Feb 10, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick, Is He Engaged?

Bachelor fans are gearing up for another drama-filled week in the Bachelor house and we have all the details on who goes home tonight and, more importantly, who walks away winner in the end.

For many seasons, Reality Steve has been successfully letting viewers know who gets the final rose well before the finale airs (heck, most seasons it’s before the season even begins airing). This year, he is very confident that his spoilers are correct however, for those of you who haven’t been following his site all along, he says that every year and he has been wrong on more than one occasion. Regardless, he’s the best source for Bachelor related spoilers and we’re here to let you know what he has to say about this season!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick and Is He Engaged?

These are, obviously, the two most popular questions every season. Who does the Bachelor pick and is he engaged to the person he gave the final rose to? ¬†We have Reality Steve’s answers to both of those questions and some of the answers might surprise you.

We’ll start by letting you know who the final four are, then we’ll break it down by elimination. The final four are Renee, Andi, Clare and Nikki. The order of elimination is the same – Renee goes home after hometown dates, which is typical of what happens in the final four. What isn’t typical is when the third person left decides to leave voluntarily – right after the fantasy suite date night. That’s what happens with Andi. The morning after her fantasy date with Juan Pablo, she decides to leave and tells him she doesn’t feel a strong enough connection to stay.

So that leaves Clare and Nikki as the final two (surprise, surprise). In the end, Juan Pablo picks Nikki and leaves Clare brokenhearted at the final rose ceremony.

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Engaged?

Juan Pablo does not propose to Nikki at the final rose ceremony (or during any part of the finale). It’s possible he’ll propose at the live After the Final Rose Ceremony but many people predict there will be trouble in paradise by then.

Now that you know everything that happens this season, tell us, do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will ever get married?

  1. Well I didn’t expect Nikki, but I thought Juan and Clare were more connected then most..But I don’t see Juan and Nikki getting married.. Marry Juan will ask Clare for hand in marriage at the After the final Rose.. I mean It could be another Jason and Molley…that would be awesome! Clare fits him better than most.. IF NOT..PLEASE MAKE HER THE NEXT BACHLORETTE!!!

  2. I had a feeling about Nikki the first night. She is beautiful, smart and loves children. Great qualities, right?? I also really like Clare, but, after Vietnam it was different between them. I just really, really hope Juan Pablo finds love, not only for him, but also his little girl. God bless.

  3. I hope Juan Pablo picks Clair, I think they make a great pair.

  4. Juan Pablo should pick Clare. They seem like they’re already in a relationship. But who knows what the show producers have in mind.

  5. Quantumnerd says:

    I think it is Nikki, although whoever he picks, I hear she sends his naked picture in some texts to her friends!

  6. Aviva Goldstein says:

    Don’t like Clare, she’s too manipulative; and, this was the most boring of all seasons. Whoever he picks it won’t last. He is a real playboy and will cheat on whoever he picks. Really like Andi and Sharleen, class acts and smart, especially Andi.

    • Cindy Snow says:

      Andi is such an intelligent nd beautiful young woman as is Charlene. I don’t think Juan could get away with his playboy attitude with either of these ladies. They’re too smart to talk for his ” eyyaya” bull! I hope Andi is the next Bachelorette.

    • Cindy Snow says:

      I know I said that Andi nd Charlene were too smart for his fake bull…but I agree that Renee would be the absolutely perfect fit for him nd Camilla if he was sincerely looking for the perfect wife nd step mother if he was genuine.

    • chris ridgehart says:

      Renee is the real deal.

  7. Aviva Goldstein says:

    He won’t pick anyone and if he does it won’t last, he’s a playboy. Really like Andi and Sharleen. They’re both class acts. Clare is a manipulator.

  8. Lets just face it. We all wanted Juan Pablo to be the next Bachelor. So he was. But his really showing his true colors. His a playboy. Its obvious who he wants. The best person is Renee she has a big heart. But he doesn’t deserve her. He just keeps her because he doesn’t want to hurt her. But he hardly ever kisses her like Claire,Nikki and Sharleen. Almost every year they choose someone who they spend a lot of money on and almost every year it doesn’t work. Someone like Juan Pablo is a playboy. I would not even trust him as my man. Its all a game to him. I don’t think any of them match. Its all lust and good times at the moment. He needs to be with someone he can relate to. And I’m a full blooded White American. But I think honestly. He would be better off with someone who can relate to his Nationality. I just don’t think any of them will work. His a hot tamale with roaming eyes. He always worries about what his daughter thinks. But his tongue is sticking out all over the place. I’ve never seen a season with this much tongue. Even if he did pick Renee who is my favorite. He would cheat on her or dump her for someone hotter. Because his all about looks. I can’t stand when he talks to the camera. And he states one day there is kissing. And that last maybe and hour if that. This is not a good year. I’m ready for it to be over. Nikki,Claire,Andi and Sharleen its all only for the looks and the moment. Its like his trying to see how much tongue he can get before the seasons over. And those who would pick Clair for the next Bachelorette. That would be a disfunctional program. She just bounces off the wall. Shes so emotional. She likes to cat fight. I could not even see her with Juan Pablo’s daughter. Not any of them just Renee. Renee is the best to pick. But she won’t be picked because she’s to good for him. Its another Jake and Brad year. It will all blow over. Another year with a bad ending.

