Jan 6, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Juan Pablo Final Four and Winner!

Bachelor fans are gearing up for another exciting season of The Bachelor and the 2014 edition with Juan Pablo promises to be one of the best yet! Tonight marks the beginning of the two-night season premiere event and we have all of the details of who makes it to the final four and, more importantly, the rumored winner of the season!

Reality Steve has already released all of his spoilers for the season and, despite being incorrect with the final results of Desiree Hartsock’s season, insists he’s back on track and 100 percent correct with the ending of this season. So, who does Reality Steve say will take home the final rose? Keep reading to find out!

If you don’t want to know who Juan Pablo picks this season, do not read any further – there are major spoilers ahead!

Okay, let’s get to it!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Juan Pablo Final Four and Winner!

Juan Pablo Final Four: As many of you know, it doesn’t really matter which ladies make it past night one, the real competition starts when the season reaches the final four. By this time, the remaining four women have made such an impression on Juan Pablo that he’s ready to meet their families before potentially proposing on the final episode. So, who made it to the final four? The final four this season are: Clare Crawley, Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman and Renee Oteri.

Many are predicting that the season favorite (and potential next Bachelorette) will be Andi Dorfman. She is sophisticated, smart and pretty and seems to get along with most of the girls in the house. This season’s potential villain is rumored to be Nikki Ferrell, who happens to look like a blonde version of Courtney Robertson.

One of the episodes which is sure to be the most dramatic of the season is the overnight date episode. At this point, there are three girls left: Clare, Nikki and Andi. After going on an overnight date with Juan Pablo, Andi decides she can’t see a future with him and eliminates herself the morning of the rose ceremony, much like Brooks did on Des’ season. That leaves Clare and Nikki as the final two.

Juan Pablo Winner Spoiler:

At the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo will decide between Clare and Nikki. In the end, he chooses to give the final rose to Nikki, but he doesn’t propose.

Nikki receiving the final rose will surely upset viewers, especially if producers choose to edit her the way the other girls viewed her in the house: as the villain.

What do you think of Juan Pablo choosing Nikki in the end? Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Lorraine Miles says:

    Well I was all excited to watch this show and if he picks the villian well this shows he is in it for the fame and this show is starting to make me puke you need to do a show on older more mature people to show what love really is guess ill cuddly up with my sweetie now that is romance would you like a few tips

  2. He should choose Renee she. Is guinine

    • I agree.!! I absolutely loved Renee. Loved the way she tried to stay out of the drama. She is more mature than either Nikki or Clare. But cant stand Clare always crying to get her way. She needs to go.. Nikki needs to go… and how about Renee!!

  3. The reason for younger people is for the tv ratings. There is no real love on this show and if you have older aged people there would be no drama. It’s a reality show what do you expect!! That’s why the topless hippy made it past the intro cuz they need the tv rating for a show to make any money for all the trips around the world. The only reason some of the relationships work on here is cuz two are alike in being on the show in the first place.

  4. If this show were to feature an older bachelor or bachelorette, in their 40s or 50s, it would kill the show. Realistically, people, especially teens and young women, who make up the main audience of this show, don’t want to see men and women that are the same age as their mothers and fathers kissing and getting all romantic. That’s just the way the entertainment business is.

  5. I for sure thought he was going to choose Renee…

  6. I think Renee is the best choice for Camilla & Juan she is down to earth and honest make the right choice Jan

  7. mary jane says:

    This is the silliest, most immature group of girls yet. And Juan Pablo is so “paternalistic.” I may, for the first time, not watch the show again until the final episode.

  8. jane mary says:

    I think he’s a jerk…. he promised himself not to kiss on the last date group of girls?? Really…then he kisses Clare? That’s to show you he can’t keep a promise! Liar!!

  9. I think Juan is a joke they’ll be lucky to be eliminated.

  10. He promised he wouldn’t kiss on the show for his daughter sake. Some excuse for having no attraction. Poor woman was in tears. That wasn’t nice. It’s obvious Juan is going to pick the wrong girl.

  11. I am hoping that he ends up with Nikki I like her and I think that Clare is a ho for doing what she did that is so slutty and she comes across as a desperate person and only have to do that to get a man grow up get a life u low life

  12. Think about it! If Juan was Genuinely worried about
    His daughter or put her first then he wouldn’t
    Be on this reality show, kissing 25 different
    Woman in hot tubs & beaches, expecting to
    Find a respectful wife and step-mother. These
    Woman and Juan are all mixed up and into
    This non existing ,fairy tale life for his daughter
    To realize when she’s older! After the show, and
    Real life (reality) hits them, and they end up
    Where they started from. I’m in my 30′s (with children)
    And would NEVER act like these girls! I quickly
    Found out that Clare wouldn’t want to (share) Juan
    With his daughter! I just can’t see any of these
    Woman wouldn’t make a good step-mommy :(

  13. My son went to nursing school with Nikki. He said she seemed very nice and got along well with everyone. Don’t you think the show just has to portray at least one person as the pain in the keister?

  14. Renee is the ONLY good mother figure on the show, not choosing her means Juan Pablo is blind to the reality of the situation. Clare is just a seductress and I agree she would surely have issues sharing him with Camilla. Nikki, seems too problematic to have potential for a good relationship. AndI has control issues, who wants to be with that?

  15. Renee is the kind understanding one who would make the best mother for his daughter and did not through herself all over him. She has shown compassion all season.

  16. Myrion underwood says:

    Renee is the best choice. She is very understanding and has shown compassion for others on all the shows. She is not the most beautiful on the outside, but you know the ole saying beauty is only skin deep. She is beautiful from the inside and has a tender heart.

  17. I think JP and Nikki are both bitches. They deserve each other…

  18. Renee is the best . Claire is such a bitch and Nikki is fame hungry

  19. hillbilly nation says:

    Clare will be next Bachelorette…

  20. The portrayal of Nikki as the bitch for the season has not been successful. Actually, Clare has come off as the crazy one. Apparently, the parent visits have made a big difference in JP’s final choice. It makes sense not to propose to anyone since neither know each other well enough.

  21. i like nikki…she made the most ‘sense’ in that confronation with clare…her response in the bedroom when clare came upstairs was mature and eloquent…until clare twisted it all around and starting swearing…..

  22. Renee is the “mom”. She is genuine and nice, but not that into him. Claire…where to begin? She is a little w****. I am sorry, but how is it that she was surprised by the fact that sleeping witht this guy would not turn out her way?!?! Last, I am not sure why everyone is buying that Nikki is the villian. I personally thing Claire is the villian.

  23. hillbilly nation says:

    Juan Pablo is just another Brad. He never had any intention of marrying any woman.

  24. Nikki has it all. Claire is way too needy and rubs me the wrong way, such a phony girl.

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