Jul 30, 2013

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Reality Steve Bachelorette Spoilers 2013: Is He Wrong?

Could Reality Steve possibly be wrong in his spoiler prediction for Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette 2013? According to Des’ controversial brother, Nate Hartsock, that might be the case.

It wouldn’t be the first time Reality Steve would be wrong, should Desiree not end up picking Brooks in the end. He was wrong on at least two occasions previously: first, he reported that Ali Fedotowsky picked no one on her finale when she ended up picking Roberto Martinez. He was also wrong when he revealed all season that Brad Womack would pick Chantal O’Brien, quickly changing his tune two weeks before the finale to reveal that Brad would, in fact, pick Emily Maynard.

So is there a possibility that Reality Steve is wrong again? Absolutely. Despite his insistence that he’s correct, even Desiree’s own brother is disagreeing with the spoiler king.

Reality Steve revealed an email that was sent to him by a reader who had a personal conversation (via email – with email proof) with Desiree’s brother Nate. In the email, Nate says that he’s surprised Reality Steve would have the wrong information and that his sister does not pick Brooks in the end.

Steve still seems confident in his decision but, after seeing tonight’s episode, we have to ask: Do you think Reality Steve is correct in his reports that Desiree picks Brooks in the end?

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  1. Steve!!! How could you get this so wrong!! My daughter and I watched this season because of BROOKS!! This sucks :(

    • I think Brooks will be back. What a tear jerker tonight.

    • I think Brooks will find that “yearning” for Des that was missing….. He’ll be back !

    • I think Brooks is going to come back…there is no way she is going to end up with Drew or Chris after seeing how strongly her feelings are for Brooks…the other two have no chance right now…she will either end up with Brooks or no one.

    • She is either going to end up with Brooks or no one. She obviously is not in love with the other two after seeing tonight’s episode. It actually bothers me, because I feel like she has completely led the other two guys on. I think Brooks was just being insecure, and if he would have known her feelings he wouldn’t have left. She should have been more upfront with Brooks about her feelings, and she should have not led on the other two.

  2. Hopefully Steve is wrong. Drew should be the one. If not he should be the next Bachelor.

    • agreed!!!

    • Jen Garuti says:

      Seriously….Drew! Ewwww…I will NOT be watching The Bachelor if Drew gets picked. Can’t stand him or Chris & his poems for that matter. I mean how could she honestly pick Chris or Drew after last nights meltdown over Brooks, and her telling us weeks ago…she wants an engagment…with Brooks? I still believe Steve…Brooks will come back & she will pick him.

    • Brooks is Ewwwww also. Dry personality…

  3. Desiree’s anguish was real tonight, and why would she tell Brooks that she loved him if she hadn’t known he was the final guy? She can’t recover from loving him and then pick a different guy. I think Brooks will be back.

  4. Brooks will be back, and Steve will be right!

  5. This whole situation was good for this show… it revealed the evils of this game for love they’ve manufactured.

    I’m so glad Brooks was honest about the reality of how serious this decision is. And, I’m glad Desiree had to hear his painful rejection. If she really loved those other 2 guys as much as she led them on to believe, while all the while telling Chris H. and the world that she knew Brooks was the one, then I say “Shame on her!” Those 2 guys are head over heels in love with her, and they have every right to be, judging by her actions and words.

    On the flip side, if Brooks does stay off the show (which I don’t think will happen. I think he’ll come back for her), then we’ll see if she really loved any of the others as much as she tells them. Former peeps always say how in love they are with the top 2 or 3. How it’s sooo hard to make the decision. Well, if that’s true, then why don’t you go back to one of them when you and the one you picked split up! Only once has that happened… once in all the broken hearts.

    I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. lol

    • Des has been careful not to tell any of the guys that she loves them. She has only told Brooks, and even then she waited until tonight.

  6. Courtney says:

    I feel so bad for des! I hope Brooks comes back! I have liked him from day 1! The would be great together! I hope Steve is right and they do end up together!

