Feb 17, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose In The End?

Tonight is an all-new episode of The Bachelor 2014 and, for those of you looking for exclusive spoilers via Reality Steve, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We have all the details on who gets eliminated tonight, who makes the final four, which bachelorette voluntarily leaves after her fantasy date with Juan Pablo, who makes the final two and, obviously, who Juan Pablo picks in the end!

As always, if you don’t want to know what happens this season, stop reading now. There are major, major spoilers ahead! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose in the End?

As many of you know, Reality Steve not only tells his readers who gets the final rose at the end of the season but he also provides amazing spoilers for each and every episode. We mentioned that we’d get to all of the spoilers in this article so, to do so, we’ll have to recap them all very quickly. If you want the long rundown of what happens each episode from now until the end, go to Reality Steve’s Website.

Who Gets Eliminated Tonight (February 17, 2014)? The two women who get eliminated tonight are Sharlene and Chelsie. There is a catch, however. Sharlene doesn’t exactly get eliminated – she finally decides to leave. As viewers know, Sharlene has been wanting to leave since the moment she got there. Her departure is not going to shock anyone (except maybe Juan Pablo).

Who Makes the Final Four? That, obviously, means that the final four this season are Nikki, Andi, Clare and Renee. They will all get hometown dates next week!

Which Bachelorette Voluntarily Leaves After Her Fantasy Date With Juan Pablo? That would be Andi Dorfman. This will likely come as a shock to Juan Pablo and viewers. She decides to go home the morning after her fantasy date with JP. Many fans are hoping Andi will be the next Bachelorette.

Who Makes the Final Two? The final two this year are Clare and Nikki. This should be interesting considering Clare and Nikki are the biggest enemies in the house. Renee gets eliminated at the rose ceremony after hometown dates next week.

Who Does Juan Pablo Choose in the End? The woman who receives the final rose is Nikki Ferrell. Clare will be sent home brokenhearted at the final rose ceremony. This will probably come as a huge shock to her, considering she thinks she has the strongest connection with Juan Pablo.

Now that you know how the season ends, tell us, do you think Nikki is the right choice for Juan Pablo? Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Nikki was my first choice since Day One…very happy about the ending!

    • After watching last night’s episode (2/17/14), I realize what a jerk Nikki is! And after reading all that’s out there about how Juan Pablo still loves his ex, Carla, and seeing week after week what a mental midget he is, this “ending” pleases me too!

    • I think Chelsea Webster was the sweetest girl and would have made a wonderful partner for Juan Pablo and a nice step mom for Camilla.She was sincere.

  2. Westerngirl says:

    I have liked Nikki since she got out of the limo with a stethoscope so JP could hear how nervous she was. She’s honest. Even though not everything about the “adventure” is fun for Nikki, particularly group dates and diva’s like Clare, she is straight forward about her moods, and what irritates her without being needy. Clare is an attention-whore. I hate women like her—they suck the moisture out of everyone!
    I really like Andi, too. She’s fun and smart.

    • Yes, Westerngirl. You pegged them just right. I just wish Clare had “bolted” like she said she always did if there was any kind of conflict. She didn’t “bolt” when she created the conflict and boy did she create conflict. I think she finally was able to turn 2 girls against Nikki, but what did that accomplish. Nikki is perfect for Juan. He needs a woman that likes children and you don’t go into pediatric nursing if you don’t like being around little ones.

  3. I think Nikki is just completely selfish and that she would not be a very loving and happy mother to Camille!! I think Clare will be a very happy mother and a very fun one!! He made a big mistake!

    • I think so too!

    • Let me quote Clare (said to Juan) – “I bolt when there’s conflict.” Good mother figure? You can’t bolt every time there is conflict. And why pick one girl out of the group to “diss” on every time she had the chance, trying to make the other girls not like Nikki when they personally had never had a problem with Nikki. I guess she doesn’t “bolt” when she creates the conflict. LOL.

  4. The best choice for him would have been Sharlene but he can;t see anything but Clare’s “assets.” Claire is too vain and self centered to make a good wife and will not want to share him with his daughter. he is blind to all that obviously. I am happy the other girls got away, I think he lacks a STEADY moral compass. Nikki is also too needy and I give then 6 months before they break up! I hope Sharlene is the next Bachelorette- she deserves a man who is steady in his love for her, not a wishy washy like Juan Pablo.

