Feb 4, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Juan Pablo Winner Sparks Controversy!

Reality Steve may have had the ending of last season’s Bachelorette incorrect but he’s positive that won’t happen again this year. He’s released his spoilers list for the year and we have all the details on who gets the final rose and who gets sent home broken-hearted in the next few weeks!

With only a few weeks left until the finale (hometown dates are now just a few weeks away), the interest in who Juan Pablo ends up with is running high. If this is your first time checking the spoilers this season, we’ll give you a quick rundown of how the rest of the season plays out. If you want to read the long-winded version of Reality Steve’s spoilers (which are awesome but are about 5 pages long), you can go to Reality Steve’s website.

Okay, now onto the season spoilers!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers Spark Controversy – Winner Revealed!

Here’s the breakdown for the rest of the season, for those of you still wondering: Tonight (February 3, 2014) three more women will be eliminated. These woman are Kelly, Danielle and Allie. Next week, the field is narrowed from 8 to 6 with Cassandra being eliminated on the group date and Kat being eliminated at the rose ceremony. The week after that, Chelsie will be sent home and Sharleen will voluntarily decide to leave the show.

That leaves us with Andi, Renee, Nikki and Clare as the final four. Renee is eliminated after hometown dates, followed by Andi who voluntarily chooses to leave the show after her fantasy date with Juan Pablo. Nikki and Clare are the final two and both will end up at the final rose ceremony.

Here’s where the controversy comes in: Nikki is reportedly the villain of the season, which we will come to see in the next few weeks. According to multiple sources, Nikki does not like many of the girls in the house and most of the girls dislike her as well. Which leads us to believe it will never work with Juan Pablo. Surely he won’t want to marry a woman and have her be Camila’s step mom if she can’t get along with women. What kind of role model is that for his daughter?

The good news is, Juan Pablo didn’t propose to Nikki in the end, so there’s no telling if they’ll be together by the time the After the Final Rose Ceremony airs.

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will actually make it down the aisle? And do you think she’s the right choice for him?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  1. Diana Muse says:

    Juan Pablo needs to see that deep down alll women can be caddy with
    with other women.but sleeping with Claire was weak! She didn’t care about the other women or his daughter.for some one who has a hard time coming out of her shell she didn’t have any problem dropping her pants.

  2. I found tonight that Juan Pablo has no respect for his daughter. You don’t do what he did with Claire if you are trying to make your daughter proud of you. I know that in this day and age sex is everywhere but don’t tell one person that you can’t kiss them out of respect for your daughter and turn around and do that. I am beginning to believe the rumors that he is only in it for the fame and not true love and a stepmom for his daughter.

    • Debbie—you are so right! And, really—what kind of a woman wins a guy by having sex? Doesn’t take too much to do that and she certainly isn’t step-mom material. I am a step-mom; I take my parent role seriously!

  3. goodnight says:

    Swimsuit bottoms, not pants. Lol

  4. Chelsie is the right girl. She is a teacher, comes from a very good family and has good manners. Besides she is very beautiful with good values and will be a great wife and stepmother. I like Chelsie since the first show and I don’t even have a second choice.

  5. I think Juan Pablo is having fun – – Why not, He’s already doing commercials//
    Money says it all.

  6. He made a mistake Nikki is too young to be a step mom
    Very sad that Pablo been so sensitive used his other “head ”
    To make this decision Renee was perfect mature if he was looking
    A wife witch I don’t think he was looking for a wife.

    • Totally! Team Renee if he were truly looking for a wife!
      He just wants to mess around with a bunch of cute young girls. I started off really liking him and now… Not so much.

  7. I think he’s having fun and using this as a stepping stone to his career. He may be a very nice, sincere guy in many respects but I seriously doubt he’s planning on marring any of
    the women. I read where he’s still very close to Camilla’s mom
    and she’s taking care of Camilla in LA during the show!She’s a
    model as well-good for both of their careers!

  8. We don’t know these young women by the minutes of tape we see every week. Juan Pablo gets more airtime of course, and his personality is easier to pick apart, so allow me….he is a grown man stuck in adolescence. Every now and then he seems to try and let the adult in him emerge but not for long. He has very little self control. He knows better, but he doesn’t do better. He is not ready to settle down. I give him ten to fifteen years. he will find a lovely submissive young lady, who will be the same age as these young women on the show are right now. She will most likely be Hispanic for two reasons: 1) his English is very limited, his daughter barely speaks a word of it. English is obviously not spoken within his family. And 2) he will be more likely to find a subservient and traditional mate for a man such as himself by sticking with a Hispanic woman.

    • First, his daughter does speak English as does he. It may be with an accent but they most definitely speak the language. His family also speaks English just fine. I’m from Miami & have friends that know some of his family. Believe it or not, some of us Hispanics can learn another language & learn to speak it properly. Accents do not mean you’re an incoherent mess incapable of speaking with others. Second, I want to address your, “he will find a Hispanic woman because they will be subservient” crackpot comment. Hispanic women have fiery tempers & are not all subservient, simpering misses. Just because we know how to take care of a man doesn’t mean we will accept disrespectful behavior or stay with a man who does as he pleases & acts like a child. You should think before you write asinine comments on a public forum.

