Dec 6, 2013

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The Bachelor 2014 Winner Revealed by Reality Steve (Spoilers)!

The premiere of The Bachelor 2014 will kick off in approximately one month and we have all of the details about who Reality Steve is reporting wins the upcoming season.

As most of you already know, Juan Pablo (or JP as many are now referring to him) will take the lead this season with many anxious women vying for his heart. But which lucky lady made it all the way to the end? Keep reading to find out.

If you don’t want to know who wins The Bachelor 2014, stop reading now – there are major spoilers ahead

The Bachelor 2014 Winner via Reality Steve:

The lucky woman who Juan Pablo picked in the end is a blonde beauty who loves to take selfies, according to her social media accounts. Rumor has it, she’s also the one woman in the house that doesn’t get along well with any of the other girls (great, another Courtney Roberston).

The woman Juan Pablo picked, according to Reality Steve,¬†is Nikki Ferrell. You can see a pic of her above. There’s no denying that Nikki is pretty but if she’s not beautiful on the inside, fans are going to be outraged with JP’s pick just like they were when Ben picked Courtney in the end.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Reality Steve was incorrect with his spoilers last season. He said Des picked Brookes in the end but she didn’t, she picked Chris. He was completely wrong.

What do you think of Juan Pablo supposedly picking Nikki Ferrell in the end?

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