Feb 3, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick In The End?

Bachelor fans have been anxiously waiting to see who makes the final four this season and, with hometown dates just a few weeks away, Reality Steve’s spoilers are becoming more and more popular. About two months ago, spoiler king Reality Steve began releasing this season’s spoilers. By the time the season kicked off, he had revealed the most important details about every episode this year and, so far, he’s been right on the money. So who, according to Steve, makes the final four this year and – more importantly – who wins? Keep reading to find out!

Those of you who don’t want to know what happens should stop reading now – as noted above, there are major spoilers below.

Okay, let’s get to it!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Pick In The End?

Before we get to Juan Pablo’s final pick, let’s recap the final four this season. Because, those of you who thought it’s been kind of a boring season so far are definitely in for a treat. There’s a lot of drama coming before that final rose is handed out – and most of it has to do with the final four.

The final four women this year, according to Reality Steve, are: Clare, Renee, Nikki and Andi. In addition to Clare and Nikki’s rival (which promises to be bring lots of drama and excitement in the coming weeks) Andi stirs up her own storyline by voluntarily leaving AFTER her fantasy date with Juan Pablo. The very next morning, Andi asks to speak to JP and says that she wants to go home. The reasons surrounding her sudden decision to leave are not yet known but you can bet that it’s going to make for an intense episode.

The other things you need to know are that Renee gets eliminated after hometown dates and Nikki and Clare go to the final rose ceremony. In the end, Juan Pablo picks Nikki and leaves Clare devastated and brokenhearted (we imagine this is going to be a dramatic exit – especially considering she loses to Nikki).

Now that you know who Juan Pablo chooses this season, tell us: Do you think he made the right decision for him and Camila?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

  1. He picked the right one

  2. Pam Sparks says:

    He picked the right one.

  3. Since day one Juan Pablo admire her because she portrayed class.

  4. My favorite was Renee. She was always the caring one when anyone was upset and did not cause the drama that the others did. I felt she would have been good for JP and Camilla. Disappointed!

  5. Yes he picked the right girl. Claire was kinda wacko and her obsession with him was off putting

  6. Betty McCullough says:

    He did choose the perfect lady for a wife.

  7. Tina Brown says:

    My hopes were that he would pick Chelsea..They seem to have a great chemistry between them (and complimented each other very well)..However, my following 3 faves were Andi, Nikki, and Renee..So all are good choices..ANYONE but Clare will make me happy..She should have gotten the boot last episode at best..Totally don’t think she should even make it to the last four..

  8. He should have run from both of them.

  9. Good decision! Andi for bachelorette!!!

  10. Renee or Andi was the best for him.I would love for Andi to be the next Bachelorette!!!

  11. Mary Ellen says:

    I thought the two remaining ladies were going to be Renee and Nikki. I thought for sure Juan was going to pick Renee. They would have made a happy family. But each to their own. I am a bit disappointed that Juan didn’t pick Renee. Nikki isn’t a favorite of mine!

  12. My favorite was Sharlene, she’s the prettiest and classiest. Wish he picked her

  13. Kylie Miller says:

    NOT AT ALL!!! She complains about everything !!! She is so annoying. They won’t last. Poor Camila. Nikki wants all the attention all the time.

  14. Niki is stiff as a board and boring to boot! Sharleen is too in love with herself to fall in love. Andi seems like the type who is going to be a control freak, hence her line of work. Clare is trying a bit too hard, but she seems sincerely in love. I think she would be very happy taking care of Juan and Camilla. The other girls seem a little too worried about their own needs.

  15. Nikki is not mature enough for a relationship like this. She will be competing with Camilla. She was a total bitch to the other girls and Claire as well as very selfish.
    Claire should have walked out on JP after his ridiculous issue with going with Claire to the ocean. The most awesome romantic evening and the idiot JP ruins it. He doesn’t deserve Claire, whom should be the next Bachelorette. Won’t last with Nikki. JP will realize he has made a big mistake, or for Claire, she is lucky to have gotten away!

    • I think this season was a bit boring to be honest. I really don’t think he is close to any of them…and will not be with the “final” gal too long. I honestly think the girls could do much better…As for Nikki…she is not ready for marriage or motherhood…What a waste of my time!

  16. Can’t stand Nikki…Love Clare and she is the absolute best choice for Juan Pablo. They look perfect together. I have lost complete faith if he chooses Nikki.

  17. Anyone but Clare! I can’t stand how fake she is. Have some class on national TV! I love Renee! Wish it was her but glad its nikki and not Clare!

