Jan 27, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose?

It’s been an eventful week for Bachelor fans! Not only did we get to see an update on former Bachelor and Bachelorette couples last week but we got to see Sean and Catherine get married last night as well. As Juan Pablo’s season progresses, the desire to know who he chooses in the end grows larger and larger. Luckily, Reality Steve is back to provide his exclusive spoilers for who wins this season.

If you don’t want to know who Juan Pablo picks, stop reading now, we’re about to reveal the winner spoiler below.

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Does Juan Pablo Choose?

First things first, we must inform you that, while Reality Steve has a very good track record when it comes to spoiling the ending of these shows, it is far from perfect. He has been wrong on several occasions, so what you’re about to read is simply his predictions (which he claims are 100 percent accurate) for how the season will play out. In his defense, he’s been right more times than wrong and he’s successfully spoiled every episode of this season so far.

So, interested to learn who Steve thinks is going to win this season? Let’s get to it! According to his spoilers (which can be read here), the final four this season are Renee, Clare, Andi and Nikki. Renee is reportedly sent home right after the hometown dates while, in a shocking turn of events, Andi decides to voluntarily leave the next episode, right after the fantasy dates. Clare and Nikki are the final two this season and both will attend the final rose ceremony.

At the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell and sends Clare home broken-hearted. It’s being reported that Juan Pablo does not propose to Nikki at the final rose ceremony and the two are not currently engaged.

After watching tonight’s episode, do you think that Juan Pablo makes a mistake by choosing Nikki in the end?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. I always watch the bachelor or bachelorette and I always go to reality Steve to find out who the winner is. I’m saddened this time because Juan Pablo really wanted fame more than a wife. Nikki, being a pediatric nurse, understands what having a baby around would be like and I think it’s sad that she never really had a chance with jp. Nobody did.

  2. Juan Pablo was born without a brain.

  3. I’m 8 and Courtney Clare is the one

  4. I don’t think any of the women were sincere. Clare seems like a goody 2 shoes and Nikki is all of the place I don’t see it lasting. We all know real love. Just because she’s a pediatric nurse what does that have to do with anything.

  5. Andi. She can keep him on his toes and in line. Clare is too pushy. Nikki is too competitive. I can’t stand the opera singer, she thinks she’s above it all and seems to be playing a part she’s seen in a movie, and not playing it very well.

  6. Can’t stand niki, trouble make, seems she keeps trying to stir up trouble with the other women. A real coniver.

  7. Liked Juan pablo in beginning but now seems he thinkshes a real romeo. He isn’t looking for a wife, if so he isnt going to find one on a reality show and he knows it. He’s along for the glorious ride and that’s it!

  8. If he was thinking about his daughter he made a total wrong pick. She is not the right person at all. She is phoney. He does not seem like he is truly in it to find a wife. It seems like a game to him.

  9. I really think Clare is the sweetest woman and I would like to see her as the next Bachelorette. Nikki is a total bitch and troublemaker. Juan picks her then probably dumps her.

  10. Let’s be honest this show is out to always make someone seem bad. Nikki was the goody at first so they decided to make her look bad. ALL of the girls bad mouthed eachother and in reality no one actually knows what happened behind the scenes. Nikki seemed to be very forward let honest, I agreed with her comments not that she should have said them. Claire also said things that were bad, I feel like all the girls judged eachother. I mean how would you be to the girl that was trying to steal your man? I think Nikki and Claire and all the girls aren’t bad people or have a bad side, they have a normal side which is jealousy. I think that setting would drive pretty much every girl insane. I don’t think Nikki being a pediatric nurse would be a career for someone who hates kids and doesn’t wanna be a mother. I also think it was super funny that Elise is the one who first bad mouthed Chelsea for being too young and immature and yet she talked about Nikki saying that she shouldn’t talk behind girls backs… Hypocrite on camera lol. I think that Juan is more aware of everything that goes on then everyone thinks. They all have flaws and positives but that’s life no one is perfect, Love is just about being with someone that the positives outweigh the cons and that makes them perfect to you.

  11. I think Renee is a sweetheart! I wish the nice stable girls would win. It’s sad to see how mean and catty girls can be

    • Renee is a sweetheart, no doubt. Very classy and obviously there for the right reasons. I am kind of glad that she didn’t win because she seems like she deserves so much better. I would love to see her as the next bachelorette! I have a sneaky suspision that that will not happen though, not enough drama for the show. They want to pick someone that will make the show more dramatic, unfortunately.