  7. It was interesting that it seemed he almost changed his mind when he found out she really was in love with him. So were his “doubts” based on him doubting she loved him? My gut feeling is that he will come back. But if not, she should pick NO ONE since she clearly doesn’t love the other two.

  8. Rebecca says:

    OMG… Poor Des! She is the most adorable sweet genuine lovely girl ever, and her heart led her astray! : ( Brooks is an emotionally retarded wishy washy emotionally impaired inept, INARTICULATE guy. He does NOT have the depth she is looking for and is way behind the learning curve of maturity. He no way is ready for a serious relationship. He doesnt even know himself enough to be leading any girl on! Men should NOT figure themselves out at a girls expense! THis is sad. Drew or Chris are the genuine solid guys. I hope Brooks does NOT come back. He is NOT worthy or ready for Des. He will be nothing but further heartache as he cant figure himself out let alone love/relationship content once hes ‘in’ one. Hes the kind of man who says hes going out for ice cream and never comes back. RED FLAG CITY!! RUN Des RUN…

    • well said!

    • Veronica says:

      You got it backwards. So she’s not leading the other two men on when she already knows that Brooks is the one she wants to marry? It’s not like she turned down the fantasy suites with them. Why go have make out sessions with other men if your heart is with someone else. I’d say that’s a lack of maturity.

    • The point of the show is for there not to be such an overwhelming declaration of feelings until the finale when she would choose her final guy. I don’t think she should have told him earlier, and probably shouldn’t have said it even then, but, being heartbroken, I can see why she would have confessed her feelings then. The fact that he wavered for just a moment when she said that doesn’t mean that it would have changed his mind and convinced him to love her sooner. It won’t change his mind now either. Unfortunately, if he does try to come back and convince her that he feels it now, she loves him, so this would.be what she wants to hear, ultimately crushing any resolve she has and ending in her being more than okay with her coming back. The fact that he would even put her through that sort of heartbreak at that stage, and then use her expressing her feelings for him and her sorrowful outburst as the fuel he needed to love her would be kind of twisted and sick. Not to mention, as much as I love Des, I don’t see how she could have loved Brooks, all I ever saw was a fickle, awkward, confused guy with overly long hair and an.inability to man up and confront his feelings at a more appropriate time. Brooks led on Des, she wasn’t leading on the other two, It’s the competition aspect that keeps them there. She feels strongly for Chris, that’s clear, which makes it totally plausible that she would act around him how she has been acting. I hope she chooses neither of the two remaining out of respect for them. If she was engaged to one of them, and then he saw this past episode and how heartbroken she was, it would cause immense doubt in how she really felt about him then, and maybe even now.

  9. She was too nice and kept saying how much she loved him. A guy wants to chase a woman. She took the thrill out of the chase. She should have played hard to get, otherwise most men are not interested. We have to learn from her mistake.

    • BS. That is what drove Brooks in the first place. Her mistake was playing. Playing hard to get, playing all those guys at once, and not being 100% honest & straightforward about herself. Did you not witness the 180 Brooks made when she opened up? He said “why didn’t you tell me earlier”. If you think you need to play games you are what is wrong with dating.

    • I agree!!

  10. Brooks will be back! Did you see his reaction when she told him she loved him? He was shocked and wondered why she didn’t tell him sooner. Then his reaction when she walked off. He was devastated. Brooks will figure out he was an idiot and be back to propose! I think he was just scared. The not knowing can drive anyone crazy.

  11. Jennifer Anthony says:

    She falls for the ONLY guy who doesn’t say “I love you?” I think this made him more appealing to her..you always want the one who doesn’t come easy. It’s the thrill of the chase. I’m just glad he told her before and didn’t lead her on. I have loads of respect for that. If he comes back after all this drama, she’ll have to always wonder when and if he’s telling the truth and if he’ll change his mind…who needs that?

    • Veronica says:

      Totally agree. Plus if he does come back and they get engaged, it’s highly doubtful they’ll make it to marriage.

