Feb 26, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014 Update: Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Still Together?

It was an intense week for Bachelor fans and, if next week’s previews are any indication, the drama isn’t ending anytime soon. This week, viewers watched as Juan Pablo visited the hometowns of the 4 remaining ladies and had the opportunity to meet their families. He sent Renee home at the rose ceremony and proceeded to have the overnight dates with the three final women: Clare Crawley, Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman.

Needless to say, Andi Dorfman didn’t enjoy her fantasy date with Juan Pablo and decided to send herself home last night, just days before the final rose ceremony. She basically told JP he was a self-involved a–hole and told him to kick rocks. That brings us up to speed on where everyone’s at this season, as the final two ladies prepare for the much-anticipated final rose ceremony. It’s down to Clare and Nikki but only one woman will walk away with the final rose. If you want to know what happens on the Bachelor finale, keep reading – if you don’t, stop reading now!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Still Together and Engaged?

As we’ve been telling you all season, the final woman this season is Nikki Ferrell. Juan Pablo will break Clare’s heart two weeks from now (well. technically it’s already happened but fans will see it for the first time a few weeks from now) when he sends her home and tells Nikki she’s the one.

As for whether Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together, it seems as though they are. According to reports, the two have not broken up, despite Juan Pablo’s actions with Clare in the ocean and despite Nikki’s behavior towards some of the women in the house. Those of you wondering if Juan Pabo and NIkki are still engaged, that would be impossible considering they never got engaged to begin with. Juan Pablo decided to forgo a proposal and take some time to figure out if the two of them are really meant to be together.

Now that you know who Juan Pablo picks this season – and the status of their relationship – tell us, do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will ever get married?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

  1. This season was disappointing. JP’s language barrier probably had something to do with it. The best episode was when Andi left, I’m sure her father was so proud of her! I didn’t like the women this season. JP is handsome but probably needs to marry someone from his country. One thing I thought was sweet was his love for his daughter.

  2. They will definitely not marry and I bet it is over already! If it’s not, according to social media, Nikki and Andi are bff’s. Why would Nikki be such great friends with someone who is making fun of her “boyfriend” all over the internet? One is a nurse the other a lawyer and to me between the two of them they don’t they don’t have 1 brain combined…and they make fun of Juan Pablo?????

    • Margaret says:

      love Nicki. I chose her since the beginning. thank God phony baloney Claire doesn’t win. She is so fake. I saw right thru her from the beginning. Claire would have never been mommy material, she is too self absorbed. Nicki is a pediatric nurse and loves people. she would be great marriage and mommy material. Andi put on such a show, acting the way she did with Juan Pablo, drama queen who waited to tell Juan Pablo she wanted to leave after she was one of the last three girls left, she obviously wants to be the next Bachelorette, hopefully NOT.

    • Michelle says:

      Margaret, I agree with you, Nicki is a great mom, she has experience because she is an RN and she is the only one that was picked to meet Pablo’s daughter. Claire is trashy because she is what I call “White Trash”, she has made a move on him in the ocean and has to be everywhere he is like a lost puppy dog” Kids today call that a “tramp or slut”, If Pablo had asked me to the room I would have said “NO” I was raised you don’t go to a room with a boy, he would have had to find a place like the living room, to stay up all night and talk, why the bedroom tells me everyone of them did something they should not have done and put themselves on the line to win. That is not a decent lady to me and if you have to do that to win then why bother winning he is not worth it.

      I don’t think Nicki will make it as Pablo’s wife because he is a player, he also thinks of no one but himself and loves his daughter more than anyone else, it is great to be a great father but you can love more than one person and you must respect your wife. Pablo does not even know anything about these woman, saying “Ok” doesn’t cut it. He doesn’t know their religion, what they like to eat, how they want to raise their kids, beliefs (politics, race, history, Christian belief and etc.), what kind of home or area they want to live in, how many kids they want. This is why I said he is only thinking of himself.

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    Nikki won’t stand a chance living in Miami. Fish out of water. He will have a plethora of women from which to choose now. Give it 2 weeks.

  4. Interesting that Andi accused Juan Pablo of the same thing she is – self absorbed & self centered.

    As far as Juan Pablo, everyone can see he is a player. No, don’t think he stays with Nikki unless she wants to share him with countless others!