  12. I think andi would of been a good match for juan pablo if he were to be serious about finding a wife.nikki and clair r wwitches.

  13. I began not liking Juan Pablo last week and tonight I am sure that I can’t stand him. With his pursed lips all the time and his arrogant attitude with most of the girls…and, what is with him not kissing the girls who asked him to???

    What a jerk! He deserves Nikki whom I also do not like.

    • I agree with some of the other comments here…Juan P is turning out to be a real pompous ass and a stereo typical Latin hotheaded macho jerk. if he doesn’t pick Claire good for her because she’s too good and too sweet for him. nikki is a b**** and she deserves to have him until he dumps her.

  14. If it really does come down to Nikki and Clare I really don’t care who he picks. I don’t see either of them lasting in a long term relationship with him.

  15. I really like Renee. I think she is mature and much more down to earth than any of the other women. She isn’t a game player like all the other women in this season of the bachelor. She also has a child of her own, so she is fully aware of what it is to be a mother. Juan Pablo really missed it by sending her home. Too bad!

    • Juan Pablo should not have turned away the girls who wanted to kiss him because it was a personal insult to them and made them feel awful. He tried making himself look like some angel by doing that after he already made out with half of the other girls. The best girl is Clare who is simply going after what she wants. He never liked Renee because he wouldn’t kiss her at the beginning. He keeps her around just because she’s a mom and has a good heart. Andi would be an AWFUL wife as an assistant DA. She would be at work 12 hours a day and get death threats all the time from criminals she prosecutes. Nikki is ugly and phony.

  16. I like Renee,Andi, and Clare! But I think Nikki is very negative.
    I also think Clare is very territorial. I also like Cassandra because she seems to be a very good mother.

  17. This Juan Pablo does not have a genuine or intelligent bone in his body.

  18. He should choose Claire

  19. I agree 100% with Lauren, above
    . Juan Pablo is fake and stupid. ( I reworded your response, lauren) this may just be the worst season of the bachelor so far. What a horses ass juan Pablo is! No matter who he chooses doesn’t because it won’t last 2 months. Clare is an ass and so is Nikki.they should all 3 burn at the stake!

  20. I cannot stand Nikki or Clare. I think Clare is used to sleeping with guys because that’s pretty much all she has to offer. As a RN myself, I think Nikki is a miserable person. I would not want her around my children. She is a very manipulative and negative. Renee clearly should have been the one. JP made a mistake not picking her. I don’t think there were enough sparks for him with Renee.Too bad, she would have been a great wife and mother.

  21. Angela Larson says:

    Juan Puablo should simply take Clare and Nikki down in “Hells Cave” and bury the whole idea of love and a lifetime of wedded bliss. Bury Both The Bitches!!! Bury Juan Pablo for that matter….the three deserve to kindle the fires of their love and passion

  22. Angela Larson says:

    Juan Puablo should simply take Clare and Nikki down in “Hells Cave” and bury the whole idea of love and a lifetime of wedded bliss. Bury Both The Bitches!!! Bury Juan Pablo for that matter….the three deserve to kindle the fires of their love and passion

  23. Angela Larson says:
  24. Angela Larson says:

    What a hot mess!!! Can anyone say “PLAYER”??? JUAN PLAYBO!!!!!!!!!

  25. I like Renee but she deserves better than a player!

  26. this has got to be the worst bachelor ever. i was spoiled with sean because he had integrity. JP will never find a wife here bcause i am not sure he is actually looking for one. oh well. skip this one.

  27. he is handsome but he is not the whole package. i feel like if he settles for nikki or clare, he won’t get married. oh well, i am sure he will end up on bachelor pad as another loser.

  28. Can’t believe they picked someone like JP to be the bachelor. Totally apparent he is in it for the fame. After this show though, I think his reputation is done. Total ass!! He sleeps with Clare but he confronts her as to how wrong it was for his daughter’s sake but he has hot smooch sessions with at least half of the women. How is that not “wrong” for his daughters sake??? Nikki is very blind to see his stupidity.. He insulted her on the show questioning if her wheels were actually turning…don’t u see he just called you a “dumb blonde.” JP is a total airhead, jackass, and phoney!!

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