    • Exactly…and yet she told Drew that it was difficult with her last boyfriend b/c he never showed his feelings, said “I love you” first or complimented her. Yet she fell for the one guy who was exactly like her last boyfriend (and would always justify to herself why he hasn’t yet said he loves her….she would constantly say she knew Brooks felts it but just couldn’t say it) She keeps wondering why she ends up heartbroken…it’s b/c she falls for the ONE guy who didn’t even say he loved her or could see a future with her. Can’t she read the signs by now….he’s just not that into you!!

  12. I feel so bad for Desiree. I am never reading reality Steve again.

  13. OF COURSE HE’LL BE BACK. That’s the twist they have been talking about on the show. Something that has never happened on the Bachlorette.

    • Ed returned for Jillian Harris didn’t he? I didn’t watch that season but I read he left the returned.

  14. I can’t believe she loved Brooks. I’m devastated by her feelings. I really liked Chris. I hoped she has at least the same amount of feelings for Chris. Now I don’t know what to think but I don’t honestly after Brooks comments and feelings that I would trust him and if Des does she’s in for a sad future always wondering if he truly loves her!

    • Sad to say, I think he will be back. But I thought she would be better with Chris. Brooks is boring and to have to ask his family about what he’s thinking and feeling. Common on…cut the apron strings and be a man. Who wants that in a relationship. Let him go.

    • Chris is bisexual and only likes her because she is independent so he can have other guys. Did you not see him in heals and how he reacted to the homosexual guy helping the beauty contest?

      Chris is the worst one for her! plus they fight feeling like sister and brother. Did you not here her say sister and brothers don’t kiss… The show is giving Chirs an unfair advantage with clothing…notice how he got the helicopter tour and a picnic and Drew got nothing. It is clear that the producers are possible homosexual and prefer him for that reason.

  15. He will be back,, no doubt! He has already said he misses her already!! Trust me Des, he’s coming back!!

  16. Yeah, I think Brooks will be back, even though he’s my least favorite & I wish he wouldn’t be. No way she could end up with one of the others after that. How could she explain it after they watch the show we all just saw?

    I also think Desiree has a habit of choosing unavailable/uninterested men. Only way she could be this hot & still single, IMO.

    Reality Steve may be questionable w/spoilers, but the recently posted pics of Brooks making out w/a grandma that I just saw on his site… They look real. *Shudders*

  17. It is not that she lied to the other two, it’s part of the show, she may be able to change the rules but six weeks can be very hard to “find the one” and it’s only obvious that ONE can be chosen so in this case the posobilities that each have of being picked is LOW.. We can’t speak if we have never been in her shoes, it’s hard keeping guys who are head over heals over you when your heart and feelings aren’t the same towards them (Drew & Chris) all Brooks needed was reassurance from Des but how to make sure you “fall in love” in only six weeks? I am sure Brooks had strong feeling for herbut didn’t want to be that person who would propose and then regret it….seems like you don’t know what you have until you loose it, which is why Brooks goes back to Des and the others either flee on their own (Drew) or are dismissed (Chris)…destiny is destiny and Brooks doubted his feelings when deep down he was actually in love with Des. It must be hard to throw your self out the when there is 33.333% chances your heart will be corresponded and 66.66% it will be broken. Iam sure Des & Brooks are happy together, you could tell they were meant to be when they were saying “goodbye” b/c they could not let go of each other…. Felt like two hours of Soap opera though….LOVE THEM!!!

    FOR EVERYONE LOOKING FOR LOVE: It should be a scene of “reality love check” for many out there who keep jumping into relationships over and over when they should actually come in touch with their own feelings first and TRY TO WORK ON COMPROMISING rather then it being a battle of “my way” ….It’s tough finding the one but if you keep having the same “problem” with every guy/girl then the problem is your choosing the same type and you must start shifting into knowing who and how to choose. Everyone has a soulmate! We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly ;-)

  18. I have one thing to say, if Des knew it was Brooks all along, why lead Drew and Chris on like that? Telling them what they wanted to hear, staying in the fantasy suite with them, that was so wrong. But I bet Brooks will come back. However, Ithink if she gets engaged it won’t last. If he wasn’t sure he loved her this week what’s a week going to do? It will be very interesting to see what happens

  19. No doubt about it-Brooks will be back! But can Des ever truly trust his love for her? I foresee an unhappy future…hope I’m wrong.

