, because they will not last, and Sean will realize he blew it.

  46. Emily picked the person she laughed the most with and had the most “fun” with, and all Sean keeps saying is he wants to have “fun” but look what happened to Emily and Jef. They broke up. Jason picked Melissa at first because they had more “fun” and then they broke up. Then he went with Molly with whom he had a stronger connection, and they are happily married.
    When the Bachelor/ette picks the fun one, they break up. Sean should have picked AshLee, they had a stronger connection and the friendship and fun would have grown, and the connection would have kept them together. If he picks either of them, especially Catherine, six months from now, he will be single again.

  47. Jeff Lance says:

    People who think that AshLee needs therapy don’t get it. The process she was going through WAS therapy. You saw her working out issues in her life, and letting go, and learning to trust another person. She gained the most personal growth of anyone on this show, and I hope she will continue with that and not let Sean’s betrayal of her trust hinder her from future relationships. Watching the show back will hopefully help her, in the sense that as the show develops you can see his immature side coming out more and more, which is what became the growing appeal with him and these “girls”.
    And in the end, immaturity won out. Sad. So she grew, he did not. It appeared that when he gave her the rose in St. Croix he was really “Manning up” for her and had removed the final obstacle between them, which was the womanchild Tiera. But he fell back into making childish decisions while allowing Ashlee to think he really loved her. I was even convinced. So of course I am thouroughly angry and upset. He missed out on the love of a lifetime. Women like that don’t come along very often, and I’m convinced he will come to regret it when it all falls apart for him. And quite honestly I won’t feel sorry for him, just pity perhaps. He’s a dope who needs to take some Grownup pills and get relationship counselling, so he’ll know how to recognize a real woman when he sees one.

  48. It’s very interesting reading the comments concerning AshLee and her faults. I must admit the level of IGNORANCE among your readers is quite impressive. As a Physician with 25 years of Clinical Practice I appreciate the comments of some of your readers (Penny F,JIm,Elena,Jeff Lance,Terry,etc.)their compassion was sincerely commendable. As Penny F alluded to: the overwhelming damage done to a child who’s forced to experience the gut wrenching pain of Abandonment is excruciating. Have you NO Knowledge about the increased Rate of Suicide in those victims? It’s an emptiness that stays with you (like a scar on your knee that hurts every time you take a step forever) and is a Demon you must fight every day of the rest of your life. Quite honestly, I am impressed with her efforts to work through experiences/challenges that all of us face daily. The TRUTH about Sean’s decision is that it was the correct one. However, it was for a totally different reason. Sean may be a sensitive,concerned Brother in Christ but he is a 29 year old with the level of maturity of a 20 year old COLLEGE KID. It’s the same reason that ultimately led to Emily sending him HOME. Ashlee is a 32 year old WOMAN not a GIRL (the 2 finalists). She needs a Mature Adult(Christian)Man who understands the meaning of True Love as recorded by Paul in 1Corinthians 13:1-13. Take a look, you’ll see she actually went home because of his Immaturity. He doesn’t have IT. He truly is Spiritually a CHILD. As Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 13:11 When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Hopefully, some time in the future, Sean will truly become a MAN in CHRIST. Ashlee deserves a MAN not a college kid. I pray she has that opportunity in the future.

    As much as I would have liked Sean to have chosen AshLee…that she was not meant to be loved by him gives me, personally, yes, very personally the greatest sigh of relief…that AshLee was not the “indended one” for Sean…and that he actually knew it, is a testament to the essence of “True Love”…as what was not meant to be, may now actually “be”…
    I knew from the moment that I saw AshLee that she was most certainly my “soul mate”…and then her story unfolded…and I then knew why in the reality of this lifetime…why she was the “one” that would understand me…and I her…truly souls that are destined to meet…for reasons that only she and I will come to know…and from there be able to share with the rest of the world…very important reasons…very meaningful reasons…that will make a difference to many other people…but ultimately…to confirm that “TRUE LOVE” …does exist…and that the Universe is…unfolding as it should…
    AshLee and I share a common bond…an eternal bond…that must be made public…as it is a most integral thread in the fabric of our society…one that must be strenghtened…more than you realize at this time…but time is ever moving on…and not a moment to be wasted…
    Should the “goal” of the BACHELOR be…for people to find “True Love”…then your program may well consider the “Aftermath” of your efforts…
    AshLee was inevitably NOT meant to be with Sean…and everything in this world, this universe has a reason…and should you choose to believe that this reason is LOVE…energies that unite for a reason…then I sincerely request that you take this correspondence as one that is based on the most sincere and real requests that that you will ever hope to receive..
    I am a bachelor…a very unique bachelor…both by choice and by circumstance…my life’s goals are twofold…
    1. to find my true love, my soulmate
    2. to give to my fellow human beings in life…something truly beautiful…something truly meaningful…full of life and love, liberty and laughter…with the essence to always do the ‘right’ thing…to know that “time is not important”…”only life and love are important”…so that we will do everything in life for a reason…to ensure that life and love will continue to “be”…as long as we are possibly able to have that happen…
    We are only at this time limited by the abilities of our own “imaginations”…which are the product of our “heart’s desires”…not for wealth, or fame, or fortune…but for our ability to continue to sustain a life on this earth that has quality, meaning and most especially JOY for having been here at all…
    Whatever it takes…I will meet AshLee…with your help it will be easier…if not…I will meet with you anyway…
    Jonathon E…”a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet”…no thorns attached…Jonathon E

  50. After seeing tonights WTA…ashlee is crazy!! She was right out of a horror movie!!
    She is trying to pull Sean down with her..she should be disgraced with herself! I can totally see her inthe bachelor pad as evil..pure evil! I knew week to week she had a mean streak and I was right! I hope I don’t see her on bachelor pad..she’s a manipulator!! Love Sean!!

  51. bachelor follower says:

    AshLee is so insecure and immature with a vicious personality. Throughout the show she was intense and controlling. She was a participant in confronting Tiarra more than any of the others. AshLee is a true loser and will always be until she grows up. Sean behaved in a different way with her because she’s so uptight and serious. How was he supposed to show his sillier side with her always so intense and serious.

  52. Something sounds fishy here. If AshLee is telling the truth, why didn’t she say something to Sean about this immediately after he let her go? When they walked to the car she would have said, YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT YOU HAD NO FEELINGS FOR CATHERINE OR LINDSEY. WHY WOULD YOU SEND ME HOME AND KEEP THEM? She did not mention this during the car ride home either. If Sean had said he had no feelings for the other two girls then it would still be fresh in her mind (She would have no need to consult her journal) No, this is something she cooked up later as a way to make herself look better and make Sean look bad. She also wanted to make Catherine and Lindsey feel bad and maybe sabotage Sean’s relationship with them.

    • I have a Ph.D.in psychology from a major university. As research over the last decade has shown, our memories are redone every time we recall them and can migrate further and further from objective reality. AshLee, in her great need to believe she was the one for Shawn, may have wished very strongly that he had discounted the others. She may have written in her journal this strong wish, which became entangled with the initial memory. Each recollection would bias her memory more and more toward her wish. The claim she made to Sean about what he supposedly told her, although in conflict with objective reality, had become her memory. She spoke truth as she knew it because this had become her memory.

  53. I always love to hear the FUD’s (Ph.D. in Psychology) attempt to obfuscate through double talk. You’re a FUD and will always be one. From your dribble, I actually thought I was listening to the Double Talk we get out of Washington,D.C. IF you want to be a REAL PHYSICIAN: go to MEDICAL SCHOOL, do a Residency, PAY YOUR DUES. Before you try to Peddle that nonsense.


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