    • I agree with Chrissy! Racial stereotyping is useless. There is so much variation among temperament regardless of race! I’m not Latina, but I know quite a few that know what it really means to be outspoken, intelligent and keep a man in check! I do agree however that Juan Pablo is dominating. The whole “look at me” thing he did with Claire is a little intense. I think he should’ve owned up to his mistake and told all the women there what happened with Claire. He shouldn’t only be thinking about his daughter, but also about which ever woman he chooses is going to think! Lying by omission is shady!

  9. I like JP, however…he is full of contradictions…no I won’t kiss you I have a daughter, then he does, which one is it? Give me a break, he is enjoying every single kiss and I bet he was dying to ….with Claire since he has admitted to having big time chemistry with her.
    I don’ t buy for one minute that Camila was on their mind when they took a splash in the ocean before or after….JP have a bit of self control and if you want to be “fair” then do! You are definitely charming and seem like a super nice guy.
    Just remember you play you pay and Camila will pay dearly if you make the wrong choice.

    • Juan’s English limitations are clearly exaggerated for entertainment value.

      Not intending to rush into marriage has nothing to do with seeking submissives or having an adolescent mind. Given that he’s bound to want to see how any new woman gets along with his family before seriously considering marriage, to propose at the end of the show would actually be an absurdly reckless move, not the sort of thing a (mature) man in his position would do.

      Besides, this is a TV show. Entertainment and ratings are paramount. His job, like that of the women, was to act. If, despite that, a monogamous and real erotic relationship also develops, that’s newsworthy.

      As for Nikki’s on-screen character, it’s interesting to see her emerging as the witch of a low-drama season. Hard to guess she’s like in real life but her character is amusing. I had her pegged as the girl who’d be the most spoiled brat long before it she started making clear she wouldn’t/couldn’t do anything fun without gritting her teeth and moaning about how hard it is. Dancing, rapelling, making friends… you name it, she’ll force a pained smile and bear it.

      Got a kick out of her reaction to Juan’s random allusion to possible tense feelings among some of the girls. Tension? What tension? Who told you I hate everybody! Why are we talking about this!


      I’d be scared for her if she were on a season with real hardened troublemakers. Someone like Ali Fedotowsky for example would slither around trying to convince the rest of the house to hate her by proxy ’til she had a nervous breakdown. But this season looks like heaven. Who wouldn’t enjoy being treated like a queen and spending time in such good-natured & charming company (Renee, Andi, Cassandra, Danielle, etc.) Unless a lot of hostility is on the cutting room floor, this season seems overloaded with sweet, likeable girls.

  10. I haven’t watched every season but in my opinion Juan Pablo was not a good choice for the show. Nikki is a pediatric nurse. It takes a strong willed and confident person to be successful in this career. Maybe she comes off as bitchy sometimes because you have to be tough to be a nurse!! I hope she is back to her life and doesn’t give Juan Pablo a second thought. She can do so much better!

  11. I think this is the worst Bachelor ever! I don’t believe him! I think he is a child! He is so full of himself! Ever time his mouths moves lies seem to come out. I feel he is doing this for fame and that’s it. I read somewhere he wants to be on dancing with the stars and follow in Jake’s shoes. I never liked Jake either! I think this show is getting really slimmy. Time to move on! Sharleen is way to smart for him. I feel Juan is kind of slow and stupid!

    • I totally agree with u!this is the worst bachelor ever! Juan kisses everybody…tongue and all…within seconds of the last girl. .they’re all going to need an antibiotic before it’s all over! I don’t see how anyone can make a prediction as to whom Juan will choose as he appears to like then all! This season is not believable @ ALL!

    • ciparliamo says:

      Totally agree candace!! how he can make out with women all in a row is kind of repulsive and gives men a bad image, in general….

  12. I to agree that Juan is in this for the wrong reasons. Also agree that Sharleen and Andi are out of his league. Hopefully the next bachelor/bachelorette will not be a recycle but a new fresh face.

    • I totally agree Sharleen was my favorite out of all of them. She was the down to earth girl that I always like. She’s never said I love him and everything on the first date. So I’m glad she decided to leave because she was way to good for him!!!!

  13. Sad so sad. First time I have checked out spoilers and am sad I did. I have not missed a single show of Bachelor or Bachelorette since the very beginning. I know now watching the shows as they happen is far better than checking spoilers – to do just that SPOIL.
    I wouldn’t say JP is the worst bachelor, remember we all loved him last season. I think he needs to re-think why he is there and re-focus. He will be fine.
    As for the Final Rose, my hope is the negative about JP is not founded and all is well that ends well.

  14. JP is just being a man, who would not make out if they could.
    Big deal about the Clare thing, he got caught up in the moment with a horny woman and then regretted it.

    I like Andi but she’s book smart. Silly to go on a show and get jealous of other women.

    I am Latina and the last person anyone would call submissive, comments above are hillarious.
    JP should however find himself a latina, best looking babes on the planet.
    Miss. Universe final 10 contestants every year, don’t lie.

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