    • Sharlene should have never taken the first impression rose. She didn’t want to be there from day 1, but she was enjoying the publicity and travel. Clare is horrible. There would have been no drama without her this season. Nikki was my choice from day 1. She likes children or she wouldn’t be a pediatric nurse. Good choice, Juan! Proud of you for not going for the “loose” woman.

  5. He is a hypocrite and a slime. He constantly lies. He is a player. I hope he ends up alone once the show is played out to all the women.

  6. I have been routing for Andi since the night she stepped out of the limo. Im sorry to hear she leaves the show and I am soooo disappointed for her. On the other hand I am glad he does not choose Claire whose melodrama and antics are disgraceful!

    • Be happy for Andi! Why would you want her to end up with Juan Pablo if you like her? He has a serious Madonna/whore complex and is clearly not very intelligent. He is not a “single dad”. Camilla has a very involved mother who Juan pays support to! I wasn’t going to come down too hard on what a dolt he looks like, but geez Louise, this guy has NOTHING to say in English other than, “I like it”. No wonder Sharleen bolted! And as an educated attorney, Andi made the right choice as well!

  7. Chris Harrison says:

    It’s obvious the Latina Lollitta he hung on at the Heat game is more is wanna be playboy image. This guy truly has the combined I.Q. score of his daughter’s age. Correct: single digit. America is suckered into the fascination of an ACCENT. WATCH is like eating Chinese food. Little substance and hungry right after for something more. Except the kitchen is closed…There is no more.

  8. Lynn smith says:

    Sharlene was only person on show with any class. She should be Bachelorette. Nikki is all about herself. Huge mistake.

  9. Nikki is wrong choice. Her nursing career will be over also.

  10. Carol from Canada says:

    Nikki needs a good dye job and a haircut. Ugly in and out.

  11. I dont think he is making the right decisions. I think he should have chosen Renee she seemed the most sincere hearted and knows what it takes to raise a family. Its truly sad to know she doesn’t last till the end I dont see Juan Pablo and Nikki lasting forever

    • I agree

    • I think he should end up alone. He just doesn’t seem sincere to me about anything. If he is such a good dad why did he leave his daughter to be on this show???

    • Denise Mullin says:

      He should of picked Renee. She would have been a great wife and mom. She’s been kind to all the other girls. When any of them had a problem and needed to talk they went to Renee. He’s such a loser and if I have to watch him cry one more time I’m going to be sick.

    • I have been on the Renee bandwagon too, but I am glad that she was not chosen. He is all about himself and I truly believe that he did not pick her because she has a son. I feel he is a hypocrite. I feel Nikki is just in it to boost her career in modeling and possibly for the attention…..

  12. I also want to see Sharlene as the next Bachelorette. She is the only female in the house that had any class. Really hope that she is picked for the show.

  13. I’m pretty disappointed if he chooses Nikki. She’s def not my favorite. I hope whomever he ends up with makes him happy because he’s fabulous.

  14. Reta Mendoza says:

    I think Sharleen was an honorable woman with class and a woman that knew what she wanted. I admire her for leaving on her own accord. She is full of passion and deserves love.
    Claire should have excused herself from the show and leave with respect, and she should care what others think.
    Nikki is the perfect pick. She has a perfect personalty; sweet; smart and loves children
    She was within her right to see where she will fit in with his family and exwufe Carla in the familty. Smart to get that off her chest.

    • I totally agree! I wish Clare had “bolted” like she says she always does when conflict starts.

    • But Sharlene should have left one of the many times before when she said she should leave. She shouldn’t have dodged the “children” question and just been honest. Even she admitted that. We waited since the first episode for her to go ahead and leave like she said she wanted to do, but she kept taking roses. Why wait so long when she said he was not her type in the beginning.

  15. I also forgot to say… Renee is the only person who took the time to get to know him before trying to stick her tongue down his throat. And she deserves to be the next bachelorette!

    • I agree about Renee, she seems like a sweet beautiful lady that respects herself and has experience with raising children. She is a Real Estate agent and if anyone knows how to balance their life, its Real Estate agents! Agents are very busy individuals, truly remarkable people that work within in the community and have to balance communal, family, and have self discipline. I wish JP would of chosen Renee. My vote for the NEXT bachalorette would have to BE RENEE! Great Beautiful lovely lady that deserves love and a GOOD MAN!