  20. I think Brooks picks Chris….

  21. This whole thing is playing out nicely for ABC. What some called a lackluster season for the series has turned out to be quite interesting don’t you think? I’ve never heard the central person of the show reveal their true feelings about a contestant like Des did to C.H. – it seemed no contest. She did in a round about way tell C.H. she was at the “finish line” with Brooks in love. Later confirming it and saying she expected a proposal at the end of this whole thing – with Brooks. These were her words. Which is code for she is in love with Brooks. Did she say that to Brooks? I don’t remember if she used that code when talking to him? That she was at the finish line? She told Chris H. that but did she tell Brooks that? Regardless, either Brooks returns and somehow convinces Des he is truly in love – all in so to speak {a play on words here} or she leaves alone. I don’t put any credibility in Nate’s claim in his text – he has only proven himself to be a “prick” who wants to disrupt the process and hurt Des’ chances at love – he probably has a sister thing complex – lusts for his sister OR can’t stand the thought of her achieving happiness with someone else outside the family. I’m holding out that Reality Steve maybe right still. Nate’s message means nothing – just a ploy, a small child’s misbehavior to get attention and F*** things up. Ideally for ABC {and for Desiree of course} Brooks reenters the scene – wins Des over – again- proposes, she accepts and they are presently engaged to be seen together at the “After the Final Rose live show”. This to me is the most likely scenario.

    • Want a WILD season of the next Bachelor???

      Make Nate the next Bachelor!

      Sure, the viewers will HATE him, but I guarantee it will NOT be boring!!

  22. Kathy Sabourin says:

    Its a reality show there has to be drama but saying that I really do think Des led Chris and Drew on especially when she went to the fantasy room come on now why when she knew all along that Brooks was the one…I too believe that Brooks will be back hes just conflicted about his feelings…love works in mysterious ways and love concurs all

  23. i think brooks will come back and propose!! and then drew should be next bachelor;)

  24. This show is in it for the drama and not about people who are totally sincere about finding true love-they are usually seeking fame to some degree especially if they want to get into acting.This is a stepping stone for many of the contenders in this forum. Sad! We need the Real thing where the people are totally committed in finding their soulmate but come on not on Reality T.V.-it can happen but rarely like Trista and Ryan and P.J. and Ashley. Again extremely rare on t.v.!!!Like go to church, join a singles group,go to a single friend’s party, meet someone at a friend’s wedding party etc. that would be real life for normal regular guys and gals that are looking for love!Even online dating there are lots of crazies out there and I would advise anyone to beware of those sites!The bachelor and bachelorete are getting to be too much…I believe their ratings are down-wonder why?????!!!

  25. why would she want such a wishy washy man??

  26. Jane Kruse says:

    Brooks is the 1st honest person I have ever seen on this show- how can you fall in love with someone after 2 or 3 alone dates in 9 weeks. Everyone quit beating up on him he was honest which is a rarity in today’s world. If he does come back he has genuine feelings unlike Chris and Drew who jumped the gun. And Des has lead the other 2 on so stop putting her on a pedestal.

    • I agree – how can she choose Drew or Chris now?!?!?

      They will see what just happened as she declared her love for Brooks, and then they will know she chose one of them by default not out of true love.

      If she chooses Chris or Drew, she will drop in my opinion to just another woman who wants to get married no matter what, one that wants the ring more than she wants love.

  27. I agree! Brooks will be back! He’s confused right now, and that doesn’t make him a bad guy. He didn’t propose, then later change his mind like Jason did with Michelle, and he wound up wanting Molly instead. Brooks just needs time to reflect, and find his true feelings. He will be back, I’m sure!

