Feb 11, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Wins Juan Pablo’s Final Rose?!?

Reality Steve is known for his amazing spoilers when it comes to popular shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad but with many wrong endings in the past, it’s hard to know for sure if he’s right again this season. We’ll recap all of his spoilers for Juan Pablo’s season below and give you our predictions on whether he’s right – and whether the woman he chose was actually the woman he wanted to be with in the end.

If you don’t want to know what happens in the coming weeks, do not read any further – we’re about to spoil the ending and all of the parts in between.

Let’s get started!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Juan Pablo Winner!

If you’ve been following Steve’s spoilers since the beginning of the season, you’ll know that he’s been 100 percent right up until this point. But, if you’ve been following his site for many years, you’ll also know that for every ending he had wrong, he had successfully spoiled every episode of that season, up until the last few. What I’m saying is, just because he’s been right so far this season doesn’t mean he has the ending right.

According to Reality Steve, the final four this season are Nikki, Andi, Clare and Renee. Renee will be eliminated after hometown dates but here’s the kicker – Andi sends herself home after her fantasy date with Juan Pablo.

Now, Andi, Clare and Nikki have all been JP’s favorites since the beginning. But, who’s to say that Andi wasn’t the one Juan Pablo really wanted to pick (like Des and Brooks last season) and after she left he picked someone just to pick them?

In the end, Clare and Nikki both attend the final rose ceremony but it’s Nicky who walks away with the final rose. According to sources, the two are still together but Juan Pablo never proposed to Nikki (and maybe never will).

Anyways, now that you know what happens this season (according to Reality Steve) we have to ask: Do you think he made a mistake picking Nikki?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Andi = every single dude’s dream.

  2. Wow, it’s a shocker that he sends Rene home, cause I actually thought it would be Rene & Nikki in the final two. Actually my choices were Rene, Nikki & Andi, in that order. Not sure why Andi decides to leave, (if that is true), because she & Juan really hit it off on their one on one date, and it looked a lot like it was more than just chemistry going on. That being said, I have to say something about Nikki. I know all the girls had a problem with her in the beginning, but, I think that she just speaks her mind and says what she thinks and feels, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Like for instance, the group date in Vietnam, where Claire & Juan rode off in the little boat to make out. Not sure if Nikki was on that group date, but the other girls saw all that and made their feelings known to each other. I think that was wrong of Juan & Clair, because it’s a friggin GROUP date, and I know they are there to win Juan over, but I feel there are boundries and they crossed the line. Also, Juan was the one that started kissing Claire first, however, she could have said something about this being a group date and it wasn’t right. That right there would have made Juan’s feelings for her stronger because she would have been thinking about someone other than herself. A lot of these girls end up getting really caddy with each other and I guess that’s par for the course, but I do feel that the real Nikki comes out on the one on one dates with Jusan. I also don’t feel that she acts that different around the other girls, as Claire said. I just think that some girls feel threatened by other girls, that’s the way it’s always been. I feel badly that Rene is sent home, (if that’s the case), because it really looked like Jaun was very interested in her, they had a lot more than chemistry going on, it looked like he was falling for her every time he looked into her eyes. So, we shall see, but, if he does end up with Nikki, I do think they make a great pair together too, she lets him know when she feels something, like being afraid she wasn’t going to get a rose. THAT’S what you call being vulnerable! I do think that NIkki would be ready to be a step-Mom and have children of her own. They do have great chemistry plus they act like they’re at the best friend stage at the same time, which is good. I would still miss seeing Rene in the final two though, now that would be real nail biter!

  3. Dear Diary, please, please, please send me a guy who will throw sheep poop at me!!

  4. I have mixed feelings about this whole journey. My favorites are Renee and Nikki. I liked Clare in the beginning, but I am not sure she is ready for being a step-mom to Camilla. She enjoys attention and is a little on the spoiled side. Renee, would be a perfect step mom and a loving wife as well. Nikki would be too, but just not quite sure. As usual in all these shows, DRAMA.

  5. He hasn’t exercised good judgment through out this whole show. So what makes anyone think he will start now. He won’t take Renee because her child would provide a distraction from his. Afterall, it is all about his child and nothing else matters. It appears that all he wants to do is to kiss the girls. It’s sad that this guy is even here wasting everyone’s time. I guest it makes for good TV.

  6. This is the 1st time I’m really not into the show – I think it’s because JP would have not been my pick for the Bachelor – I wanted Drew to be the Bachelor – but the producers have been wanting a Latino as the Bachelor for quite a while so JP got the part. From the start of the show I don’t think that JP is really looking for a wife or a mother for his daughter – sorry I just don’t feel the vibes that he is being sincere in the show or any of the relationships with the girls. The night JP and Clare went swimming in the ocean, fully clothed in swim suits, and the conversation he had with her the next day about it – I felt so bad for her – she was in tears about the whole situation – he made her feel as though they did something so wrong that he did’t want his daughter to see – they were swimming in the ocean with suits on!! they weren’t naked in the ocean like Ben was few seasons back on the Bachelor – what about some of the long, deep kisses he has been having with some of the girls threw out the whole show!? If I would have been Clare I would have gave him back the rose and left – who does he think he is!!?? Besides – JP could have said NO to the offer of swimming in the ocean !! UGH !! I know that JP”s daughter is his 1st priority and it should be but has he ever been in a relationship and shown affection to a woman in front of his daughter (holding hands, kisses etc ) JP should have thought long and hard about what he wanted his daughter to know, see and hear before he signed up for the show!! Sorry if I sound so negative about JP – I just don’t feel his sincere vibes . But for what I’ve seen so far my fav. girls are Renee, Clare, Andi and Nikki – in that order – althought Reality Steve says JP picks Nikki – I don’t see them staying together or getting married – sorry !!