  18. Well, I researched this way back so I knew who the final four would be. Having been watching the show since the beginning, I will say this. I wish it was Renee, as I thought she would be the best match for JP and Camilla. She seems to be a very caring, nurturing woman. She already has a son, and she seems to be a wonderful mom as well. Maybe something will come up in the last few episodes that might explain JP’s choice. That being said, I like Nikki and have liked her from day one. We have to keep in mind that the show decides what to air and what not to share, and they like the drama so they always make sure they include those episodes. Clare is annoying, possessive and could not handle being second to Camilla. Andi appears to be insecure when it comes to relationships but being an attorney, I agree with Candice, control freak! However, I don’t agree with Rachel….Sharleen is very self centered and conceited, and very odd……if it ain’t about her, she doesn’t want to hear it!

  19. mary jioan says:

    I like Renee, Andie and Nikki. Whoever wins I will be happy. I do think Renee would be the best.

  20. I have begun to think that JP is kind of creepy with his constant “look at me” statements when he is trying to control the situation. He won’t last long with an independent woman who has a brain. Run ladies RUN!! I would like to see Renee become the next Bachelorette.

  21. I sooo hope you’re wrong! Renee or Andi PLEASE! If it comes down to Nikki and Claire..I probably won’t watch the end. I’ve done it before..so..

  22. Jane Waterman says:

    So happy it’s Nikki…she’s a pediatric nurse and is loved by her patients. There’s a slut every season…and this season is Clare. I do like Renee, though.

  23. Really doesn’t matter who he picks — i BET it doesn’t last!!! He was the worst bachelor!! Boring, not interesting at all and his conversations were so dull with no depth to them at all!!!!
    He def won’t end up walking down the aisle with anyone – and if he does I will be shocked!!!

  24. He should have picked renee. Nothing special abt nikki. Thank god he didnt pick clare! Renee should be the next bachelorette

  25. I believe Nikki is too good and grounded for him. He is definitely a player. He blamed the romp in the ocean on Clare.He said “I did not want to ruin it for you” Oh please, he is a playboy. He has already given a bad impression to his daughter by kissing almost every girl on the show. Give me a break. Him and sleezy, dingy Clare deserve each other. He only wants a mother figure for his daughter. I am so sick of hearing her name! He is very shallow, can’t speak English and just does not get it. I am Glad Andi and Sharleen left (according to spoilers). They are way to classy and intelligent for him!

  26. I’m really disappointed in Juan Pablo. He made Clare feel like their ocean romp was all her and he had no choice and was simply going along with it for her sake. Really? Whatever JP! That’s a head game and you displayed it on national TV. That’s what you’re priceless daughter will actually see. Two people having fun in water, which you already did during the group date with Clare anyway is not the problem. JP is so hot, but he needs to grow up and be responsible for his own actions. I can honestly say, I’m disappointed in him as a man. I actually feel really bad for Clare. He should have just let it go … You know … Delete it!

  27. Renee was the perfect one for him. Too bad.

  28. I think Renee would be the perfect choice and was my favorite. If JP doesn’t pick her, please choose her for the bachelorette!

  29. Renee was the woman he should of picked….down to earth, not stuck on herself, doesn’t need a drugstore shelf of make up on her face and knows how to relax and have a great time. Too bad he let her go…..Mistake, BIG mistake!!! Wait and see what happens following after the final rose ceremony!!

  30. Renee for next bachelorette! I am kind of glad Renee won’t get chosen for JP because I think she’s too good for him.

  31. The bachelor promotes a lot of negative morals. It is very nice to play a part in a fantasy type setting with a handsome man; yet, it does show a side to Juan Pablo that is not husband material. He tries to have sensitivity towards all the women by allowing them to express their feelings one-on-one whenever they pull him to the sideline or whenever they are on a solo date. This is considerate of him and he does not downplay their emotions, but he cleverly hides his own opinion on the problem-at-hand. There were two exceptions though: one from early in the show after starting acting inappropriately he did address the issue with her and asked her to go home (she also ‘wanted’ to go home due to the lack-of-attention she was getting why the drama occurred)and the second exception was telling Claire that it was wrong to go adventuring off at 4am in the ocean together. He should keep neutral with the in-fighting or friction among the women due to him not hearing nor seeing what they do out of his view or the conversations they have in the house. However, he can tell them more about the ways he usually handle uncomfortable situations or nervous moments in his own life affairs. He never really explains how he teaches his daughter to read or to clean up after herself. There is no true substance in his interaction with them other than him jamming his tongue down just about all of their mouths. Yes, it is normal for a man to flirt with attractive women; especially since a lot of them are petite, smart, and fun. He told Rene a few episodes back that he does not want Camille to see him kissing so much, but it is non-stop with him from week to week. There was also lots of kissing, despite JP implementing a “no kissing because my daughter is watching” rule. I really do not blame Sharleen last night (yesterday) for leaving because had a Miami single date day with her showing how he feels plus he told a male friend in the same episode that she was the one from the beginning due to her elegance, and I do remember him telling her so Week 1 only for him to take Nikki to visit his daughter and his family in Miami after his day with Sharleen. It is so confusing that a man can ‘profess’ his decision to have her be the one in one breathe and tell viewers how he thinks Nikki fits in with the family unless he had an instinct that Sharleen was going to deliver her news later on at the end-of-episode. How can viewers take him seriously? It is weird to hear him talk about how hot each of them are and how .