    • I could not have said it any better. Clare is a loose cannon. They always show her with that crazed look in her eye, trying to fake a smile. Nikki is just absurd. I cant for the life of me see the “beautiful girl” everyone keeps speaking of in her. She has a crazy looking forehead and small smushed face. Yes, her body is smoking, but that is all. I guarantee if you asked any of her coworkers what kind of person/nurse she is, it would not be pretty. Saying she is fake would be too kind, but the best I can muster up for her.
      Renee is great…sincere…too good though. Much too kind and real. Andi is too smart.
      I think its kind of funny how the final two are pretty much only there because everyone else bailed out.

  9. I feel like everyone else. Juan Pablo is showing his true colors. He is a playboy. One minute he talks about setting a good example for his daughter but then the next minute he is making out with every girl that is left. I don’t understand. I like Sharleen. Not Clare. Vietnam was just wrong. I don’t think if he ends up with Nikki or Clare it will last. Feel bad for his daughter.

  10. Chris Harrison says:

    The novelty of his accent and nationality is completely washed off. True colors show no mothers. Refuse the final rose.

  11. I think he’s a play boy too. He’s been sending out mix signals. I don’t think he really wants a relationship. just the idea of this all excites him.

  12. Chris Harrison says:

    He tried slipping his tongue in the mouth of the ring dude from Jared’s. They had to film that segment over 8 times since J.P. had an erection.

  13. Chris Harrison says:

    In fact, on set one of the producers found J.P. naked in a corner crying because he had his tongue caught in the tiny hole in the top of his Axe body wash.

  14. I believe he should pick Nikki

  15. Not at all happy with this season of The Bachelor. J.P. may be hot, but he is definitely not looking for a wife. The whole show was him sending mixed signals, and kissing. The scene with Sharleen was just too much..was ready to turn off the T.v. There was no real communication between J.P. and any of the women. Very bad season

  16. so this season is so boring. jp seems to be friends with final four who occasionally make out. one think that i think is annoying is how one min he over uses the whole daughter thing, ” i don’t want her to see me makeout with every girl” so he rejects girl he never kissed but turns around breaks that rule makes out with claire. i actually think reality steve might be right this year, i think it will come down to final two claire and nikki. personally i like nikki better she may be bitchy but she not crazy claire.

  17. What more can you expect from a Latin male? American women to Latin men are seen as loose women. It’s all about the sex he can get from them. He will not be happy until he finds someone like Sharline who was not as interested in the sex. I see him picking someone from his heritage that is younger with no previous sexual experience. He”s disgusting and women are second class citizen’s to him.

  18. Clare is such a phony!! I really thought it would be Andi, but I like Nikki too. But I agree, I think JP is just looking for a mother for his daughter, not so much a soulmate!!

  19. Renee is too good for him; I am glad she dodged a bullet this evening. Andi is very smart and she will see right through his playboy ways. I haven’t seen every episode but from those I have seen I like Claire. I think Nikki is shallow like Juan Pablo and they deserve each other. No matter who he picks I don think that it will last!

  20. I think he just made the biggest mistake sending Renee home. She is the only “real” woman there. He should of sent Clare and her fake smile back home. Renee would have been the perfect step mom and wife. I hope Renee is the next bachelorette because she truly does want the real family life!! I don’t mind Andi and Nicki but neither one of those would ever last either. Big mistake Pablo you just let Renee the good one leave!

  21. I dont agree with any of you in saying that jp is a playboy and that hes not there to find his soul mate. He is a great guy with a genuine heart. You can see it by how emotional he gets when he has to send someone home. He does care about all the girls, i mean isnt that the whole point of the damn show. He is suppose to get to know all of them and how is what hes doing any different than what every other bachelor or bachelorette has done ? They all have given mixed signals. No one knows how they would be if put in his shoes and in my opinion hes handling it pretty well. And all of the girls came on this show knowing that he would be dating many wimen, they knew what they signed up for. I think he would make a great husband. I just hope its not Claire, theres just something about her that i dont like. I like the other girls. I really like Andi.

  22. I agree, Renee was the best pick and is a truly remarkable person. Always positive and caring and she is too good for Pablo. I don’t believe Pablo will end up married to any of these girls or if he does, it won’t last. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of substance there. I say make Renee the new Bachelorette!

  23. You have turned me off from watching this since Vietnam

    You let the best lady go last night

    Renee was totally straight forward and honest

    She is an excellent mom and I agree Juan Pablo is just a Playboy
    I’m thinking they all reject him would be good for his ego

    Did not enjoy this Season!

  24. I really liked Rene and i really hope that she wll be the next bachelorette …..as for Claire …..there is something about her that i don’t see her with Juan Pablo and Nikki ….i do like her better than Claire ,,,but honestly i don’t see any of these two with Juan Pablo….although yes he is latin and usually men from these countries are charmers …but i still find him to be with very caring and maybe he is not really ready as he may think he is ….and i don’t think that he will pick any of the 2 remaing and if he does ..i honestly don’t see it lasting . Like i said ….Renee was my favorite and i really do hope she will be the next bachelorette …..she is really one beautiful lady and she knows where she’s headed and wants in life and im sure that she will one day meet someone very special who will apprecaite and love her and her son ….she really deserves it .

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