  28. Brooks will be back next week and they will end up engaged. The fact that Brooks is hesitant to commit to marry someone after only 5-6 weeks is NORMAL!! It’s this show that’s crazy.

  29. Wake up sheeple!!!! This all just makes for good TV!!!! ABC wins and so do all of their sponsors….you’ll keep watching because you think this is a shocker!!!! No shocker here…everything is edited to make you think she’s finished. BROOKS is the man!!! You’ll see………………

  30. MIchelle says:

    I have completely different thought on the ending. Des feels it is over but after her family shows up and she talks to them she decides to continue on the journey. She realizes she has two amazing guys left. Drew’s picture is in the background during all the crying scenes. The splicing of video makes it look like he tells her goodbye. I think he is comforting her when she tells him about Brook’s leaving. During the two dates next week she is open to explore her true feelings and will choose Drew. I think the shocking part is Brooks does come back and tell her he was wrong but it is too late. Des realizes that his family was right he is not ready and sends him home brokenhearted.

    Now that would be the most shocking ending in Bachelor history.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Brooks is the only one on the show who gets it. Getting engaged after nine weeks and a few dates is not realistic and should be taken seriously (and not done for fame). Kudos to him for talking to his family. That is what families are there for. For the first time, the show felt real. I think he’ll be back, and I think Reality Steve is going to be correct in the end. I hope Desiree and Brooks live happily ever after! If I’m wrong, I’ll probably whine about it for a few days, reliving my total disappointment being deceived by Jeff and Emily. Did I get their names right? Time will tell.

    • I understand what you’re saying but the fact is he’s not into her. Put the proposing thing to the side for a minute and look at the fact that she loves him and he doesn’t and when their apart and reuinite he forgets why he likes her and being around her

  32. Gabrielle says:

    I laughed and laughed when Des carried on to Brooks about not wanting to share her heart with anyone but him…REALLY? Because that didn’t stop her from ‘sharing’ lots more than her heart all night in the fantasy suite with the other two guys. If Brooks was THE ONE and she knew it, why did she set him up for ‘sloppy’ thirds? Why wasn’t he first in the Fantasy Suite line-up so she could seal the deal and let the other two go, like a grown-up? As for Brooks, at his age he needs to man up and wash and cut that hair – he’s a mess. He’s no good to any woman in his state – were you actually listening when he was talking – he thinks love should be painful – PAINFUL – the man is looking for pain, not love. He needs therapy and so does Des if, after all the real men there that had so much to offer her, including their heart, she still thinks Brooks the man-boy is the love of her life. PLEASE.

    • I agree with you re: the whole fantasy suite thing.

      And how are these guys OK with knowing that the woman they think they love & will marry is spending the night with the other guy(s)???

      I think Emily and Sean were the only moral people of all the Bachelors and Bachelorettes. People – have some values, stop jumping into bed with partner after partner after partner & wondering why things do not work out!!

    • Gabrielle says:

      I’m right there with you, Holly! I mean, really, was she “trying them all on for size” – so to speak : O …If I were a man seeking my future wife, I can’t say that I’d really want to be with a woman who had just spent the night with another guy and then pretend that we had something special on ‘our’ first night together…so, that the following night she could do the same thing with yet another guy. What are these people thinking?!!

  33. Debbie Lynn says:

    I have realized from watching this show for years that….the show is heavily scripted and edited for ratings, etc. I noticed that Desiree did not really have any tears down her cheeks. Lots of crying behavior and sounds. I think that she might have seen Brooks as the 1st or 2nd guy NOT the last on the “overnight dates/ days”. I know she is sad but… it is obvious that she loves Chris and him her. Go back and watch that date.

  34. I think Reality Steve is right and that Brooks will be back. They have done this before – someone coming back for another chance. If that’s the case, she is dumb if she takes him back. He is kind of a “woosie” and what’s with that long greasy hair look? I don’t know how she has any physical attraction to his looks. He has issues. Chris is a nice guy, but I don’t think he’s a manly man either. And how can he call his writing “poetry”? It’s just writing down his feelings. If she’s smart she’ll pick Drew.

