Feb 25, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick on Finale?

Reality TV spoiler king Reality Steve released his coveted Bachelor spoilers list before the 2014 season of the show even kicked off and we have all the details on who Juan Pablo picks in the end, whether they’re still together and who’s going home tonight. Get ready for an intense ending to the season, as a lot is going to happen in the next few weeks!

As many of you already know, Reality Steve releases exclusive spoilers for each season. Sometimes he’s wrong. Most of the time, he’s right and this season, he’s hit the nail on the head every episode so far. So, who is he reporting will go home tonight and – more importantly – who’s going to get the final rose? Keep reading to find out!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick?

Before we get to who JP picks this season, let’s do a quick run-down of how this week and next week’s episode will go. Tonight is hometown dates. At tonight’s rose ceremony, Renee Oteri will be sent home brokenhearted. Tomorrow night (ABC has switched up the schedule and will be airing back-to-back episodes this week on Monday night and Tuesday night – so don’t miss tomorrow’s episode) Andi Dorfman will have a horrible fantasy date with Juan Pablo. The morning after her date, Andi tells Juan Pablo she wants to leave. She tells the cameras she can’t stand to be around him (no one knows exactly what Juan Pablo did to prompt these feelings) and she leaves voluntarily just days before the final rose ceremony.

That, obviously, leaves arch enemies Nikki and Clare in the final two. At the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo picks Nikki and leaves Clare absolutely devastated and brokenhearted. As many of you know, Clare thought she had the strongest relationship with JP the whole season so this is surely going to be a big blow to her ego.

Juan Pablo doesn’t propose to Nikki but the two are reportedly still together.

As for your next Bachelorette, you’ll have to click here to find out which lucky lady secured the lead role next season. Hint: We couldn’t be happier!

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki have what it takes to last?

  1. I like clare she reminds me of Trista full of life genuine and adorable

  2. I think Nikki is the best suitor. I think Clare is in her own world and much too needy. That said, I do NOT think Juan Pablo is such a catch either. I think there will be cultural differences between him and whomever he chooses.

  3. I will be VERY surprised if Juan Pablo marries Nicki or whoever he chooses. I think the fact that he let Nicki meet his daughter was a big hint.

  4. Juan Pablo is such a jerk I hate him he see the girls as nothing the producers should have stop this early on.Don’t know if I can watch another Bachelor show every!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope he picks Clare. They are 2 of a kind. Nikki is to good for him.

  6. Juan Pablo is dumb as dirt. This was a very boring bachelor show. The producers blew it with this one.

  7. Come on. Andi thinks her shit Dont stink. You knew after her dad said no, she was going to leave.she was never going to take this as a serious search for love. This was all to promote herself.
    Get to stepping Andi. Its not all about you. That type of woman makes my skin crawl.
    Such a fake. See easy to see she is delusional

    • You’re delusional to see that she was right on the mark. No one wants to be compared to other people and if you think that he truly cares about any of these women. Then you, my friend, are delusional. The show is fake. Get with it.

  8. andi was too much she expected alot from juan pablo.am glad she she went home

  9. David Franks says:

    I hope everything works out Nicki between you and jp Claire is a scam artist she uses people

  10. I hope they do make it Nickie is a beautiful young lady she has a lot to offer and she knows how to take care of children she is smart her parents really taught her a lot. You can tell she is a little shy that’s a cute quality. Through out the show I did not see any thing that showed her being wrong about certain things. Clair built up too much she has a lot too learn! She was very wrong the way she treated the other ladies thinking she is the it women. The man is going to chose who he wants and what he wants as a mother for his little girl. CLAIR is a high maintenance women, and the way she acted and treated the other women shows she has some issues to deal with.Clair is a very special women it takes a lot to be a nurse, But one thing for sure most nurses are people that love taking care and that shows love towards people. Caire acted very immature her following Nickie to her room and Nickie ask her to leave she should of left her words she use was immature saying oh did u pay for this room, that’s was pretty stupid for a grown women to say it really just showed that she was jealous . Now Juan Pablo uses differs words than what we do Andy was being a attorney I saw he was just trying to tell her that hey if you don’t feel that Iam right for you OK what’s wrong with that men are different than women on how they use their words and one thing for sure you can not change someone on the way they speak and act, all you can do is change your self. Andie needs to hook up with someone that is more educated then she is Iam glad she left and said what she said because she should of come out and talked to him more during their dates asking him more questions thet way she could of left a lot sooner and then one of the other ladies could of been in her spot. Juan Pablo is a very concerned father and until someone is a mother or father they should not judge him saying he was just using his daughter because Iam sure after all this is over with he will be very hurt at what some of the ladies are saying. The ladies that are running their mouths are just jealous because he did not pick them, and it’s so funny when one makes ugly comments it is just that lady is upset that the nice looking man didn’t pick her and that’s the bottom line. He’s the bachelor he gives the rose to whom he would like to stay and get to know not the other way around.

  11. If you watched all of the episodes you will see that Andi was right on the mark in terms of Juan Pablo. Juan talked about himself all the time and how things would benefit for him. The fantasy suite…I would not be at all surprised if he was trying to sleep with Andi and when Andi refused he brought up the fact that Clare was there the night before.

