Jul 1, 2013

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Reality Steve Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Des Hartsock Final Pick!

Reality Steve has become famous for releasing accurate spoilers for each season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and his latest set of spoilers for Desiree Hartsock’s season have hit the nail on the head so far!

Not only has Reality Steve been 100 percent accurate with his spoilers so far this season (which include one-on-one dates, rose ceremony eliminations, drama in the house and more) but he’s also been almost 100 percent accurate in previous seasons.

So, for those of you who want to know who Reality Steve insists Desiree picks this season, keep reading. Those of you who don’t want the ending of the season spoiled, stop reading now.

If you’ve ever read RS’s spoilers you’ll know he has a long, drawn out format. He goes through every episode and lists exactly what happens, which is great if you have tons of time to read every detail. For those of you who don’t have the time and just want to know who wins, keep reading here!

Reality Steve Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Des Hartsock’s Final Pick:

Desiree’s final four are as follows: Chris, Zak, Drew and Brooks.

After hometown dates, Drew will be eliminated (it’s rumored that Drew has the best chance so far when it comes to who gets picked for the next Bachelor). Zak will be sent home after fantasy dates (ironic considering he came onto the show wearing no shirt for the entire premiere episode). Chris and Brooks will both show up to the final rose ceremony where Des will choose Brooks and send Chris home broken-hearted.

Now that you know who Desiree picks, tell me: Do you think she made the right choice picking Brooks this season?

Sound off in the comments section below!

  1. I love the connection she has with Brooks. Her eyes light up

  2. I think that Brooks is a great guy but I also think that he is gay. I hope Des doesn’t pick him because I really think that he is still “in the closet”.

    • I don’t think he’s gay!! I don’t have a clue why you think that!! ;/

    • karissa says:

      Noo brooks isnt gay, he’s too fine haha

    • CindyWH@aol.com says:

      Obvious to me that Brooks is closet gay! How come so many women are into effeminate type men? Are your hormones unbalanced from using the pill too long or what? I can’t believe how many women are pulling for Brooks and Des? What is wrong with a real man for a change?

  3. Melody says Brooks is gay???????????? HUH?? I don’t see that at all!! According to Reality Steve, Brooks is the one for Des, and he’s been my favorite for Des all season!! Steve picks the top 4 and they are exactly who I picked too. Not too crazy about Zak, but he’s better than most of the rest that have already gone home. I REALLY like Chris too and would love to see him be the next bachelor – either him or Drew! Juan Pablo would be dandy too – what a hunk… but I didn’t see him for Des.

  4. Tamara wise says:

    yeah,Brooks you you get that,final rose!!!

  5. I think she will pick Brooks because they seem to have a very natural connection. I hope Chris is the next Bachelor. He seems to be a great guy. Although very handsome, there is something about Drew that I don’t like.

  6. karissa says:

    I loved brooks from the start, and chris for sure i hope is the next bachelor. Although i think it will be drew, zak was just a little off.

  7. enough with bringing back contestants! Start with new bachelors and bacheloretts. One time is enough to be on the show…….

  8. II also got the impression Brooks was gay. Was hoping she would pick Chris. He has a quiet, boyish charm about him, and seems smart and mature compared to the rest.

  9. Joan you have good gaydar too!

  10. ABSOLUTELY! Brooks is definitely the right choice.

  11. Brooke IS GAY. No doubt about it. I cannot believe she picks him, but I heard that he backs out anyways, and that is exactly why. They do not stay together long after the show, why??? GAY! wow

  12. If ANY one of these guys are an opportunist, it certainly is Brooks, coming on the show , most likely to travel and other perks that go along with it, I heard of an interview after the show and Dez apparently said that she did not find her true love.

  13. +barbara worley says:

    From Day one I picked Brooks, Just really hope it last. Love them togeather.

  14. +barbara worley says:

    Brooks is perfect for Des. No idea why u think gay maybe u just don’t know a real man.

  15. Brooks does not act in love with Des at all to me…and I think he acts gay, too. He acts very strange around her I think. :( Sad she chooses him!

  16. I hope Dez wakes up! Chris is the mature and real man here. He is IN to her and will always treat her like a princess.
    The rest of the guys are in to themselves.

  17. I didn’t think that Brooks was as interested in her as the other guys. I think she should pick Chris. Of course, I think Sean picked the wrong one too. I think that Catherine likes the attention and the winning but I didn’t think she was into him

  18. i really zak or drew is the winner. i think brooks is a good guy but not the one for her.

  19. Samantha says:

    Des should pick Drew, he has told her how he feels about her and Brooks hasn’t mentioned feelings for her at all. I’m not sure why he is on the show and I sure hope she doesn’t pick him, can’t work!

  20. drew is to hot for des, brooks is to gay. I hope drew is the next bachelor!

  21. Why was she crying tonight???

  22. Claudia says:

    Des said that she always picks the wrong guys, and believe me Brooks is the wrong guy. What is it with women always trying to make it work with a guy that’s really not that into them…soooo immature. Obviously, Des isn’t ready for a “real relationship”

  23. Think Brooks is still trying to figure out his sexuality! (Nice way of saying he’s feminine)
    He doesn’t seem into Des and the other three are. SAD she picks him because it won’t last!

  24. I think she likes Brooks BECAUSE he is playing a little hard to get. She is enjoying the fact that she is having to work for his ‘reciprocation’. He isn’t as ‘easy’ as the other 2, so she is kind of liking the chase. I mean she already knows she has the other ones on her finger, but Brooks doesn’t seem quite there yet. At least that is how the producer’s and camera guys are portraying him.

  25. WRONG…she picks Chris..but it doesnt last..she had no choice but to pick him,,since the one she really wanted left early-Brooks,,and drippy drew is a closet gay..or has some mental issues..nonetheless,,,they all end up the same..ALONE!..Shes a fool not to of stayed with Zak,,but too late,,Zak is the next bachelor.

  26. shannon says:

    Well Zak is gone. It’s down to drew, Chris and Brooks. Drew will be gone next and it will be Down to Chris and Brooks. Des already has made it clear that she is in love with Brooks and almost with Chris…but from the previews I think Brooks leaves (because he isn’t secure in his and des’s relationship) so des is heartbroken…she stays and tries to be positive and picks Chris…but Brooks shows back up and they live happily ever after. Done and done. But poor Chris. I like him hopefully he is the next bachelor!


  28. nicole howard says:

    REality Steve is off with one thing he says that Drew is sent home after hometown but in fact it is Zak that was sent home?

  29. I like Brooks. I met him a couple of weeks ago in SLC at a coffee shop. We spoke for 20 minutes or so and the first thing he did was acknowledge my children. He is super genuine and sweet. If he’s not gay, I hope he and Des work out because she seems great and I can tell he would make a good dad. If he is gay….. I’d love to have him as a GBF!

  30. Now then? Brooks is already gone people! This season, for the first time, is a little interesting. I LOVED the idea when i saw that Desiree was the bachelorette in the beginning. During the last season of The Bachelor, with Shawn, I thought the best pick was Desiree and i really liked her. But, during this season, i lost my interest. I saw what she felt for Brooks, i knew she loved him, but i didnt like the idea of knowing that she did. Now that he’s gone, i just wanna watch the finale. I actually wanna watch the one after the finale though. Wanna see what the something happened after the bachelorette finished airing!

  31. I guess from the fanfare she picks Brooks! Do not see him married too her -she’s in love – I don’t think he is feeling it! I would
    pick Chris as the best for her. But her heart is what counts.
    Guess I will have to wait and see. Chris next Bachelor or Juan Pablo!

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