Jan 8, 2013

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The Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Sean Lowe Final 2!

An all-new season of The Bachelor is airing on ABC tonight and fans can’t wait to find out what happens this season! As always, we have all of the amazing spoilers (via RealitySteve, of course) for the 2013 season and we can’t wait to share all the juicy details with you!

So, let’s get started. You know the drill – if you don’t want to know what happens this season, stop reading now. We’re about to reveal some major spoilers!

The Bachelor 2013 Final 4: The final four contestants this season will be Catherine, Ashlee, Lindsay and Desiree. After the hometown dates, Desiree will be eliminated, followed by Ashlee on the fantasy date episode.

The Bachelor 2013 Final 2: This, obviously, leaves Catherine and Lindsay as the final two. The final rose ceremony this season won’t feature any dramatic ending, other than Sean leaving one woman brokenhearted. The final rose ceremony plays out as many have in the past: both of the final two women show up and Sean gives the final rose to one and sends the other home. So who gets the final rose?

Providing Reality Steve is correct, the woman who is currently engaged to Sean is Catherine!

I know it’s only the beginning of the season but do you think Sean made a good choice?

Be sure to check back every week as we will have detailed spoilers of every episode, including who’s eliminated each week!

  1. i think that Leslie should be the perfect match for Sean I mean, i think i would be good for Sean!

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Catherine, she is very very pretty and she is a down to earth kind of person, so everyone has their opinion and that is mine. She is not only pretty on the outside, but has a good heart to, why is it that everyone bases relationships on looks alone from the outside only? Think about it.

  3. Sean should really pick sarah to be his wife! she is a pretty , nice , kind& loving person! i love her! sean would be the perfect man for her!

  4. What about Tierra?

  5. I think Sean should pick Catherine.

  6. Finally Tierra going bye bye tonight,I’m sure Sean make the right decision to send her home.

  7. Unfortunate that he picks Catherine over Lindsay…but he isn’t that exciting of a guy so I guess boring Catherine will fit him…….yawn

  8. Shhhxhvcfhfhfg says:

    Sean would be perfect with lindsay


  10. It’s lindsay who is boring. Nothing, not memorable, blah. Catherine is adventurous and outdoorsy like Sean. She is pretty even without make-up and her family loves Sean. I couldn’t be happier with the choice.

  11. Raes Slate says:

    Sean should marry Lindsay. there core values and morales as well as their love for each other glows! Think their relationship in marriage would last – any other than Lindsay would fail. Catherine’s background is too different from his for it to succeed.

  12. I definitley think he should pick Catherine, she may be young but I think they are a good match and they compliment each other, I think the background differences would make for an interesting life and they could learn from each other. But we will just have to wait and see, but as I watch them together I can gaurantee you he will pick her, I can just tell when I watch him look at her its a look I dont see him have with the other young ladies.

  13. I definately think he should choose lindsay! She is perfect and seems to have the samw family values as he does

  14. Beverly P Cuervo says:

    I hope Sean picks Lindsay

  15. Catherine all the way. Sean can say anything he wants to say. Its soo obvious whom he is in love with. He can argue how pretty, woderful, nice, passionate, same values, same faith as him with the other ladies but he cant fight his feelings. I still believe he will follow his heart. Individual differences in values, faith and backgroud maybe a factor on how to work thecrelationship out but he has to make sure that love should be present to work all this things out. I think Sean is still the best Bachelor there is.

  16. Why does it seem Sean’s face is always sweaty.? Kind of a turn off.

  17. I love Lindsay so I hope he pick s her but never know h

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