May 20, 2013

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Reality Steve Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers Revealed: Who Wins?!?

The 2013 season of the Bachelorette won’t begin airing for another week but that doesn’t mean spoiler king Reality Steve hasn’t spoiled the entire season – including who Desiree Hartsock picks in the end!

Last week, Steve released his entire episode by episode spoilers for the season. He lets viewers know what happens in each date, including who gets roses and who doesn’t, who’s eliminated each episode and all of the scandalous storyline’s that will make this season one of the most exciting yet.

You can read Reality Steve’s episode by episode spoilers here (we’ll also be posting weekly highlights before the episodes air each week if you want to check back every Monday night to see who’s eliminated and what kind of drama unfolds each week). Reality Steve’s articles can be somewhat long-winded, so we have your final four breakdown below, plus who walks away with the final rose.

Here are your final four this season (as always, if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now, there are huge spoilers ahead):

Top left in the photos: Chris Siegfried (McMinnville, OR). Top Right: Brooks Forester (Salt Lake City, UT).

Bottom Left:  Zak Waddell (Dallas, TX), Bottom Right: Drew Kenney (Scottsdale, AZ).

Here’s how each person is eliminated after hometown dates: Drew Kenney eliminated after hometown dates, Zak Waddell after Final Three. Chris Siegfried eliminated at the final rose ceremony.

Brooks Forester wins and receives the final rose from Desiree!

Are you excited for this season? Do you think Des makes the right decision picking Brooks?


  1. Thankful for Reality Steve…now we can watch the craziness of this show knowing who has won! ;)

  2. Thanks Steve for letting us know,some of us do like to know the outcome before it happens,saves on axienty problems..(smile)Your the best Steve!!!!

  3. Pam Vincent says:

    Thank you once again for giving us a week by week scenario. Like some others said before me, knowing who gets the final rose is a stress reliever. Plus, we all get to fall for him right along with Des.. I loved Brooks from the beginning in his introduction segment. Some of the guys have already become a favorite from just the first night, I cant wait to see the saga plays out and who the dirt bag(s) is that hurts her somewhere along the journey. With that said, YOU DID WELL ONCE AGAIN STEVE AND YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED. I would gladly contribute to an attorney fund for you.

  4. I picked Brooks from the promo before the start of Episode 1. The tell for me was when they were sitting and she has her head on his shoulder that is a very comfortable position and the way in the first episode that they hold hands and each of them at one time or another grabs the other one to hug or kiss well they are made for each other IMHO.

  5. Priscilla says:

    I enjoy watching to Bachelor or Bachelorette very much. I very very like Desiree, she is very beautiful and honest person.. I am hoping that she will choose Brook… They both seem honest and nice people…
    Thank you to Steve

  6. Carrie Boucher says:

    I liked Brooks from the very beginning and Des and him clicked the first could see it in there eyes.I sure hope he is the final man.They just have that chemistry when they are together.They would make a great couple,as they are both down to earth people.Seem that they re meant for each other.brooks has that special personality that matches Des.I sure hope she picks Brooks.You can tell she had feelings when he broke his finger She could not stop thinking about him….good luck

    • says:

      If Desiree does pick Brooks, who is definitely my favorite from Day 1, They are perfect for each other and you can tell they are already I love! I definitely think Drew would be the next Best Bachelor! He is not only handsome but charming and sophisticated and really knows how to properly treat a real lady! It doesn’t hurt that he is soo romantic it makes a woman loose her breath when she first looks at him! He looks like a gorgeous movie star!! He would certainly have my vote!

  7. Brooks was one of my top favorites from the beginning, I thought he was a great guy! He grew to be my favorite on him and Des’s one on one date. I am SO happy Reality Steve said Des picks Brooks, I just can’t express how happy I am!

  8. Omg! Since the first time they introduced them self. I knew he was the guy for her! I just saw the chemistry in their eyes. Then when he was picked for the first date.I knew it!! Iam so excited I hope she dose pick Brooks.

  9. Oh my god what is Des thinking
    So not a good fit
    Like beauty and the beast
    Only I dont like his personality

  10. Worst season ever .. Worst casting,boring. Yawnsville, shame on you.

    • I agree. Desiree, though likely a sweet girl, lacks the energy of previous Bachelorettes. Huge contrast to Ashley. . Desiree says the same things over and over with each guy, with the same lack of interest.

  11. I’m kind of glad to find out who she gives the final rose to, and I’m glad it’s Brooks.. In some ways too, I wish I didn’t know.

  12. I was rooting for Chris not Brooks. Disappointed in your pick Desiree.

  13. I could tell Brooks was going to be one of the final guys because he is the only one with longer hair so he was easy to spot in the promos. After watching it for several weeks now I really wanted Chris to win. I think he is such a kind, gentle, and handsome young man. (Young enough to be my grandson!) I really hope somehow Steve is wrong and it turns out to be him. If not, I hope he becomes the next bachelor. He would be perfect!

  14. TexasRose says:

    Brooks is tall, dark and handsome but she should have picked Chris, he is way more into Desiree.

  15. tammy h says:

    well Zak has already gone home after the hometown dates so this is not right. it said Drew went home but he is still there. i think Zak was the best.

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