Jan 31, 2012

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Simon Cowell Fires Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger from X Factor USA!?!

Most viewers who watched the kick-off season of X Factor USA last year loved it. There was a great dynamic between the two female judges (Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger) and the two male judges (Simon Cowell and LA Reid). One person who doesn’t agree that the season was successful or the dynamic was great is the show’s producer Simon Cowell.

Cowell has spent years perfecting the recipe for a good show. One thing in particular he didn’t like about last season was judge Nicole Scherzinger (who often butted heads with Cowell) and the show’s host Steve Jones. So he fired both of them.

That’s right, fans, Nicole and Steve won’t be returning for Season 2.

For some reason, I’m all that surprised that these two were axed, nor do I think that their exits will have a huge impact on viewership HOWEVER the rumor that Simon also fired co-judge and longtime friend of his, Paula Abdul, might have a different effect on the show’s success.

Personally speaking, I only watched X Factor USA because of the intriguing chemistry between Paula and Simon. There are countless other talent shows on air right now but none of them had the entertainment value brought to the table by Paula and Simon.

While Nicole and Steve’s exits have been confirmed, Paula Abdul’s has not.

Here’s hoping Simon smartens up and realizes that Paula is a big reason why so many people watched last season.

Do you think Simon should fire Paula from X Factor USA?

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Paula also got fired for sure - but hasn’t heard a word from Simon :(

  1. Linda Hudson says:

    What the heck are you thinking Simon ? Paula? Your friend, the reason why we watch the show is you and her! Nicole needed to go she was very disrespectful and rude to you. paula and you have a cute history of joking and digs, but Nicole was not a part of you two. she was out of line each time aired. I would have booted her from the beginning.
    We all would love you and Paula together. you both complement each other! What a great couple you would be!

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