  7. I think Juan polo is correct because I love Niki

  8. I lost all respect for Juan when he stated he was going to cool all the kissing because he didn’t want to give his daughter the wrong ideas..HA! he has been working OVERTIME in that dept. I didn’t see ANY pull back except when he said no to the one woman who wanted a kiss and he then sent her home later that evening! Why didn’t he just tell her the truth…that he wasn’t that into her?? He’s a selfish egotist. It would be poetic justice if Andi sees him for the REAL ass he is and that’s why she leaves. Whatever woman he “selects”, hopefully she lets her BRAIN see the BIG picture and runs for the hills…He’s NOT the man that everyone thought he was…



  11. I think Nikki is the least likely to be able to share time with Camilla. I also think Camilla has a mom and JP doesn’t need to find her one. Maybe Camilla’s mom wants JP back when he has a job and a decent income and that is where this whole thing is going. Go on the Bachelor, get exposure, money and a good job and go back to Carla Rodriguez. Just saying!

  12. Juan Pablo is an empty-headed man who will pick Nikki, because he can’t seem to see beyond her pretty face. That girl is scary; and I say “girl” because she’s not any closer to being a woman than the high school girls I know. But, in reality, they deserve each other. At first I thought he’d pick Clare, but whatever they did in the ocean must have been beyond petting; otherwise, why would Juan Pablo make such a big deal of it? I think Renee is the most sincere, and she’s the one I’d like to see as the next Bachelorette (if she’s up to it).

  13. I think JP is vile. Whomever he ends up picking, is lucky that he didn’t propose, as there is time to back out of that relationship before she realizes too late what an egotistical ass he is.

  14. Juan Pablo has not had one intelligent conversation with any of the women throughout the show. The bright ones, like the opera singer, Sharleen and Alli who are quite astute and bright, I think, realized he had a lack of substance. For someone who claimed to not want to kiss for fear of upsetting his daughter or giving her the wrong idea, he sure did a lot of kissing, with all of them. In the end I hope the best for all of the candidates and hope they find what their heart desires.

  15. i wonder if he told nikki before the show aired, that he had sex with clare that night…. and i wonder what she now thinks about how he slut shamed clare. he’s a pr-ck!

  16. I have to say, I am soooo disappointed in JP. He’s a control freak, telling the women how to feel/act/not react or cry, or respond/what to wear, what to eat, trust him, get out of your comfort zone, etcetcetc. He’s not at all interested or sincere in any of them beyond the make-out /kissing stage; when have we ever heard a conversation of any sort of substance at all? And then he goes and changes the rules in the middle of the game, using his daughter as the excuse. Big fat NONO. What a putz. And he’s 32; why have all of these ‘girls’ on the show been mostly in their 20′s? They’re not mother material, they’re party material, and while Many, of whom, are very intelligent, which I think scares him, he’s not gonna be able to give up all those good times with all of those girls. sure he’s good-looking and charismatic but really, why did he never marry Camila’s mother? Why quit your professional soccer job to be a Dad? He still travels all over kingdom come with his current job so think about it. Why act like anyone else’s children are going to interfere with your own? I had high hopes when the show began, and saw his interaction with his family. but oneonone, it’s all about ‘aiyiyi’. All of these women would be better off to say thanks for the experience, and move on! I predict he’ll never marry. He’s only in it for the chase, and enjoying the process. Nikki was right, Camilla will always be his #1, and anyone invading that turf better be strong and mighty!!!

  17. devan marsh says:

    I hope juan pablo chooses rene. I think they would make a great couple. She is my favorite!!!

  18. can’t believe nikki is the last lady standing

  19. I think Renee would make a great bachelorette, because she is the only one
    That acts like an adult. She is very sincere. You just know by the way she looks,
    so ABC lets have a real woman that is really looking for
    Love just like Des and Ashley . Ashley picked JP ,he is a real man love his happy personality and big

  20. David Franks says:

    I’m glad he take Nikki I’m glad you didn’t take that stupid b**** Claire

  21. David Franks says:

    II think jp made the right choice claire is not the right one nikki is very beautiful and she’s very smart claire just looks like a scam artist she is a very fake person she looks like she just uses people nikki you are a very beautiful girl and I hope everything works out between you and jp

  22. David Franks says:

    II think jp made the right choice claire is not the right one nikki is very beautiful and she’s very smart claire just looks like a scam artist she is a very fake person she looks like she just uses people nikki you are a very beautiful girl

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