Feb 16, 2012

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Survivor One World Spoilers 2012: What Happens this Season!

Survivor One World 2012 is officially on its way and the premiere episode just ended for East Coast viewers. It’s safe to say this is going to be a very dramatic season as Survivor producers decided that another season of Men vs. Women was just what viewers needed.

It’s the first episode and already the challenges are so intense that one woman didn’t make it through. Kourtney was injured during the immunity competition. At that point, the men could either take immunity right away or finish the competition and prove that they knew they could win. They chose to take the immunity right away and forced the women to go to Tribal Council. That move set the tone for the rest of the episode (and undoubtedly the rest of the season).

While Survivor spoilers are always highly sought after by viewers of the show, it might be a little more difficult for fans to get their hands on the information beforehand. Last season, spoiler king Maxx Fisher gave inside details on every episode but he says he has no spoilers this season – and doesn’t plan to have any in the coming weeks either.

Another reputable spoiler king is Dr. Don. Don hasn’t provided the season spoilers just yet but he did tell viewers in advance that Kourtney would get hurt and be eliminated in week 1. He says he’s going to have spoilers every week, so if you’re interested in finding out exclusive details of the season, you can click here.

Hopefully, between these two sites, we’ll be able to give you what you need this season.

Keep checking back each week for more spoilers.

Who do you think is going to win this season?

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