Feb 25, 2013

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The Bachelor Spoilers 2013, Feb 25: Reality Steve Elimination!

Reality Steve has revealed the episode spoilers for The Bachelor 2013 tomorrow night (February 25, 2013) and we have all the details of the shocking overnight date elimination!

As many of you already know, Reality Steve has been successfully spoiling The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad) episodes for many seasons. He’s been correct with most (but not all) of his spoilers and he’s been dead on so far this season. With that being said, we have exclusive spoilers for what’s going to happen on the February 25th episode of The Bachelor – and the elimination might surprise you.

Sure, you can never be too sure what’s going to happen when you’re down to three women, but there are two clear front-runners out of the three at this point. Let’s just say, it’s one of the frontrunners who will be sent home this week.

In my opinion (and I’m sure most of you will agree) the two frontrunners going into this week’s episode are Lindsay and AshLee. Catherine and Sean’s relationship seems like it’s taking a little longer to develop, which is why she seemed like a good possiblity for elimination this week (that, combined with Sean Lowe saying last week that it was going to be either Catherine or Desiree sent home and Desiree ended up getting the boot).

So, who’s going to go home? After some pretty steamy overnight dates (although, this may be the one season where we’re almost positive no one did the deed) it was AshLee who was sent home at the end of it all.

I’m sure, as I’ve been saying for many weeks, that AshLee will not take her elimination lightly. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s going to have a complete mental breakdown. Poor girl. She seems so nice but it’s very clear that she is not the right girl for Sean.

So you now know that Lindsay and Catherine are the final two. CLICK HERE to see Who Sean Picks on The Bachelor Finale 2013 (plus over 55 comments on what viewers think of Sean’s pick!!!)!

Are you surprised to hear that AshLee leaves this week?

  1. I for one have throughly enjoyed the spoilers and episodes of this seasons Bachelor, thank you Steve. Wife and I made picks after 1st episode {top 4 or 5} , so far she still has one left as do I. My remaining pick is, yes Catherine {I didn’t check out the spoilers until later}. So naturally I’m rooting for her and Steve to be right, I just saw something in her from the start. I figure Steve hit it right off and the network is trying to keep us guessing with their editing. The two don’t seem to have much long term common ground, vegan, careers, family ties to areas, some serious potential relationship busters here. I for one hope it works out for the duration {marriage & kids etc}. If this time around doesn’t work out the Bachelor franchise should just hang it up since up to this point NO Bachelor has married his “selectee” and this is one of the most promising seasons. Jason married Molly – his second choice. Good luck Sean & Catherine!

  2. I think Sean should pick Lindsay she seems so much better than Catherine,

  3. All of the girls know exactly what the game is when they sign up. I don’t see how anyone could fall in “love” with a guy who is dating other women, but they all sooo surprised when the bachelor starts to pay attention to other women ect. I enjoyed Sean this season, best bachelor yet, but I don’t see how a guy like that could actually “fall” for four women and the pick just one..I know its the name of game, but it makes me think it is all fake.

  4. You have to feel bad for AshLee as Steve told her she was the front runner early on and given her background, this had to be devastating. Catherine and Steve had a terrific blend of chemistry and I wish them well. Now, who gives Sean a letter on the final episode…..????? Desiree, AshLee, who ????

  5. candie972 says:

    May YHVH bless Sean & Catherine’s union.

  6. bachelor follower says:

    AshLee is really a fake, desperate and immature. She should be the one going home. Throughout the show, she has been trying to put words in Sean’s mouth, making presumptions. AshLee is still childish and continues to refer to her abandonment as a child. When is she going to grow up? Her true vicious personality was showing even when she confronts Tiarra. After her departure, she must have spent time to find a way to retaliate. She is the most fake bachelorette and was very deceptive in trying to win. She is the oldest there to seek a spouse, yet is the most juvenile in her actions. AshLee will not be civil in relationships. She can be arrogant and belligerent. AshLee chose to lie for more revenge. Her accusations of what Sean said would not even seem plausible since he was still in the process of determining who was right for him. AshLee is displaying her true demeanor by being vindictive. Throughout the show she was intense and controlling. Sean continues to be a true gentleman in spite of AshLee’s false accusations and unkind words. AshLee is a true loser and will always be until she grows up.

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