    Andi did say that any other girl would of smacked him for that comment. Let’s be honest here, all the girls are in competition with one another but its one thing to know that on a surface level and another thing to have the guy that you want to be with-tell you about God knows what with another woman. Its tacky and tasteless and you all know that you wouldn’t want to be with a guy who is trying to get other women to fight for him.

    Nicki is a cutie and way too good for this jerk. If you have read any background reading on this “bachelor” you will see that he never married the mother of his child (so he’s expected to marry a stranger?) and he stopped playing his sport after his girfriend got pregnant but than couldn’t even help support the child and owed tons of child support.

    Juan Pablo is not a catch and there are men like him who are a dime a dozen. He went on the show to try and boost his career. The bachelor is not a catch. The only catch these women will find with Juan Pablo is an STD!

    • Amen to that Jessica. Juan Pablo is not looking for a wife, he is a player. He did this show to promote himself. If you noticed, he was more sexual in his dealings with the women, kissing EVERYBODY. He did not want to know about these women, he never really tried to dive deep into finding out more about them so he could determine who would make a great mom for his daughter. He was more concerned about, dancing, who could kiss, who is sexy….YUCK, he was a bad choice for the Bachelor. When you are a parent, you have millions of quesitons for the person that could potentially be in your childs life. He very seldom asked them anything, he was enjoying the ride, the exotic places. He is bad news and I pray Nikki runs for the hills.

  12. This show is not reality, it’s fairy land mixed with fantasy island. After all the glitz and glamour is over they have to face reality. No more helicopter dates, no more traveling to exotic islands for picnics, nothing!! ABC executives should call me. The perfect reality show for them is to have a 30 or 40 something bachelor or bachelorette that is either single, divorced or widowed with a coule of kids, a decent job (maybe), and plenty of issues like the normal american middle aged bachelor or bachelorette. Throw out the supermodel looks and the ripped abs, if those people need this show to find love, that’s sad!!

    I’m happily married, but could envision a show like the one I described and it would be a REALITY hit, not a fantacy short lived!! ABC, contact me, we’ll talk!!

    • I completely agree. The viewers want to see real people, not models or the same dumb hunk type. We want real solid, moral, kind people.

  13. I don’t think Nikki and JP will last in a relationship since they’re not mentally compatible based on their conversations. Clare would of been the better match for Pablo since they look good together and they’re of same mental wavelength.

  14. On last nights fight i think that both Andi and Juan Pablo had valid points, i do hate hate clare, shes way to needy and all over him, i like nikki better even though shes a little full of herself. she would be a way better step mom , being a ped nurse. i hope he breaks clares heart.

  15. Well I was playing catch up but when I watched him inviting Nicki to meet his daughter just now I just knew she would be the one and I cannot stand the snotty little girl. My favorite was the opera dancer but she was way too smart for Juan.
    Well if Nicky wants to live in the shadow of Camille be my guest. Glad that not one of the girls I liked ending up with him. You are not even allowed to hold hands when his daughter is there. lol. He used his daughter way too much as an excuse.
    Not going to watch this season anymore.

  16. bachelorfan says:

    From what I got out of the conversation between JP and Andie, she was upset by him saying that she barely made it after the hometown date to Atlanta. JP probably seen that after her father made his comments about which dates she went on, which were mostly group dates, and he was visibly upset to find out that she didn’t get the first few one on ones, he wasn’t going to welcome him with open arms. I have a question for her father ….Did you not know when YOUR daughter signed up for the show that the man would be dating other women??? As for Andie, I thought she was as JP said, being a lawyer. No sense in arguing with her.She seems to be the type of person who always has to be right. JP you didn’t miss out on much. Rene would have made a better bachelorette. If Andie gets it I won’t be watching next season.

  17. I agree with bachelorfan… Renee would be a better bachelorette. Andie was pissed off because Juan has no filter and told her she just about didn’t make it. He shouldn’t have, I agree, but Andie could have left right then and there but decided to stay. Why? She saw an opportunity that’s why.

  18. I have never watched the whole season or any season of the Bachelor, but I did this season and Juan is a jerk and too self absorbed! I can’t stand Nikki or whinny ass Andie. Clare reminds me of high end hooker! Really, crappy season to watch for the first time! That opera singer looked like a pretty drag queen! Soooo pathetic this season and this will be my only season!

  19. caryparkway says:

    Nikki is the one I think will be chosen. She seems to adore him and vise versa. The fact that she is a pediatrics nurse means she loves children, I early determinded she is the match for him.

  20. I have thought from the beginhng that JP has been a bad choice he comes across as a player. He is self centered,wishy washy. I don’t see whoever he picks to actually get married. HE IS SO FAKE!

  21. Claire is a player and Juan Pablo is a slut. Claire’s the one trying to get Pablo into the sea, he does, and he’s a slut. Goes either or both ways. That said, I think Pablo is better off alone, because he’s not able to communicate with anyone. He will either bore them silly or insult them by being his clueless self. Andie was a good choice for The Bachelorette. I’m sure she’ll find someone worthy of her.

    It’s corny the way people are so 50′s. This is 2014, thought the double standard was gone.

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