    • Gabrielle says:

      …couldn’t agree with you more! Brooks needs to grow a pair and Chris needs to take a poetry writing class because what he was offering couldn’t even be called ‘bad’ poetry. Of course, once she dumps him, maybe his poetry writing will improve!

  35. Melissa says:

    Please, enough of complaining about Brooks’ long hair. I happen to love guys who have long hair, and
    I’m really not into extremely short hair cuts at all. And I’ve only
    ever seen one guy who looks hot w a shaved head, and that is
    Ami of Miami NY Ink. And no, I don’t have tattoos.

  36. Des does NOT need a 28 year old momma’s boy who cannot articulate himself well even given the fact he is a marketing consultant. He has no backbone at all and who wants to live with an indecisive man who takes 5 hours to say something that actually would only take 5 minutes.

    • Gabrielle says:

      So true…didn’t Des just bang on and on about how she needs a man who is expressive, and decisive? Neither of which are qualities that Brooks’ has ever displayed. It’s sad that this woman thinks so little of herself that she has attached herself to the least likely man to fulfill her ‘partner for life’ wish list.

  37. If he indeed comes back and she picks him, she is an idiot. He expressed his true feelings and he can’t come back out of sympathy and act like he was wrong. If that’s your feelings than that is what’s true. He’s not into you Des move on, I can guarantee it won’t last. If he comes back to her in his mind he will be settling for less then what his heart really wants and won’t be happy. Now With Chris I can see it lasting

  38. Yessica says:

    I madly respect Brooks. He understood that love can not just grow out of him only after 3 dates with her. Like he said, it takes time. Plus, it’s not easy that the girl you want to love is also dating other men and she’s kissing them, saying the same things, it’s just not. And Brooks sees that. It’s reality and in reality, he can’t force something that is not there. It’s heartbreaking though. I was rooting for Brooks the whole time and watching him say he doesn’t love her breaks my heart. Desiree should have stopped the show the minute she realized she loves Brooks. What’s the point of leading those other guys on if she already knows who she loves? But something in me believes that Brooks does love her. Underneath all the doubt and insecurities, he loves her. Didn’t you see how he reacted when Desiree told him she loves him? It thre him off! And once he was ready to leave he was sincerely crying and saying he doesn’t want to say goodbye. I feel like once he said goodbye for good, he realized what he’s going to leave behind. And I believe he’ll come back for her. If he doesn’t, then I hope she chooses no one. She doesn’t love them like she loves Brooks. I just hope Desiree is happy no matter what happens because she deserves it. And so does those 3 incredible young men.

  39. No, no, no. Brooks won’t be back. Des will have the final rose ceremony and tell both Chris and Drew that they’re not the one. And then Chris and Drew will encounter each other at the limo to go home and say, “What the what?” Then the two of them will ride away in the limo discussing how they never saw that coming. And Des will wave bye to both of them. And with any luck, Zak will reappear.

  40. We should all be so lucky to experience the love Des has for Brooks. Hopefully he will realize that his feelings are mutual and that he made the biggest mistake of his life. Anything else would be such a disappoint for all us true romantics. Brooks, come to your senses.

  41. Des seems to really care about Chris & Drew. Maybe she invited them to the fantasy suite to tell them off camera that she was not picking either of them. I can see her not wanting to humiliate them on screen when she know she loves Brooks & he is her choice. If not I don’t understand how she could truly love Brooks & spend the night with them. I also think Brooks will be back.
    I liked Zak best but think she eliminated him because he is out in the middle of the ocean 6 months out of the year. Guess we will all find out next week!

  42. Steve was right she did pick him. he just didn’t pick her back

  43. Now now, we didn’t actually see Brooks leave Antigua, did we? For all we know, he just went off to think about it, comes back and proposes after all.

    Moreover, given the rather forced nature of this show, kudos to Brooks for actually getting cold feet, like a normal person would!

    I suspect “Reality Steve” Carbone will have the last laugh, as he almost always does.

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