  5. andi was a suck the whole show, in the end she became a bigger immature baby, thats why andi your single because your too complicated and analize relationship like your a lawyer u are, next guy on the stand please

  6. i thought andi was a package, looks ,brains and grounded, but i was completly wrong how she ended it with jp, she proved me wrong, she was not smart, she acted ugly and she had no grounds but to keep guys running fast…..

  7. omg andi is a biotch… juan should have axed her in the beginning..not enuff room in the mirror for her big head…bu bye!!!!!!

    • Seems like the couples who are actually get married (with a million dollar televised wedding) are more interested in being called the Bachelor all their life and making lots of money from the gig…..look how greedy Trista and Ryan are; Molly and Jason are; Sean Lowe and Catherine are; how Catherine and Chris are. The minute these couples get engaged and the final rose, they are ready to move across country; move in with each other after knowing each other for about the total of 20 hours and are hoping to hit the jackpot and appear on all of the ABC shows. It is all about becoming a celebrity and media whore–they don’t even think about going home to their previous jobs and working hard and saving up for a wedding and honeymooon or wedding rings paid by themselves. Their egos are so inflated that they think that everyone in the world should watch their wedding and send them gifts. That is why the fans enjoyed hearing about Chris (the landscaper) and his bride quietly getting married. He had enough self confidence and integrity that he didn’t go on the show to start an acting or modeling career etc. and he didn’t feel that ABC or the Bachelor owed the two of them publicity for life. Look at Jason Mesnick-he grabbed everything he could get from being on the show, even set up a charity fund that he takes all the money from and now he is a sock salesman and his wife supports their family. Once a grifter, always a grifter, lazy to the very core.

  8. Juan Pablo is a narcissist. With that in mind, he cannot have a deep relationship with anyone. The last ladies who were left, are the most vulnerable ones, perfect for a narcissist.
    Juan Pablo is a Dead End Street.
    There’s nothing more to it than that.

  9. GaiasChild says:

    My problem with JP is pretty much what Andi tried to tell him, that he does not listen but immediately starts reassuring and evaluating no matter what the woman or whichever woman says. I don’t think it is so much a language barrier as a mindset somewhat acquired by yes, being a player, but also being a father. He pretty much treats the women he dates in an extremely patronizing and condescending way without even realizing it. It’s been giving me a feeling of suffocation any time one of the dates tried to talk to him. I don’t think Andi did a great job of explaining it to him but we did get to see the permanent nature of his denial as he attributed it all to her and preached honesty but then really only told his own feelings of resentment later on his diary moment.

    I’d much rather see Sharleen than Andi as a bachelorette … bring on the cerebral bachelors . . . woo hoo!!

    • Love your comment “GaiasChild”….you nailed it in my opinion. JP knows exactly what he’s saying, but is also smart enough to use the old “language barrier” excuse when it comes in handy.

      Personally, I feel JP was a huge let down compared to other bachelors and other seasons of this show. I was absolutely ok with Andi and Nikki. I don’t believe they are snobs, as some folks do, but rather very intelligent, women with important jobs, having a difficult time reconciling their participation in this season’s show. I had no feelings one way or the other about Clare until the night she decided to go start trouble with Nikki, because Nikki just wasn’t all that impressed with Clare. Now, I can’t stand Clare. Personally, if JP were looking for a “forever woman” Clare would have been the right choice for him. She would be willing to put up with his philandering where as Andi , Sharleen, and Nikki would not………no need to for these strong women.
      I don’t see Nikki staying with JP for more than a year, year and one half tops. Nikki is too much competition in her own right for JP to be able to deal with emotionally.

  10. I am a strong, independent professional woman. I did identify with Andi to a point. At 40 a person sees things a little differently. I can’t imagine being on this show at all. I think that Andi is a very smart person. She has definitely made her point ad nauseum on social media. Her point has been taken but at this point it looks a little like bullying… I wish all those taking part in the show the best but think they should consider what they signed up for: 25 women dating the same person – this can’t be good…. This is usually not what happy endings are made of…

  11. My daughter and I would often comment on how much Juan Pablo reminded us of Celine Deon. He is gorgeous but too GOOFY to be taken seriously. I usually feel an attraction to most of the former bachelors but not this time. As much as I wanted to “feel” him, I couldn’t. He was just such a goof and I completely understand why Andi was so frustrated. She said it perfectly; he showed no interest in getting to know her from the inside out. He bored me and I spent only an hour a week watching him. Imagine how boring he was to date. Yuck!