  16. Did ANYBODY notice that Clare said she always bolts when there is conflict and she almost bolted on Juan. I wanted Juan Pablo to drop her immediately after that (didn’t like her much before either). She made a point of singling out Nikki and trying to make her look bad. She was either very jealous of Nikki or just always finds someone to pick on. Nikki didn’t have a problem with anyone else (Clare interjected some of her “Nikki” wrath into a couple of other girls but they liked Nikki fine until Clare started the drama. What a bad mother figure “drama (bolt) girl” would be.

  17. I can’t believe so many feel Sharlene was classy. Maybe in looks, but not in actions. The two faces of Sharlene. She didn’t want the first rose but she took it. She didn’t want children AND she dodged his question (and even admits she should have been honest because she knew he did want more children). She talked the whole season about “should leave, should go, not the right feeling”, blah, blah, blah, but then she would take the rose. We’ve been on pins and needles waiting for her to leave like she said she would early on in the season. Was staying so long a pitch for being the next bachelorette. I HOPE NOT.

  18. Andy should be the next bachelorette…she is perfect

  19. Well, my two cents…. Nikki has disappointed me. I really liked her initially but her catty comments about always getting the group rose, not “having” a rose tonight but having a rose – she knew she’d be getting one. She was cocky and very unattractive.
    I would LOVE to see Chelsie as the next Bachelorette. She is absolutely beautiful and was very classy the whole way through.
    I think she would ultimately be very popular with the viewers because she’s the “All American Girl” you’d like to root for.

  20. My pick would have been Renee as she seems so down to earth and very grounded. Then Andi and Nikki. Clare, no.

  21. Renee was my first choice as she seems very grounded and down to earth. The next pick would have been Andi.

  22. I think Nikki is a good choice. I think she makes the best match. I am happy with the ending.

  23. Bad choice!!!
    Nikki is way too immature
    Too fake
    Nasty evil
    Very bad choice!!!

  24. And Nikki it is!!
    I know it deep in my heart that Juan is going to end up with her!
    Blessings to them in years to come.

  25. Clare is a jealous hateful bitch. Nikki seems like a happy & simple person. Renee seems level headed and would be a good solid choice. Nikki’s calling JP her ” boyfriend ” lame she seems good with him but the outfit she wore was a joke compared to his X wife HA she was trying to be all sexy. I like Renee and Andi’s clothes a lot more but I figured he would pick Nikki in the end from the beginning. Stereotypical . She sort of resembles Jessica Simpson. Renee has the most cass of them all but Nikki is like a magazine model so what can one expect.

  26. RENEE For BACHELORETTE!!! She is the most sincere of all!!

    • As stated above:


      I really like Renee too but am over the Bachelor/Bachelorette w/ a child for a while. But, honestly she is great – very genuine and kind.

      I think that Chelsie showed a lot a grace and class and is young and fresh faced. She would be a great Bachelorette!!

  27. Neither Nikki nor Claire would be very good in the role of step-mother, because they are both somewhat self-absorbed. However. if I had to choose one i would choose Claire because she at least seems more fun. Nikki seems to have a very hateful side, and i could see that side coming out with a step-child who is more adored than she would be as his wife. his daughter will always come first, and nikki would probably resent that.

  28. Renee should of been the one. She is a very good listener. She listen to all the girls complain about one another. She gave to shoulder to several to cry on. She stayed focused on him and that was it. She even encouraged the other girls. She would of been perfect! I liked her from the start. . She has natural beauty. Inside and out!! He is really missing out when he looses her. :( but after the girls find out what he did with Clare in the ocean.. well Renee deserves better!

    • sherry newman says:

      I do believe sharlene had way more class than the rest of them if given the right opportunity she may have felt she was the right one but time was not on her side and I dont think he really loves any of the other girls and will not marry who ever that ends up.the last one I believe he possiblly will contact sharlene clare is a bitch and could be evil nikkii is immature and none of them are really great and he will not b e faithful

  29. He acts like a kid in a candy store….25 girls….he needed a bib! It is obvious he is NOT a single dad. All I have heard this season from him is “ey yey yey, I have a daughter, I like it, I want you here”. Just saying!

