Feb 28, 2012

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The Bachelor 2012 Finale Spoiler: Who Does Ben Pick?

It’s just a few weeks until the much-anticipated finale of The Bachelor 2012 and we have all of the finale spoilers for you right here.

Over the course of the season, we’ve been delivering accurate spoilers each week (thanks RealitySteve J) and we’re happy to tell you that what you’ve read on Star-Spin all season is what’s going to happen at the final rose ceremony in just a couple of weeks.

*As always, if you don’t want to know what’s going to happen this season, do not read any further – huge winner spoiler ahead!

As some of you may or may not already know (depending on what time zone you’re watching tonight’s episode in and what spoilers you’ve read previously) Nicki Sterling is eliminated tonight.

The real shocker tonight, however, is Kacie’s appearance after she was sent home broken-hearted last week. Tonight, Kacie returns to tell Ben that Courtney Robertson is bad news, but it doesn’t stop Ben from giving Courtney another rose.

But does Ben give Courtney the final rose?

Despite Courtney’s ability to rub almost everyone in America the wrong way, she seemed to rub Ben in the right way (pardon the pun). At the final rose ceremony, Ben not only gives Courtney the final rose but he also gets down on one knee and proposes. Lindzi Cox is sent home broken-hearted.

Do you think Ben made the right decision picking Courtney out of all the women this year?

  1. It will never last – her reasons for this show are all
    for herself – not for love.

    She wants to win and win she will.

    Too bad he didn’t think with his brain

    • He is to ashamed of going skinny digging with the hair lip girl and yeah thinking with the wrong head….haha…well he deserves what she is going to give him….nothing but hellll

  2. Well Ben you let her sex appeal take over your brain. You obviously weren’t looking for love. After the television is gone and it is just back to the daily routine she will be bored with you. She is looking for that glamour. Hate it for you because you had some truly amazing ladies.

  3. No respect for Ben at all. Too bad since he looked like Mr. Wonderful in the beginning….now he’s in the category of LOSERS!!!

  4. Shame, shame, shame on Courtney! She’s definitely TROUBLE and she will most definitely cause DIVISION with Ben’s mother, sister and family! Courtney is Dirt! I truly dispise women (people) like this girl. Nikki and Lindsy Does Not deserve someone like Ben. Ben is cold, heartless and weak minded! Most certainly Not a Real Man, a weak individual, “thinking about this sluty girl.” Ben, “You Looser, You WILL BE HURT.” Courtney is a Black Widow Spider! Beware Ben!

  5. Just dont understand how you can go through with something AFTER everything you were told about Courtney. I DONT feel sorry for you, if you think your stint on the Bachelorette was painful, just wait til Courtney breaks your heart. Only other thing I will say is “You are getting what you deserve”!

    • just what I think….get what he deserves after breaking all the girls hearts that really did love him

  6. No way will it last if he picks Courtney. Can you really see her in the vinyards with dirt on her hands. Think again. I am so disappointed in you.

    • Sherrie says:

      I can’t believe that the producers are letting this trend continue. After watching so many unworthy women on Bachelor that win, I am done watching the show. Courtny has no remorse and its the same-o thing. Good luck with the ratings, I have better things to watch.

  7. To tell you the truth I think Ben needs a hair cut, maybe he could see then, like what does it take for someone to see the light. After two or three times to be worn, you think he was brought up better then this. I feel bad for his parents to have a son that’s a idiot, and what a looser.

  8. Ughh ben picks courtney ane i figured out they are alreay broken up…. I thought ben was smart but no he just doesnt listen
    To what all the other women complaimed and said about courtney hes goin for the bad girl
    Courtney should be ashamed hurting amd man like Ben Playing him and doing the show for the glamor! You r just sick! And would courtney stop playing with her hair and making faces gosh i would think courtneys kind parents wouldofraised her well guess she didnt listen! nd to Ben i wish the best of lucks finding the right girl withoutall thedrama and people like courtney… Be aware of peoplelie her.

  9. Courtney is only in it for “the win” and oh well he will just be alone onced she dumps him….I can not stand her and he had his chance for love and now blew it if he does choose Courtney….and her lip oh my got that reconstructive hair lip….makes me throw up in my mouth…

  10. I would suggest STD testing for him after being with someone so “easy” but maybe the salt water killed the germs…she probley needed that

  11. He was a total loser on the Bachelorette and now that he’s the Bachelor? Nothings changed. He and Courtney look like brother and sister ….oh well, they deserve each other. It won’t last.

  12. Wow! Courtney loves the hunt, and she is quite the hunter too, but after she wins, she will be bored and move on to the next challenge. Like she has said a million times “she’s winning” and he fell for her game(even after being worned many times by women he claimed to trust) WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?! Maybe he had never skinny dipped with a model before. Kidding. But in all seriousness, she will never find love that will last a lifetime, she will only have right now lust and thats sad, but she does it to herself!

  13. It’s a sorry site…Ben original persona was sweet, caring and interested in finding real love, however, what has surfaced is the real persona which is cocky, kinky and shallow which exactly matches Courtney. This relationship deserves failure.

  14. First off, Ben is not cute at all. He needs a new hair style BAD. Second I am glad he picked Courtney because all those other girls deserve so much better. They are heart broken now but will soon realize that Ben rejecting them was such a blessing. Ben will learn the truth deserves.and get waht he

  15. He should have picked Kasey B. He should run and get on his knees and beg her back and she should not take him back…He is an idiot!!!

  16. first of all i don’t even know why ANYONE thought Ben hot enough to be on bachelor. He is the image of Barney Rubble with that hairdo and no chin. Watch the Flintstones and look at Stephen Baladwin playing Barney…hahahaha… Ben is his double LOl

  17. I had a hard time getting into the Bachelor ..then he falls for this dits? What a waste of my time. Well now I don’t have to watch the end…..The best part will be when he gets to looks back at what Courtney his beautful bride to be said throughout the show….OMG! Its over……………..
    The bachelor is getting worse every year. Now Emily? Can’t they find someone NEW instead of left overs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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