  32. I believe Juan Pablo is broken hearted and very sad that Sharlene left/ He was inlove with her, and also she is a very classy and real women. He was so excited about her when he was telling Carlos, his family. I felt bad for Juan Pablo that Sharlene left, she loves him too and they would’ve been good together. She is amazingly beautiful and real nice

  33. FRANCES WONG says:

    Regardless of what happens at the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo is in denial. His true love is Sharleen and they both know this, however Sharleen respects his feelings as well as her family.Reality is she does not want to hurt anybody especially herself if she made the wrong choice. (she needed more time)

    My prediction, JP will seek Sharleen and take one day at a time, and will be with her in the future as man and wife :)

    As for Nickie, not a good role model for his daughter, does not have the mother capacity regarding personality or integrity. SHARLEEN ALL THE WAY, HOPE SHE FOLLOWS HER HEART, BUT WITH HER STUBBORN NATURE JP WILL HAVE TO LEAD THE WAY. Cant wait for ladies tell all.

  34. FRANCES WONG says:

    Regardless of what happens at the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo is in denial. His true love is Sharleen and they both know this, however Sharleen respects his feelings as well as her family.Reality is she does not want to hurt anybody especially herself if she made the wrong choice. (she needed more time)

    My prediction, JP will seek Sharleen and take one day at a time, and will be with her in the future as man and wife :)

  35. frances wong says:

    Regardless of what happens at the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo is in denial. His true love is Sharleen and they both know this, however Sharleen respects his feelings as well as her family.Reality is she does not want to hurt anybody especially herself if she made the wrong choice. (she needed more time)

  36. this season is so boring. out the final four andi is so sweet but honestly i think she will leave him like the spoilers she deserves more.claire is crazy, first ep i liked her she seemed sweet but more went on she become crazy claire. nikki again i liked her she seems a bit bitchy but i still like her alot more than claire. renee is all around good but again i don’t see it happening with juan. one thing that they seem to do when anyone has a kid on the show, when emily was bachelorette they did this, juan always uses line he doesn’t want to make out with every girl so camilla can see.. so he rejects a bunch but ends up making out again anyways. that is annoying because why would your child see the show, yeah maybe when their older want to show them your love story or whatever but im sure their is a thing called editing. honeslty last couple seasons have been really boring of this show i hope the bachelorette they pick someone different not from a previous season.

  37. Claire is a phony and two face and a bitch, she cares about is herself

  38. You need to pick clear you leader

  39. Ok, I agree, JP was falling for Sharleen, because she was classy and different and beautiful. I think Sharleen was ‘attracted’ to him and that got her attention but that there was not a lot beyond that attraction from her side.

    I think, she was his front runner, after she left he had to re-group and it was left to his best of second best choices. Claire is so fake and phony it almost scares me, what is going on with her fake phony faces all the time? He is more observant than people think. He stated to Rene’s Mom, ‘Rene, doesn’t have to try with me’ wow! JP, you noticed AND you were correct. He also caught Andi’s comment about ‘wanting to fall in love so bad” he’s listening. I think Andi has shown insecurity all along, probably the most insecure. I think she was back in that insecure place and part of what she did was boot him, before he booted her, having said that, I think there was a lot of truth to her ‘talk’ she had with him, it seemed too full of emotion for just one night, can we say baggage? She went on and on and that I don’t think was necessary but I also don’t think he got it. And I also believe him when he said ‘default’ was NOT in vocabulary! Haha, therefore, she did out words in his mouth.

    Rene, was the best choice, by far, BUT was JP the best choice for her? I think not!

    In the end this was the most boring Bachelor Season. He will pick Nikki, as he’s intrigued she’s a nurse and and he took her to meet the fam. She’s the easy, safe, obvious choice.

    They won’t last, he’ll be in the tabloids for awhile. Sharleen will always wished she’d sacked him, she will always be his one that got away. Nikki and Andi will trash talk bim after they break up. Rene will realize she dodged a bullet.


  40. jannick says:

    If Andi is picked for the next Bachelorette, I won’t watch the show. I think
    Nickki is too young to take on the responsibilities of step-mother. Sharlene
    was never a match for Juan Pablo. I don’t know how they were even attracted
    to each other. The sweetest woman with the most integrity was the woman
    with the little boy. She was in the last 4. I like the beautiful blond who they
    showed often on the Women Speak All episode. I didn’t watch much this year
    so don’t know all the names. Not a very interesting season.

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