Jan 7, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose?

Reality Steve is back in action for the 2014 season of The Bachelor and, despite his incorrect reporting of last year’s winner, viewers cannot wait to read all of his spoilers for the new season. Those of you looking for the long-winded, very detailed version of this season’s spoilers can head over to Reality Steve’s site, but below we’ll give you the quick, snapshot recap of what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks.

If you don’t want to know who Juan Pablo chooses on this season of The Bachelor, do not read any further – there are big spoilers ahead.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose?

Long before this season began airing, Reality Steve released his spoilers for the season. As always, he has his episode-by-episode breakdowns of what we can expect each week and, at the end of the 4-page article, you can see who wins. We’ll save you the time and let you know in about two lines right here:

Your final four this season are Clare, Renee, Nikki and Andi. After hometown dates, Renee is eliminated. After fantasy dates, Andi drops a bombshell on Juan Pablo and announces she’s leaving the show because she doesn’t have feelings for him (should be an interesting episode to watch). The two women invited to the final rose ceremony are Nikki (who is supposedly the b-tch of the house this season) and Clare. In the end, Juan Pablo reportedly chooses Nikki.

Is Juan Pablo Engaged?

The other big question this season (in addition to “Who Does Juan Pablo Choose?”) is whether he’s engaged. The answer to that question is NO! As of now, he’s not engaged to Nikki. He does not propose to her at the final rose ceremony and something…just something…tells us that this relationship will be over faster than Ben and Courtney’s.

Do you think Reality Steve is right with his spoilers this season?

Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Reality Steve can possibly be wrong. He had been wrong before, so it might happen again. I hope so, since Nikki is said to be a bitch, I already don’t like her. But I’ll give her a benefit of a doubt.

    Juan Pablo deserves a faithful and loving woman.

  2. wow, these shows are so fake. who really thinks true love can be found on a t.v reality show. 1 or 2 may have gotten lucky here but the track record is just not good. But this show is good entertainment…hahahaha

    • I so agree you can not find love in front of a camera and true love takes a lot more time to get to know someone then these silly shows

  3. He is right! I’m friends with Nikki(: I love her and her and Juan Pablo are so cute together!

    • Let’s hope Nikki was a nice person during the show b/c if she wasn’t, he will likely not date her for much longer. Juan Pablo strikes me as a nice person with a kind heart.

    • Melinda Sprueill says:

      I hope so – I liked Nikki right away.

  4. He will pick nobody all those woman are all filled with drama

  5. So basically the first four he picked.

  6. Perhaps he was in love with Andi and when she left the show, he was heart broken and chose his second choice, Nikki. He didn’t propose simply b/c she was not his first choice. He is now probably dating her to see how things progress. In the end, I believe that Juan Pablo will not settle and if Nikki is a mean girl, he will see past her outside beauty. No man likes an insecure girl…a mean girl is an insecure girl. One Juan Pablo watches the show, Nikki’s true colors will come out and he will most likely dump her if she was mean to the other girls. He would not want her around his daughter. There are many women who would love to be with Juan…women who are kind and beautiful inside and out. I do not believe that Juan Pablo is shallow. What you see is what you get.

  7. Juan Pablo, if you read this, do not settle for second best. You are young, gorgeous, sweet and sincere. You are now a very popular eligible bachelor in North America. The world is at your feet. You can find true love outside of the Bachelor franchise.

  8. I hope Steve is wrong, I loved Nikki the second she was on the show and for him not to engage to her is crazy I think and watching the show so far I think they both like each other.

  9. miamiwasp says:

    As a WASP who still lives in Miami and married to a latino, I see that Nikki has the quintessential WASP look that certain latinos admire. I picked her from day one based on the same profile of the mother of JP’s child. The other girls call her the b-word because they are jealous because they do not have her look and are not what JP want aspires to be in America.

  10. I want him to pick Andi or Claire:) Nikki is not the one:(

  11. Sandra Joslyn says:

    Juan wants to be on dancing with the stars…bet the house on that one…. he’s cute, athletic, but very dull. He never reveals anything about himself. If he mentions his daughter once more I’ll barf. She has a “mother” already. This show is ridiculous anyway…there should be less people male or female with more in depth conversations soa somewhat real choice could be made…and called ” how not to choose a mate.”

  12. I have a feeling Juan Pablo will no propose to anyone, I think too think Nikki will be the last girl standing, but it won’t work out. I don’t feel Clare is the right one either, she is too forward. I know that sounds old fashioned, but I don’t think any young woman should flaunt herself the way Clare does. Nikki be the villian in the house, but she is more of a lady than Clare. What has happened to the women in their 20.s today, they all are so immature, acting more like giddy teenagers, than adult women.

  13. Robin Alexander says:

    I think Juan has too many oats to sow. Personally, I think he’s looking to be a celebrity not get married. I think Clare is the same way, I doubt seriously that she’s looking to get married, she’s a hairdresser. I don’t think it’s anything more than both becoming famous and getting a career in Hollywood. I think Nikki is supermodel material and way too young to get married to Juan Pablo. I think Renee and Andi are more wife, family material, but I honestly believe Juan Pablo is hardly even really looking to get married, it’s just a Farse. I think based on his”opinion” about gays or bi-sexuals being on the bachelor says a lot about Juan Pablo and I think he is wasting the bachelor’s money and time for someone who truly is looking for marriage.

  14. Jennifer Moore says:

    I like the show a little bording but it ok I just hope he change the pick and surpise us all and pick Renee at the end on after the final rose for Nikki is cute but she not real to me she all about tv time just like JP and a few other ladies on the show. If Juan Pablo do pick Nikki they won’t get married I wish he would let Clare go keep Renee that would be better deal not Clare for he’s going to have a lot of question to answer from others.

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