  30. I really liked Sharlene’s class and that she did not get involved in the house drama. I respected her a lot for looking past just the physical attraction and knowing that long term Juan Pablo was not her forever person. I’m not sure Juan Pablo is actually ready to settle down with anyone. Whomever he chooses I doubt it will last.

  31. I really don’t think that Juan Pablo meets up to the standards of some of the women that are leaving or getting smarter. I really did notice how intimidated his ex-wife looked, and she took a second glance to check Nicki out. It was not a by chance event he knew the his ex wife was going to be there. It did not mean anything complimentary to Nicki. Secondly, Jaun Pablo put Clare in a position to feel guilty by using his daughter because he knew that he had went to far. He has no backbone to have a conversation with truth. He only tries to kiss, and talk over the woman in front of him. He can’t control a wise mind. He really needs to know how to come forth with honesty instead of sugar coating. I don’t think Nicki will want to give up her job for a full time mom because she loves what she is doing. No one in their right mine unless it would be Clare would want to be his arm candy! I love some foreign men, but you can’t fool all the people all the time Juan!?

  32. I’m thrilled that he will be choosing Nikki She is so sweet. I definitely thought it was a big clue when he itroduced her to his daughter. They have such good chemistry and she has never acted slutty like Claire who thinks she is going to be the winner. I don’t blame Nikki for being irritated with Claire . Look at he way she followed her up to the room last week and instigated an arguement. Claire likes to get her own way but Juan sees through her. He’s looking for a wife and step mother for his daughter. Not a manipulator and slut.

  33. I really hope that Renne gets to be the next Bachlorette,it will be very interesting

  34. Juan Pablo Fan in Pearl River, LA says:

    I picked Nikki since Day 1. I thought at one point it may be clare but when she slept with him and threw herself at him I think that is the night that Juan Pablo saw her for what she is a whore. And Nikki is so sweet and down to earth genuine lady good job Juan much love and happy trails to you an Nikki <3

  35. Andi hands down is the whole package! I think she may be to good for him, which I am guessing will be noted next week lol – Nicky seems realistic as the one that ends up with him. I think she has a good heart and that their connection is simple and real – she just doesn’t have the wow factor like Andi!

  36. No nikki is not the right choice for juan pablo because who wants a wife and step mom to his daughter if she can not get alone with the other women. Clare is the right choice they have a very strong connection and they look cute together plus she wants to have more children but if she do not get picked it will break my heart but i believe if it not juan pablo she might find someone better

  37. Renee was my favorite should be next bachelorette!! So kind and down to earth!

  38. Should’ve been Renee. She’s was sweet, kind, loving mother and didn’t behave like a selfish, immature hussy! But he’s obviously looking for that and Ms. Right Now….not a loving, mother figure. Forget it. Renee was too good for him and SHE SHOULD BE THE NEXT BACHELORETTE.

  39. I bet these two will not last more than a month or two.

  40. JP seems really effeminate to me.

  41. Patti Buckley says:

    Juan Pablo has no substance. He is totally impressed with his own good looks. I don’t think he could be faithful to anyone as he is a horn dog supreme. I don’t think he will ever really know a woman or his child because he doesn’t even know himself. He is a first class egomaniac jerk. Good, now I feel better!

  42. Hannah Sanborn says:

    I think it should have been Renee in the end I hated Nikki I don’t think she would be a good mother Were Renee was already a mother and it would have been nice for both of them. Renee I love you so much

  43. I think that JP is an empty suit. He asks very few questions and gets away with a lot claiming English is his second language. Rather then have conversions he just kisses most of the girls. Claire might have put up with JP. I think that Nikki’s family has the most money and Nikki is employable anywhere as a pediatric nurse. JP doesn’t really have a job so Nikki is the best economic choice for JP. After the awesome traveling, free meals and glamorous hotels end Nikki will dump JP when she has more “normal” time with him.

  44. This bachelor is a total Jerk!!If this Nikki stays with him she is plain stupid or super ambitious-these 2 are out for their moments of Fame!!This bachelor season has been a joke and the show the bachelor needs to revamp and have better standards before the bachelor winds up going to the birds!!!

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