  12. Another thing. He said he can’t be in a relationship with a woman like her because of her arguing. Is he serious? I don’t believe it’s pssible to sustain a real relationship if you haven’t fought with the person. That’s when you know what people are really made of. She wanted to clear the air and spoke her mind in a respectful way. To marry someone, you have to know their fighting style. I get the impression that as soon as there is any tension he feels threatened and bolts. He’s very immature and chauvinistic. No thanks!

  13. Wife and I just watched this weeks episode. This was a much more interesting break up then when people simply don’t get the rose. Suspect the awkward talking/arguing past each other was closer to all our experiences.

    Not sure why there is so much animosity towards JP. He is what he is, flawed as Andi identified, but he has yet to prove himself to be a mean or bad person. Hope Andi can let it go (apparently she hasn’t yet). There is some irony in her criticisms about him.

  14. When are they going to have a black bachelor?

  15. Andi is a horrible person. Negative, Negative, Negative. That was evident from comments she made during the show. What nerve it took to lecture Juan P. before she left. Who does she think she is telling him all the things wrong with him. How about all the things wrong with her? She is far from perfect. That apple fell straight from her Daddy’s tree. Juan P. is lucky he didn’t get tangled up with that horrible family.

  16. I thought it was awesome that Andi told JP what she thought of him,
    when its over with someone you should give them the reason. I hope she is the next bachelorette. And I agree with her about every time
    he said ” it’s ok ” because I was ready to scream myself !!

  17. This season was a total FLOP! JP was the wrong choice and for a fake plastered on smile Clair to make it that far made me want to puke.

  18. Elliott Thompson says:

    Best season yet! Americans can’t handle a guy just being real and Abc was great letting him be himself and yes he has language barriers-try doing the show in his country.
    I hope and pray he ends up with carla his baby mama. He needed to know and maybe he does now.
    He has always been kind, not a drunk and sleezy.
    Give this Latino a break! He was entertaining and you didn’t know what you were gonna get.

    He said things he regretted and said sorry isn’t that what’s important.
    He is not a a bad bachelor he’s real.

    And ABC picked real guy no fluff –

    I like him and I hope he picks carla and off to dwts.
    He is fun! Don’t be haters! He is the next best thing.

    Andi is a lawyer they love to talk! Duh

  19. Elliott Thompson says:

    Highest ratings? A flop ? I don’t think so!

  20. Andi behaved like a fool! I’m shocked people are saying JP was the bad guy there. She clearly, desperately wanted a reaction from him! She was ragging on him SO hard and wouldn’t let up because she needed attention. Sorry, that’s obvious. He was so offed by her behavior that he just said “ok” because he knew she wasn’t the one anyway. But she kept on! She’s crazy. He’s not perfect but wow, after that I’d want her gone too.

  21. This show is so ridiculous. Andi’s exit lecture to JP was scripted and im sure they made her do it. She said she wanted to leave the island as soon as she left his room. As for his command of the english language, either it is fake since he went to college in upstate NY or he is slow (trying to be PC here) JP is very full of himself and definitely a player trying to nail all the best looking girls. I am sure he is no longer with Nikki since after watching this season he seems like having many women is more his style..personally I don’t find him attractive, intelligent and found his excuse of his daughter all season was beyond annoying.

  22. Sean Pablo says:

    It was a little disturbing that Juan Pablo could never just come out and say, “I’m Flawed” and “I’m Not Perfect”. “So if you can’t handle my flawed human personality, then you should probably just leave and find some other flawed person that lies better than I do”.

  23. He was the worst bachelor ever. Yes, a total player looking for action and then blaming the women and using his daughter for an excuse to not take responsibility for his actions. Clare should have left when he started blaming her for his behavior and laying on the “what will my daughter think” stuff. What will she think of the whole thing? He treated Clare very badly yet she stayed. She is probably his best bet for a relationship. He could do whatever he wants and she will just be the long-suffering doormat wife — an anacronysm from another age. He is a very abusive man and any woman who stays with him will have to be a codependent.

  24. I don’t think he was in it for marraige. He’s a “PLAYER”. No
    meaningful conversations with the girls, contradicts what he says to one girl then another, used language barrier as a “reason”, no
    your in this country long enough to know, did the same thing to all the girls he kissed, put their hair behind their ears, saying
    “It’s okay”! this is one of the worst Bachelors ABC ever picked!
    Sorry Chris.

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